Washington Examiner: Breaking the Law that Governs Government

"Lawbreaking by government in terms of cost and the number of people victimized is of a scale unmatched by any other organization or group -- leaving nothing as a close second." Read another excerpt from the e-pamphlet (published in the Washington Examiner). "The Law That Governs Government," available for free at ReclaimTheConstitution.com.

Conservatives Want Obama to Run Again

You’re much easier to beat than Hillary would be, say respondents to our CHQ Poll.

Conservatives Should Seize the Opportunity Senator Alexander’s Departure Creates

Now that wishy-washy Sen. Lamar Alexander will be removing himself from the Republican Senate leadership, conservatives should seize the vacated post.

The One Question All GOP Presidential Hopefuls Should Have to Answer

Republicans have forgotten how to lead by the Constitution. They may pay it lip service as a way to get votes from the Tea Party and other constitutionally minded voters, but it’s obvious they don’t truly understand the purpose or importance of the document.

Reclaiming the Constitution from the Scofflaw Political Establishment

"The effort to revive the Constitution as the law that governs government is afoot, and it may be the last chance to save America for what it was meant to be." Read another excerpt from the e-pamphlet, "The Law That Governs Government," available for free at ReclaimTheConstitution.com.

What Does Rick Perry’s Book Really Say About Social Security?

Perry's writings on Social Security offer nothing new or radical, and the political establishment only objects to Perry's views because he represents a threat to their power. (Image by Gage Skidmore)

CHQ Poll: Batten Down the Hatches

Our respondents see rough economic times ahead between now and the 2012 election.

No Surprise in Obama’s Expropriation Tax

Obama’s claim that his millionaires’ tax surcharge is intended to aid in deficit reduction is nothing but a cynical lie.

AMT mess shows folly of Obama millionaires tax

Obama’s millionaires’ minimum tax – a bad idea that failed before.

Fixing the Economy the Tea Party Way (Part Three) -- Tame the Leviathan

Republicans must not only reject the disastrous Big Government policies of Obama, they must join with Tea Partiers in enacting a true limited government agenda.

Fixing the Economy the Tea Party Way (Part Two) -- If You Want Jobs, Stop Making Atlas Shrug

Obama needs to stop attacking those who create wealth and jobs in America.

Fixing the Economy the Tea Party Way (Part One) -- The Economy after Three Years of Obamanomics

Obama’s war on business and efforts to manage the economy in favor of capitalist cronies produced a sustained decline in employment and a staggering increase in government debt.