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Tea Party And Conservatives Fight Unions In Northern Virginia

The grassroots battle in Virginia has been joined between local Tea Partiers and union workers campaigning in Sterling (in Loudoun County) for Barack Obama.

Tea PartyOur Tea Party friends report that the Obama ground game has come face-to-face with the Tea Party ground game in Northern Virginia and that the precincts of Sterling, Virginia are ground zero in the critical Tea Party campaign to wrest Virginia from the Obama column.

To counter the union effort, Tea Party organizers are calling for all hands on deck to help with voter ID door knocking and other grassroots efforts on behalf of the Romney campaign, to counter the union effort.

Tea Party leaders say getting every undecided voter contacted and every Romney voter to vote in suburban Loudoun County -- especially in the far eastern reaches of Loudoun County -- is a key to offsetting Obama’s vote in the close DC suburbs (such as Arlington) and winning Virginia for Governor Romney.

NoVa Tea Partiers report the Sterling Romney Victory office is looking for volunteers for this effort and that they need help with door knocking and other grassroots activities.

In the final days of the Wisconsin recall election, the Tea Party volunteers and Republican grassroots effort tipped the scales against the union backed and funded recall of conservative Governor Scott Walker.

Like in Wisconsin, in Virginia, the presidential campaign is now a contest of ground game vs. ground game – with Virginia Democrats claiming to have a better ground game than the GOP.

Tea Partiers carried the day in the 2010 Tea party wave in large measure because they out-organized and out-worked the liberal Democrats who were advancing Obama’s agenda in Congress.

The Tea Party Movement sprang to life to save America and our constitutional form of government from the bailout culture, the erosion of our sovereignty and the frightening growth of government that came into being when Barack Obama was elected President.

There’s a week of 8 hour days left until the polls close. At 8 hours a day, and 3 to 6 doors per hour, if we are serious about saving our country, we can each hit at as many as 300 doors between now and when the polls close on November 6.

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Victem Assistance Turned Away in NJ

Several teams of Utility workers from other states werte sent to New Jersey and turned away bevcause they were NON-UNION! 

The New Jersey Gov.'s office said it was [and get this!] because the areas they were in did not need help!  When asked if they were sent to other areas the Gov's office were silent saying they would get back to reporters.

I believe this needs to be spread around fast as it is largely Union money backing Obama.