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Ted Cruz: Right Again

“…I think an awful lot of Republicans fail to stand for principle and contributed to getting us in this mess,” limited government constitutional conservative Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz told The Christian Broadcasting Network in a recent interview.

Senator Ted CruzOf course, the portion of the interview most of the establishment media picked-up on was the part where Cruz said, correctly, that, “I think President Obama is the most radical president we’ve ever seen…”.

We think that, not only are both statements true, understanding the truth of both statements is essential to understanding the scope of the “mess” in which the country is in, to which Cruz refers, and to the correct understanding of how to get us out.

In one respect, the “mess” is simple to understand: over $16 trillion in federal government debt and a federal budget that is out-of-control.

In other respects the “mess” is not so easy to understand, because it is not just numbers. It is the “mess” of a virtual breakdown of truth and principle among our Nation’s governing elite in both political parties -- but especially in the ranks of establishment Republicans.

Far from being the Party of constitutional principles and individual freedom, the establishment Republican Party -- and its leadership figures in Congress -- have become facilitators of big government in every respect as bad or worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats will generally own-up and make no bones about their desire to grow government, regulate away personal freedom and confiscate and redistribute private income.

Establishment Republicans end-up in the same place – they just protest and wring their hands a little bit before going along, with say a “Fiscal Cliff” deal or another “this time we really mean it” phony plan to “cut spending” that INCREASES spending by some $7 trillion over the next decade.

This culture of lying and playing games with the public trust, especially on matters involving federal spending and the budget, is the most dangerous of the messes that Ted Cruz was talking about.

Fortunately, while it may not be as easy to understand as the budget mess, this problem is easier to fix: simply elect more principled limited government constitutional conservative “boat rockers” like Ted Cruz to offices up and down the ballot.

After all, we are stuck with the $16-plus trillion federal debt and the trillions in future interest and other promises establishment politicians have made – but we are not stuck with the politicians.

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Horror Movie - Obama w/ a Line Item Veto

Speaking of "required by law" for congress to operate from a budget but not having passed one in YEARS,  people who think they can fix congress with a line item veto (power-grabbing presidents) are insane.

The STATES should be in charge of the Senate - not the populists.  So Repeal the 17th Amendment.  Thankfully, senators appointed by state legislatures don't give a rip about "social issues" of the passing hour.

The Founders intended that the STATES instead be the ones to do grown-up stuff like set the budget, handle national security, negotiate treaties and elect federal judges - not the populists.   Repeal the 17th.


Excuse me Ted....Thanks to the Senate, there is no Budget and hasn't been for over 4 years...By the way, you and your fellow Senators are in violation of Federal Law that REQUIRES that a Budget be PASSED EVERY YEAR, not just when it's politically convenient to do so....A large part of the spending problem in Washington is that without a Budget, you have no guidelines for spending and no plan for revenues to fund the spending.

Every time the Administration wants to spend more money, they print more and the Republican Party rolls over to Obama like the good lapdogs they are and approve it. There is of course, some cursory whining about the Democrats and the president, but ultimately, they roll over and play dead....

So before you go any further, you and your fellow legislators need to do your jobs, PASS a Budget and stick to it... and remind them that they are in violation of the Law AND their oath's of office and that shortly, the People will have you all arrested, charged and prosecuted for being in violation of the Law and have all of you removed from office and imprisoned as all CRIMINALS should be.... 

The Senate has not passed a budget as required by law!

Has anyone noticed that OBAMA'S  Senate, controlled by DEMOCRATS, not REPUBLICANS..has NOT passed a budget as long as OBAMA has been in office!! Because of that, we have a 16 trillion dollar debt!

Stop blaming Republicans....they don't control the Senate or Obama's tool, namely  REID!

OBAMA can't even get his own DEMOCRATIC controlled Senate to work!

And they have the nerve to try to blame all their ills on the Republicans to divert from their inaction, tax increases, the economy in the toilet and stupidity! Let's get real!

Put the blame where it belongs...on OBAMA &CO.! The SEQUESTER WAS OBAMA'S solution!

Demand that OBAMA own it! 

Rather than fussing at Senator Cruz,

perhaps you might aim your concerns at the Senate Leader. Demand that Harry Reid put one of the many HOUSE-PASSED budget bills on the Senate floor for a vote! A bit of a problem to pass a bill if it isn't presented to the members for a vote...oh, I forgot...the president did offer a budget a few years ago and Harry Reid did put it on the floor, but - oops, it failed to get ONE vote...even from his own party!