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Arm Yourself: Boehner is About to Betray Us on Amnesty

John Boehner
We have begun a “short course” on the costs and dangers of illegal immigration and amnesty to arm conservatives with the facts and arguments necessary to defeat this assault on American exceptionalism – and it looks like our “short course” came out none too soon.

Speaker John Boehner yesterday held out the possibility that he might bring immigration “reform” legislation to the floor of the House by the end of the year.

According to Reuters news service Boehner was asked at a question-and-answer session with reporters if he intends to bring up immigration reform this year, Boehner replied: "I still think that immigration reform is an important subject that needs to be addressed and I am hopeful."

That Boehner would say he thinks “immigration reform is an important subject that needs to be addressed and I am hopeful” is particularly troubling in light of the recent outbreak of violent protests and obstruction of law enforcement by illegal aliens – and the Obama administration’s complete refusal to enforce our existing immigration laws or even arrest and deport the law breaking “protesters.”

That Boehner would say he is “hopeful” immigration “reform” will be addressed in the wake of the establishment Republican betrayal on defunding ObamaCare and achieving real spending reform as part of a debt ceiling deal should give conservatives, and all Americans who wish to preserve our economic wellbeing, quality of life and national security, real pause.

Because if the experience of the government “slimdown” is any teacher, Boehner and the establishment Republican House “leadership” are only all too willing to make common cause with the Democrats when it comes to advancing the interests of big business – the same special interests that opposed the “slimdown” and demanded that Republicans cave-in to raise the debt ceiling without achieving spending reform are at the forefront of the amnesty and open borders push.

Republican Representative Aaron Schock recently told reporters: "I'm not sure many on our side are getting prepared for immigration reform or any other domestic issue other than dealing with our debt."

One way you can arm yourself intellectually for this battle and make sure conservatives on Capitol Hill are ready is to watch the videos in our “short course” on amnesty and immigration – and then call your Representative and Senators and demand that they defend American exceptionalism and vote “NO” on any immigration bill that grants amnesty to illegal aliens.

We urge you to arm yourself with the facts necessary to defeat this assault on American exceptionalism by viewing the our entire “short course,” but the video on the role of corporations, unions and ethno-centric lobbying groups in forming immigration policy is particularly relevant in light of Boehner’s statement and the illegal alien protests occurring this past week.

Sign our petition to stop amnesty for illegal aliens.

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The current house speaker is a card carrying member of the go along to get along, old boys club, establishment rinos. He is about as conservative as the brat, Reid, and Pelosi combined. He talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. He's just another Carl Rove.