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It’s Florida Versus Pennsylvania in the Title Fight for America’s Best-Looking Female Attorney General

Readers of Richard Viguerie’s have chosen two lovely legal eagles for a third and final round of the website’s best-looking female state attorney general poll.

Pam Bondi Kathleen KaneThe original poll held last month let readers vote for their favorite among the eight female attorneys general, but no one candidate won a clear majority in a second round. Pam Bondi of Florida, Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania, Lori Swanson of Minnesota, and Kamala Harris of California garnered the largest percentage of votes in the “Final Four” poll.

A championship poll pits Pam Bondi of Florida against Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania. The pretty prosecutor who receives the most reader votes will win the title of “America’s Best-Looking Female State Attorney General.”

The poll was created in response to recent comments by President “Ogler” Obama that Kamala Harris was “by far” the most attractive. Richard Viguerie countered that all of the eight female attorneys general are attractive. All eight female AGs deserved the same attention.

“It’s not ConservativeHQ that brought these girls’ stunning appearance to the national stage. You can thank Obama for that. However, we are the only outlet giving the public a chance to have their say, too — and have fun with it in the process. We aim to celebrate these high-powered ladies’ God-given talents. Females everywhere should feel empowered to see that driven women can be both beautiful and successful,” Viguerie stated.

“Readers made it clear -- Kamala Harris wasn’t the only eye-catching female AG. In fact, they found it difficult to choose one top gorgeous gal out of the field of eight. Thus, a runoff of the top four was necessary,” Viguerie said. “Now it’s time to find out which brainy beauty will clinch the title, Bondi or Kane. I admit – this round’s going to be really tough.”

The website ( displays the photos of the final two charmers of the court along with their states. Readers can then vote on which one they think is the comeliest.

To prevent partisan bias, their political affiliations are omitted. "It’s about selecting the most alluring gal, not the most conservative or liberal," Viguerie said. “We encourage everyone to vote for their preference. It’s likely to be the most fun they’ll have at the polls all year.”

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This is crazy

Since when do we elect people on looks instead of character. Women are not suppose to be in politics anyway. This just rules out mans authority over them. This is from the bible.

Not the face alone

Femine visual appeal isn't in the face alone. It would be better to have pictures that gave a fuller view of the candidates. That said, I'm partial to brunettes.


This is stupid. I thought this was a political website. I feel dumb for reading this ,and a little less classy. Sarah palin? I have zero proof of her existing in the U.S.A., much less being a political force other than what the Jewish owned media presents. I am accusing Richard Vigurie of being a media shill as of this moment. Defend yourself if you can, but please do not show me Sarah's birth certificate on a computer screen. There is a battle going on in the U.S.A. and you are acting like the local T.V. station in the 70's showing fuzzy bunny pictures to retired folk while the serial killer is stomping past their back door.

attorney's general poll

This is a TOTALLY unfair choice to have to make!  A man shouldn't have to make  such decisions!