Conservatives Divided on Palin’s Decision

43% of the conservative and Tea Party activists responding to our CHQ poll say they would have supported her.

Sarah Palin Makes the Right Call

She will continue to be a force in American politics and a premier voice for the Tea Party rebellion.

Tea Partiers: Time to Drive GOP Debate

We need to concentrate our energies NOW on building-up our local grassroots Tea Party and constitutional conservative organizations, so we become the focus and drivers of the Republican presidential sweepstakes.

Romney: Watch Out for Cain

Conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll that they expect Herman Cain to be the alternative to Romney in the final stretch of the primary season.

Statist Lawyers Profit While Assisting Government Lawbreaking

The Washington Examiner op/ed contributor and co-author of The Law That Governs Government Mark J. Fitzgibbons details how statist lawyers abet government lawbreaking -- all the way to the bank.

Thomas, Scalia Are Favorite Supremes

Conservatives and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll that Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia are their favorite Supreme Court justices.

Chris Christie: He’s a Brawler, But He is No Conservative

There is no record showing Chris Christie can be relied upon to put his formidable talents behind many key elements of the conservative agenda.

Mixed Verdict on al-Awlaki Killing

A majority of CHQ Poll respondents think it was constitutional, but a sizeable minority disagrees.

Super Committee Is Only Super for Lobbyists

Tea Partiers are typically oppose secret meetings on principle because that’s where the special interests work to corrupt the process. With 100 lobbyists and no public hearings scheduled for October, you can see where this is heading.

Ron Paul Wins CHQ September Presidential Poll

Top runners-up are Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain.

U.S. Constitution a Best Seller

Over two-thirds of the activists responding to our CHQ Poll have read the entire Constitution; the rest have read part of it.

Obamacare, Presidential Politics and the Law that Governs Government

The Obama Administration's surprise move to allow expedited Supreme Court review of Obamacare means Americans will have their day in court prior to next year's crucial election.