CHQ Poll Results: GOP Freshman Must Fight Leadership

Christopher Bedford - 3/15/11

Activists say no room for compromise on EPA, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

GOP Needs to Defund Organizations with a Political Agenda

CHQ Staff- 3/14/11
For decades, the GOP has failed to stop funding politically biased groups. 

Can Donald Trump Save America?

Human Events - 3/14/11
The possible presidential candidate outlines his strategy for American greatness, but is unworried about the deficit.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Warms to Tea Party, but Home State Isn't Buying It

Politico - 3/14/11
The South Carolina Republican is courting the movement he once predicted would "die out."

Sen. Rubio to Oppose New Spending Bill

The Hill - 3/14/11
Rubio said Monday that he won't support any new short-term measures to fund government.

CHQ Poll: Conservatives Far From Done with NPR

Christopher Bedford - 3/11/11
Activists won't stop at high-ranking firings.

No Surprise: NPR's New Interim CEO is... a Democratic Contributor!

The Daily Caller - 3/9/11
In convincing listeners that it isn't anti-conservative, the supposedly un-biased station is off to a bad start. 

NPR Fires Embattled CEO, Claims She Resigned - 3/9/11
Damage control at NPR in high gear as second exec in two days is sent to the unemployment line.

Another One Bites the Dust

NPR - 3/9/11
National Public Radio's CEO follows a senior fundraising executive on the fast track out the door at NPR.

Conservative Media Fires Back at NPR Executives

William Upton - 3/8/11
Conservatives respond to attacks by NPR execs on Twitter, blogs and talk radio.

CHQ Exclusive: Government Funded NPR Execs Say For Profit News Industry Not a “Free Press”

Adam Cassandra - 3/8/11
The "commercial press" is not free according to government funded executives.

NPR is Shocked, Shocked that NPR is Bigoted, Hateful, Disingenuous and Maybe Corrupt

Adam Cassandra - 3/8/11
Debate begins on "what NPR stands for" after damaging undercover video released.