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Washington Examiner Chairman Richard A. Viguerie suggests Newt Gingrich drop out, March 7th on Washington

Shultz Radio Chairman Richard A. Viguerie appeared on the Ed Schultz Radio show on February 29 to discuss Tuesday'sArizona/Michigan primary results. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie
appeared on America's Radio News Network with Rachel Crowson and Steve Ray on February 28, speaking on Rick Santorum. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie
appeared on the Ed Schultz radio program on February 13. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie appeared on the Ed Schultz radio program on January 10 to discuss the NH primary.

Guns, the Constitution and Government Lawbreaking on Air Saturday -- Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt discussed The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming The Constitution From Usurpers And Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker with Mark Fitzgibbons on Gunowner’s News Hour on January 7. We'll keep you posted when the podcast is published. You don’t want to miss it. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie
appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on January 4, discussing the results from the Iowa caucuses. Viguerie suggests that another candidate may step into the GOP presidential race because Mitt Romney is not being accepted by conservatives. Watch the video.

Richard Viguerie appeared on WNDTV's Radio America program (with host Greg Carumbus) on January 4, discussing the GOP presidential race at length. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie
appeared on the Ed Schultz radio show on January 4 to discuss conservative reaction to Mitt Romney's win in Iowa. Chairman Richard A. Viguerie
appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Monday, November 14, discussing the SuperCommittee, the continuing influence of the Tea Parties and the GOP presidential race in the wake of the latest Herman Cain accusations.

On Monday, November 7th, Mark Fitzgibbons appeared on American Family Radio's "Today's Issues with Tim and Marvin" to discuss The Law That Governs Government. Listen to the discussion.

Viguerie on the 'Ed Show' Chairman Richard A. Viguerie appeared on MSNBC's Ed Schultz show on Wednesday, October 26, discussing the 2012 GOP presidential race. (Watch the video -- Viguerie appears at 2:20).

The Law That Governs Government Hits the Airwaves!!!
-- 10/24/11
Mark Fitzgibbons, co-author of The Law That Governs Government, appeared on DC Channel 8's Capital Insider with Morris Jones -- click here to see the video.

Fitzgibbons also appeared on America’s Nightly Scoreboard (with David Asman) on the Fox Business Channel on Monday night. Click here to see the video.

Richard A. Viguerie appeared on America's Radio News, afternoon edition with Ernie Brown and Lori Lundin on October 13th.

The Law that Governs Government
Hits the Airwaves!!! - 10/11/11
Mark Fitzgibbons appeared on the Mark Skoda Show out of Memphis, TN, on Tuesday evening, October 11th, discussing The Law That Governs Government.

The Law that Governs Government Hits the Airwaves!!! - 10/11/11
Mark Fitzgibbons was on the The Sean and Frank Show on WCBM in Baltimore on Tuesday morning, October 11th, discussing The Law That Governs Government.

The Law that Governs Government Hits the Airwaves!!! - 10/10/11
Mark Fitzgibbons was on The Rocky D Show on WTMA in Charleston, SC, on Monday, October 10th, at 12 noon EST, discussing The Law That Governs Government.

Rick Perry wins the blessing of a key national conservative leader
– 8/15/11
Viguerie declared that Perry’s announcement “brought a wave of relief to conservatives who watched most of the candidates diminish themselves during the Ames, Iowa debate.”

The Washington Times’ Inside the Beltway – 8/15/11
The 2012 presidential race is redefining what it means to be a “conservative standard-bearer,” says Richard Viguerie, chairman of

Tea Party set agenda for debt debate – 8/3/11
“This is not the time to start fighting amongst ourselves,” said Richard Viguerie. “Nothing could make the left happier than to see a splintering of the Tea Party movement.”

The Washington Times’ Inside the Beltway – 7/26/11
Conservative guru Richard Viguerie called Mr. Boehner’s rebuttal to Mr. Obama on Monday night “the best speech of his political career.”

For grassroots conservatives in debt fight, Republican leaders are the problem – 7/21/11
“When you go after Republican leaders, you are mobbed at the end of your speech,” said Richard Viguerie. “The problem has been not with the Democrats. It’s been with the Republicans.”

Video: Viguerie Discusses the Debt Crisis with Lou Dobbs
- 5/24/11
CHQ's Chairman on the Tea Party, the Ruling Class and the fight for America's future.

Newt Stands Alone
- 5/23/11
CHQ's Chairman tells TPM in personal life and career, Gingrich has burned a lot of bridges.

Departures from GOP Field Stir a Call to the Undeclared - 5/20/11
CHQ's Chairman tells The Boston Globe that not one top tier candidate are seen as principled conservatives.

I'm With DeMint; Demand a Balanced Budget Amendment - 5/20/11
A CHQ story on the amendment is cited in The Star Ledger.

Viguerie: GOP Field Leaves Conservatives Dissapointed
- 5/17/11
CHQ's chairman outlines the problems, as well as the promises conservatives want to hear.

Richard Viguerie Interview on In The Arena
- 5/17/11
CHQ's chairman answers five questions on the 2012 GOP race.

Boston Herald Cites CHQ Poll on Conservatives vs. Romney
- 5/12/11
The Beantown paper agrees--conservatives should not back the Mitt.

Poll: Romney's Nomination Would Majority of Conservatives to a Third Party
- 5/10/2011
CHQ's shocking poll results were picked up by CBS.

Moffett for Governor - 1/4/11
Richard Viguerie endorses Kentucky candidate Phil Moffett in the May 17 state Republican primary and beyond.

Newsmax - 1/24/11
Richard Viguerie: “If [Obama] proposes corporate tax cuts in an effort to balance calls for more spending, he needs to meditate on the message the voters sent last November: Cut taxes, cut spending, balance the budget now.” 

Time - 12/27/10

VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is "the complete package," says Richard Viguerie, a Virginia-based éminence grise of the conservative movement. 

OneNewsNow - 12/7/10

"Even though they [Republicans] had a big victory on November 2 last month, still the American people hold them in lower esteem than they do the Democrats."

Guardian - 12/6/10

The Tea Party and Foreign Policy - 11/30/10

“It would be a real slap in the face for him to be selected the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee,” Richard Viguerie, president of the Manassas, Va.-based group Conservative HQ, told

Houston Chronicle - 11/29/10

"Tom DeLay looks at the manager and says, 'I am the federal government,' " Viguerie said. "Something happened to DeLay and many other Republicans ... they lost their way."

Hot Air - 10/19/10

American Thinker - 10/19/10

Canada Free Press - 10/18/10

"Conservative direct mail guru Richard Viguerie who criticized CNN’s liberal tilt in a recent column appeared on Parker Spitzer to back up his claims."

Richmond Times-Dispatch - 10/18/10

"How encouraging to read Richard A. Viguerie's and L. Brent Bozell's, Op/Ed column, "Support Is Waning for Death Penalty," regarding the growing opposition to the death penalty on Lockean and New Testament, as well as practical, grounds."

Newsbusters - 10/15/10

"Conservative Richard Viguerie brought his criticism of CNN's 'left-of-center' bent on Thursday's Parker-Spitzer, and recommended that the network bring on more 'articulate conservatives.'"

i-Newswire - 10/14/10

"Richard Viguerie, father of grassroots political communication and one of the most influential conservatives of the past century, will be honored for a lifetime of conservative activism by Young Americans for Freedom. YAF will award Viguerie the Guardian of Freedom Award, YAF’s highest honor, at its national convention in Irvine, CA on Saturday, October 16, 2010."

Washington TImes - 10/14/10

"Uber-conservative Richard Viguerie says he's already planning an election night victory party."

Washington Examiner - 10/12/10

"Fund raiser and political marketing master Richard Viguerie is warning Washington Establishment Republicans that they are wrong to ascribe the advent of the Tea Party movement as a reaction to President Obama and the Democratic Congress led by Senate Majority Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

POLITICO - 10/12/10

Vanity Fair - 10/7/10

"'The senator owes his victory to the pressure he received from conservatives and Tea Partiers,' the conservative guru Richard Viguerie declared after the primary."