CHQ Poll Results: Voters Reject GOP Plans to Tie Raising the Debt Ceiling with a Balanced Budget Amendment

Adam Cassandra - 2/3/11
A majority of CHQ voters reject the idea popular with many Republicans in the House and Senate.

DeMint Holds the Lead in CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Christopher Bedford - 2/2/11
CHQ voters continue to pick Sen. DeMint as their preferred GOP nominee.

Richard Viguerie: We’re Still Behind You, Mike Pence

CHQ Staff - 1/27/11
"I hope Mr. Pence will continue to serve the American people and become the next governor of his state of Indiana."

Richard Viguerie Criticizes Both President Obama and Congressional Republicans for Failure to Propose Serious Cuts in Spending

CHQ Staff -- 1/26/11
Richard Viguerie takes both parties to task for failure to address the federal spending problem.

Richard Viguerie: What the President Should Say in Tonight’s State of the Union Address

CHQ Staff - 1/25/11
President Obama must be willing to cut the funding of the left's closest allies.

Memo to Conservatives and Tea Partiers

Richard Viguerie -- 1/25/11
Richard Viguerie thinks it's vital that conservatives urge Mike Pence to run for president in 2012.

CHQ Poll Results: House Hearings on Domestic Muslim Radicalization are Important for National Security

CHQ Staff - 1/24/11
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) has been criticized for proposing the hearings.

“Pardon my freedom”

Mark J. Fitzgibbons -- 1/24/11
Thomas Jefferson teaches a lesson on the value of restricting federal power of the purse.

Richard Viguerie Interview on The Armstrong Williams Show Airs This Weekend

CHQ Staff - 1/21/11
Tune into your local Sinclair Broadcast station this weekend to see the interview. 

CHQ Poll Results: Republicans Should Work to Repeal Obamacare in its Entirety Rather Than Piece by Piece

Adam Cassandra - 1/20/11
Majority of CHQ voters think full repeal, not piecemeal, is the best hope for success. 

Conservatives to Herman Cain: We Need a Constitutional President--Not a "People's President"

Richard A. Viguerie - 1/20/11
Fidelity to the Constitution should be the goal, not serving popular interests.

CHQ Poll Results: Funeral Protests Not Protected Free Speech Under the Constitution

Adam Cassandra - 1/14/11
Majority of voters do not think controversial funeral protests are protected speech.