Right On, Democrats! Occupy Wall Street!

The overwhelming majority of our CHQ Poll respondents think the demonstrations are hurting the Democrats.

Last Night Not the End of Perry

Whatever the media says about last night’s debate, Perry is still a strong contender for the nomination if he uses his financial resources and ideological leanings to his advantage.

GOP Debate: It’s 9-9-9 Time for Republicans In New Hampshire

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax reform proposal was the central topic for Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire.

Romney Goes Neocon

Mitt Romney's recently articulated views on defense place him squarely in the Bush/McCain neocon camp -- a fact that further disqualifies him from conservative support.

#OccupyWallStreet Crowd Solicits Wall Street Banker for Investments

James O'Keefe and The Project Veritas have infiltrated the #OccupyWallStreet crowd and discovered the protesters are not too unlike the people they're protesting.

Use 'The Law That Governs Government' for Your Classrooms

Impress your classmates, embarrass your Marxist professors, and gain a better understanding of the principles of constitutionalism with The Law That Governs Government.

‘Conversations’ Favored Over Debates

Conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll that they favor “conversations” with presidential candidates rather than debates as a way to learn about their beliefs.

Why Conservatives Deserve to Lose in 2012

David Franke was a founder of the conservative movement in the late 1950s. This is a sequel to his previous article, “The Conservative Horse Race at Mid-Point.”

CHQ Poll: Boycott Liberal Hollywood!

Conservative and Tea Party activists don’t believe in subsidizing leftist stars.

Occupy Wall Street – Welcome to America Without the Constitution

Obama’s use of the federal government to achieve “fairness” and his sympathy for the protester’s “frustration” shows he is not interested in protecting constitutional property rights.

Steve Jobs’ Conservative Legacy

Steve Jobs empowered us as individuals to choose our own workplace, choose our own music, receive our information unfiltered and to be less subject to the demands of the collective.

Values Voter Summit Final – Ron Paul, the Reluctant ‘King’

Ron Paul prevailed in the 2011 Values Voter Summit straw poll by a wide margin, and seems to be taking all the attention in stride.