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Do You Stand With Todd Akin Or The GOP Establishment?

By now everyone knows how Missouri Congressman Todd Akin put his foot in his mouth -- AND how in a fit of pique and political correctness the Republican establishment abandoned his competitive Senate race.

Todd AkinThe question for us conservatives is now whether or not we should follow suit and throwaway our opportunity to elect a principled small government constitutional conservative and committed protector of the right-to-life to the United States Senate?

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve come down strongly on giving Todd Akin my full support – here’s why.

First, Todd Akin is in the race, and he is going to stay in the race. So unless we want to write-off that seat -- and perhaps our prospects for winning control of the Senate -- we need to back our candidate. And that’s Todd Akin.

Secondly, Todd Akin is right on the issues and Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill is wrong on the issues. In fact, she’s about as bad as they get in the Democratic ranks in the Senate – an abrasive, pro-abortion liberal and pro-Obama on practically every issue.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, Todd Akin IS a conservative.  He has walked with us time and again throughout his public life.

Todd Akin has been arrested and spent time in jail for participating in an anti-abortion demonstration. He’s carried our message, and our pro-life legislation, in the House for a generation. We don’t have to guess how Todd Akin is going to vote on the right-to-life, taxes and spending, the debt and deficit -- we know.

Conservatives are now starting to come together to help fill the gap left when the Republican establishment abandoned Akin.

Senator Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund have endorsed Todd Akin, as has Rick Santorum, whose Patriot Voices political action committee is contributing money to Akin and hiring staff to work in Missouri. The Freedom's Defense Fund, which backs conservative candidates, also said earlier this week that it planned a $250,000 advertising campaign benefiting Akin.

These are important commitments, but they are only the start of what needs to be done to elect Todd Akin to the Senate, because the Democrats and their radical liberal allies are going to pull out all the stops.

The Associated Press reports that Emily's List and the Service Employees International Union issued a joint statement Thursday saying they had bought $1 million in ads in support of McCaskill to run in the state's largest TV markets.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which already has spent about $1 million on TV ads in Missouri, has reserved $4.3 million of additional advertising to begin running Oct. 9.

According to polls, without running much of an advertising campaign, Todd Akin has remained competitive with McCaskill, despite the fact that the Republican establishment walked away from him. However, it is going to take an all-out effort by the conservative grassroots to overcome those millions of dollars liberals are about to dump into Missouri.

Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Phyllis Schlafly, Rick Santorum, Senator Jim DeMint and other principled conservative leaders have all stepped forward to say they are supporting Todd Akin, and to decry the disgraceful treatment he has received at the hands of the GOP political bosses. 

I’m proud to stand with them, and I urge you to do the same by going to to learn how you can help send Todd Akin, a principled small government constitutional conservative, and committed defender of life, to represent Missouri in the United States Senate.

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Todd Akin

I stand with Todd Akin. He's s Christian conservative such as myself and share the same values. If he was running here in Texas I'd definitely vote for him. God knows we need more principled conservatives in Washington who will put their faith first place in all aspects of their lives and if we are to change Washington and restore our Republic. Thank you and God bless you.

Todd Akin's misstatement

Akin's infamous statement was generally correct, only misdirected. Woman undergoing severe, chronic stress - war, famine, extreme exertion (ie:marathon running)- develop decreased fertility. Ask a marathoner (if you dare) how often she menstuates. This phenomenon is, probably, what Akin was alluding to.

Ralph H. Harder, M.D.

Gondola mate

Thank Almighty God!

Dear Doctor,

YOU are the answer to my prayer! I have been hoping and praying that a medical professional who knows the truth would be brave and confirm what Akin said. Just ask any woman who is familiar with the workings of her system if stress can delay ovulation! Thank you, and God Bless You!

Of course I stand with Akin!

Finally! Someone with the courage to say the truth: "Stop making excuses and just admit that you'd rather sacrifice the life of your own unborn child than sacrifice your own comfort!"


Absolutely not. I am a strong conservative and military veteran with libertarian inclinations and I respectfully choose not to stand with Mr. Akin. He may be a very good man perhaps a very well intentioned man but his recent problems are much more serious than putting "ones foot in his mouth" as you suggest. His comments about rape and physiological respones to rape were ignorant and repugnant. One does not have to be a medical professional nor university educated to understand that that he was recklace, misinformed, misguided and yes just plain dumb!

Mr. Akins comments during the now infamous interview were so outrageous that he has alienated thousands and quite possibly tens of thousands of independent voters that could have help oust President Obama from the White House. Never mind his potential seat in Congress. He has ended his political career. I would suggest that those prominent figures supporting Mr. Akin are not as principled as they would like for you to believe.

Thanks, Jon.


yes, i stand with akin. the gop needs to stand with him too. after all they pushed him to the point and then dropped him because of his mistake. they are a bunch of idoits and they need to wake up. just like theysaid and pushed romney by saying he was the only one that could win.  we will see.  hope thsy are pleased.

Todd Aikin

Mr. Aikin did absolutely nothing wrong.  He quoted facts that were taught to healtcare professionals in the 60's & 70's.  He did not lie.  He spoke the truth, old info, but once thought to be factual.  He was outdated, but he did not lie, unlike Nobama who is a serial lyer!

Do You Stand With Todd Akin Or The GOP Establishment?

The 'establishedment' Republicans are THE reason I left the party in 2010. Todd Akin IS their candidate for the party in Missouri whether the 'establishment' likes it or not AND in spite of their pulling support away from him.

Apparently the 'established' Republicans heading up the party would prefer McCaskill to WIN rather than swallow their pride and support THEIR candidate!

What blantant STUPIDITY.

GOP Establishment

Just what is or who are the GOP Establishment? Most certanly it can't be the likes of Mitch McConnell, Michael Savage, Reince Preibus. So, Who constitutes the GOP Establishment? As a long-time Republican from 1934 and Mr. Frank A. Whetstone, Montana's senior Republican Delegate, It is my humble, really not so humble opinion that the GOP has become much like the Jackass Party of the Democrats whose horrible charter goes back to the Seventh President of the USA,Andrew Jackson. 

Support Todd Akin; absolutely

First off the individuals you listed as principled conservative leaders' are with one exception, Phyllis Schlafly, correcrly labeled. Ms. Schlafly was the straw that broke the Camel's back in the fight to make the ERA law. She opposed it from the outset. The lady who wrote that law , Alice Paul was the guiding light behind the successful passage of the XIXth Amendment. Schlafly's antipathy, even antagonism toward the ERA has been instrumental in the failure of the Demorats AND the GOP to support the candidacy of a woman to be America's President. Schlafly is a Republican, Maybe, Principled conservative, no way. There are many principled female Conservatives, Schlafly is NOT one of them. Richard, you did a huge disservice to all American women when you labelled Schlafly , a "Principled Conservative."


Republicans would be wise to choose a more Libertarian stance on social issues while emphasizing fiscal responsibility, R&D, infrastructure, and jobs growth.