CHQ Poll: House Should Censure Rep. Carson

His claim that some Tea Party members of Congress want to see African-Americans “hanging from a tree” are inexcusable.

The Real Reason for the ‘Racist’ Attacks on the Tea Party

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/2/11
The charges are patently untrue, but it’s all about protecting the racial spoils system enjoyed by the Congressional Black Caucus members.

Speaker Boehner Says NO to Obama; Tea Party Looks for a Trend

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/1/11
Boehner’s prompt 'NO' could be a sign the Obama spell over the Capitol Hill leadership has finally been broken.

CHQ Poll: Who Will Be No. 1 in 2050?

Conservative and Tea Party activists say it’s close to a draw between the United States and China.

The Super Committee’s Super Problem

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/1/11
The Republicans on the committee say looking for ways to collaborate with the Democrats on the panel. That is the crux of the problem. It’s all about making a Washington deal rather than solving the spending problem.

CHQ Poll: Militant Islam IS a Threat

And our conservative and Tea Party activists don’t trust the feds to protect us.

Eric Cantor, Ghost Exorcist?

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 8/31/11
Can Eric Cantor exorcise the ghost of John Maynard Keynes? His jobs proposal avoids Keynesian “stimulus” spending and “investing” in government projects. Great. Now let’s hope the Democrats don’t spook him into caving.

Is Mitt Romney “in sync” with the Tea Party?

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 8/30/11
Mitt Romney's claim to being "in sync" with the Tea Parties proves how little establishment Republicans understand about the origins of the grassroots movement.

CHQ Poll: Send FEMA Out to Sea

Our readers say it’s time to return responsibility for natural disasters to the states and citizens.

Tea Party: Beware Democrat Hypocrisy on Taxes

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 8/30/11
First we must get spending under control through mandatory cut, cap, and balance legislation.

Rick Perry Speaks the Truth

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 8/29/11
Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and the truth offends the liberal establishment.

CHQ Poll: New GOP Leaders? You Betcha!

On the need for new GOP leadership on Capitol Hill, our readers are about as united as they ever get.