Rick Perry and Herman Cain Move Tax Debate, Where’s Mitt Romney?

Both Herman Cain and Rick Perry have offered plans that would reform the tax code, and while the merits are open to debate -- they're much better than no plan at all, Mitt Romney.

The Vatican's Frightening Call for an End to Economic Freedom

Outside the classroom of a major university, it would be hard to find a more Marxism-based economic plan than the one espoused in yesterday’s statement.

Secret New Obama-bonds May Be on Their Way

If rumors are true, the Obama financial team (himself, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke) is about to launch a plan that will only make America's debt problems worse.

Results of CHQ's Republican Presidential Primary Straw Poll

For the second week in a row, Congressman Ron Paul won ConservativeHQ.com's GOP presidential straw poll.

Will the Real Herman Cain Please Stand Up

Herman Cain is on the verge of losing conservative and Tea Party support as he stumbles through questions about the depth of his commitment to the conservative agenda.

Conservatives Turn to One TV Source for Political News

And that source is Fox, though it has three channels—Fox, Fox News, and Fox Business News—to entice viewers (CHQ Poll).

Herman Cain Builds Campaign Brand with 9-9-9 Plan

Weeks ago, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain announced his bumper sticker-ready 9-9-9 Plan.

A Film with a Mighty Mission

Be sure and catch “The Mighty Macs,” an outstanding new family film with conservative themes being released today (in more than 1000 theaters) by Sony Pictures. Here’s our review.

Ron Paul Wins the Debate; Newt Next

CHQ Poll respondents put them far ahead of the rest of the GOP field.

Occupy Wall Street: Ron Paul versus Herman Cain

Herman Cain's defense of individual responsibility vs. the Occupy Wall Street protestors (during Tuesday night's debate) showed that he is the real deal.

CHQ Poll: Today’s Nation-States Defy One Definition

A majority of our respondents say they do not fit in any one category.

Las Vegas Republican Debate – ‘Fight Night in Vegas’ Results in Split-Decision

Republicans couldn’t keep their gloves off each other on Tuesday night, resulting in a debate draw that left few satisfied as they headed for the exits.