CCHD Continues to Fund Organizations that Flout Catholic Principles

The simple fact of the matter is that significant portions of the grants made by the CCHD have been given to left-wing organizations working in direct contradiction of Church teaching. This must stop.

The Super Committee’s Super Sellout on Farm Spending

Republicans' failure to address the debt issue (by agreeing to tax increases and including massive spending programs in the Super Committee) undercuts their argument that they deserve majorities in Congress.

Liberal Mayors, Fearing Political Fallout, Take Action Against Occupy

The Occupy movement has finally been exposed for what it really is -- a union-funded tool of the liberal Democratic establishment. Even liberal mayors have now said enough is enough.

Sarah Palin Is Not the Answer

Nearly seven in ten conservative and Tea Party activists tell our CHQ Poll that Sarah Palin is not the presidential candidate conservatives are looking for.

Media Bias Against Constitutional Conservatives?

Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul get less attention (and air time) from the establshment media because of their pro-Constitution ideas, not because of their standing in the polls.

Ron Paul, the Constitution and Foreign Policy

Ron Paul's foreign policy vision is less complicated and a whole lot more in line with what the Founders had in mind than what is going on in national security policy right now.

Ron Paul Polls at 38% in's GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul, the winner of the past three weeks of's weekly GOP Presidential Straw Poll, comes away with another first-place finish.

Why select a liberal Republican to run a conservative GOP?

Mitt Romney cannot lead the major political realignment that's taking place now because he simply doesn’t share the limited government principles that are propelling the movement.

Gingrich Seen as the ‘Not-Romney’ Candidate

In our CHQ Poll, half of our respondents say Newt is most likely to emerge as the “not-Romney” candidate.  The other half is split between Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

CBS South Carolina Republican Debate – The Gingrich Who Stole the Spotlight

Professor Gingrich loves the podium, and television loves his quick and canny responses, as the Republican presidential debate on foreign policy made clear Saturday night.

Obama's Ban on Swag

President Obama's lame suggestion to ban "swag" won't do anything to cure Washington's spending addiction -- and neither will the denials of Big Government establishment Republicans.

Virginia GOP Shows National GOP How to Lose in 2012

The failure of the Virginia Republican Party to pick up more than two state senate seats in this year's elections proves that feel-good, content-free campaigns just don't work.