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What’s At Stake Today: A Lawless Flood Of Illegal Aliens

 Criminal Aliens

“Jeanne Shaheen’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens through her vote for the Gang of Eight bill and through her support for President Obama’s planned executive amnesty is endangering all families across New Hampshire,” Maria Espinoza, the national director of The Remembrance Project, told Matt Boyle of Breitbart News on Sunday.

But Americans should not limit the effects of Barack Obama’s lawless immigration policies to just one campaign, in just one state.

“The very illegal aliens she wants to help Obama grant amnesty to—and steal your job—are in many cases also violent criminals, driver’s without licenses, members of gangs, or are in some way endangering the welfare of New Hampshire families,” Espinoza told Breitbart.

"The collapse of immigration enforcement, both at the border and within the country, has enabled criminal gangs like MS-13, 18th Street and even Mexican drug cartels like La Familia to prosper and continue preying on people in our neighborhoods. Some political leaders, both in Washington and New England, have pushed sanctuary and amnesty policies that encourage illegal settlement and prevent local law enforcement officers from working cooperatively with ICE. Inevitably, it is innocent families that pay the price. The public should not stand by and watch this happen; they need to choose leaders who understand that immigration enforcement has an important role to play in public safety," Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) told Breitbart News.

And not just New Hampshire families – illegal immigration is not a victimless crime as countless American families have learned, most recently through the murder of two California law enforcement officers at the hands of an illegal alien.

But as important as keeping criminal aliens out of America is, what may be even more important is keeping American jobs for Americans.

As Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has observed on numerous occasions an executive order on immigration would increase by millions of people the nation's workforce pool — and further hurt the opportunities of American citizens to get jobs.

"We have the lowest percentage of people in America today who have been working in 40 years. This is a stunning statistic. Almost every person who's gotten a job in the last 10 years is going to an illegal immigrant," he recently told NewsMax.

As Senator Session wrote in an op-ed for FOX, “A nation’s first loyalty must be to its own citizens.”

But the immigration policies of President Obama and Congressional Democrats help only billionaire special interests, amnesty activists, and the citizens of other countries – while reducing jobs and pay for our own.

Every single Senate Democrat voted for the Obama-backed plan to provide immediate work permits to 12 million illegal immigrants – allowing them to compete for any job in America. This legislation would also double the rate at which low-wage guest workers are brought into the U.S. to fill jobs throughout the economy.

Further, the legislation would triple the rate of permanent immigration, giving lifetime work permits and citizenship to over 30 million immigrants over the next ten years.

America already has the world’s most generous immigration policy. The foreign-born population is at record levels, quadrupling since 1970. Since 2000, the U.S. has issued nearly 30 million lawful visas to foreign guest workers and permanent immigrants. During that time, all net employment gains among the working-age went to immigrant workers.

This large surplus of labor has also pulled down wages –family incomes are down more than $3,000 since 2009 alone.

Imagine then what will happen if we double the supply of foreign labor. For many Americans, who will be pushed out of the workforce altogether, their wages will be reduced to zero.

What Obama and his Democratic allies are attempting to do through both legal and illegal means is to completely remake America into a government-dependent society, and importing millions of low-skilled low-educated aliens is central to that goal.

As Senator Sessions said of Obama and his allies:

They want you to believe that you can't win.

But they are so wrong.

And with your vote, you have the power to prove them wrong. You have the power to deliver a message they won’t forget.

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Conservative success in Midterms is to reconcile Round One in the Conservative "Civil War” and should therefore be heartily deserving of Congratulations. The Oval office minions left the U.S. Constitution in tatters and on life-support. “We the People” declined Obama's imperialist disorder and constitutional lawbreaking. But now constitutional conservatives, the Tea Party must hold the Republicans Establishment to the agenda that they have promised, after to being reseated in the Senate. Woe is them if they fail to get this derailed nation, back on its tracks.

Tea Party Patriots put it frankly: “You’re welcome, GOP. Now you must keep your promises.” Tea Party Conservative have warned: “The GOP owes its victory to its foundation and now breaking any promises now will put their majority if they expect any chance for the presidency in '2016 in danger.” We don’t need any kind of Obama’s Socialist ideas, which is in the gray area of Communism—when his ideology is to force Americans more dependant on government than their own abilities? The majority who vote for him and his extreme philosophies are the people who demand freebies, such as food stamps and living off the rest of us.


The new Congress must seal the border, revitalizing former President Bush 2006 Secure Fence Act and build a stronger border force of agents, plus more eternal network of ICE personal to chase down employers hiring illegal aliens. This is essential no matter the massive cost for the next 2 years for sure and probably into the future. The cost of building double layer fencing along the Southwestern far outweighs the merciless expense of paying hundreds of billions for welfare programs for financially supporting illegal alien. Annually American taxpayers get clobbered for paying extraordinary amounts for ‘Anchor Babies’ as they are called and the families. Nor should the 40 percent of ‘Overstay’ tourists who come on limited visas and never go back be welcome? Its not just the border region, but foreign nationals who slip through the ICE policy cracks and we pay for it, because their is no real deterrent at entry and exit ports, We need mandatory control of entry into the United States and President Obama’s lethargic laws are not meant to stop anybody.

Mass numbers of disease-infested illegal aliens are hemorrhaging our southern borders with Obama spurring them on. In a sudden event different viruses are prevalent around the country, showing up in areas where Obama’s mob secretly dumped thousands of minors in schools around the country. One such disease spread like wildfire across the country, attacking children with paralysis and also death. What no administration will tell you is the impact of the 1 million of more, which come legally. A large part of it is ‘chain migration’ that invites parts of families sponsored by a relative already here. Supposedly the original sponsor must financially support them, but it is a weak law and that people who arrive fall upon welfare again.

Be honest with you--that I do not even trust the Republican establishment, as they like the Democrats are backed by Special interests, when the major issue is illegal immigration. In the spotlight are the Chamber of Commerce and the rest of big business for cheap labor and to lower wages. If Obama passes some form of general amnesty, it’s going to be more heavy taxes for all Americans.

In California we have a real nutcase selling his soul to stay Governor, Jerry Brown indicating that his state is a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Yet this idiot is crowing about shortage of water. Already California has huge urban sprawl, which are forever growing, jammed highways and an eroding infrastructure.

With huge gains in the midterm elections, we have some potent work to do. The task at hand is huge. It can't wait?

Rolling back Obama's objective of Ultra-Socialist government has not failed yet, the Conservatives forging full steam ahead is going to be a monstrous undertaking. There are the ugly facts of the Benghazi massacre, Fast and Furious gun running, spying by the IRS and an out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Secondary to dismantling is a 2nd Amnesty is reducing the size of Government. Did you know that Washington DC has very little unemployment other than the rest of the country?

What we need from the new Congress, which will be minus that obnoxious Senator Harry Reid is shrinking all government agencies and returning them to state management, such as the Dept of Education. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) no longer controlled by Obamas zealots who tried to erase the coal industry, and minimize drilling for oil and natural gas. It’s time to promote more exploration of ‘The Peoples Land’ for our abundant resources. American public should demand the expedited advancement of the XL Keystone Pipeline? We need less energy dependence on foreign nations and more in self-reliance? A reduction in the menacing size of the federal deficit, that is increasingly out of control. We need a flat tax or consumption tax and dismantling the inept IRS. No more pandering to foreign nationals with lax food stamp laws, and any of Obamas executive directives should be rescinded or re-assessed. Our military needs to be rebuilt, to strengthen America and protect us from domestic and foreign enemies. Dig out the all the House bills that Sen. Harry Reid squirreled away, to halt them from reaching the Senate to vote upon.

And about ‘Obamacare’ that is the Affordable Care Act--which is not affordable, when I just learned from the TV that penalty for not having insurance, is going to go up continuously annually.

Illegal alien amnesty

Being an Arizona legal constituent, I have to say this amnesty that started in the 1980s with Reagan has been a bust in everyway for the working class legal constituents of this country. Not only have these folks lowered the working wages for big business who has lobbied all of congress and this administration for this moment, but now we,the working class, will have to subsidize their wages with entitlements via our public coffers thru taxes paid to this government since this new class of needy illiterate illegal aliens will supposedly not make enough to live in this country without all the welfare and entitlements we can possibly provide for them.

That includes welfare/subsidies/entitlements for housing, health care, food, schooling including special help with their lack of being English speaking. We will likely include special rules for everything posted in their native language even though this is not a Spanish speaking country.In fact it is already so from everything to clothing labels to menus. Then there is the matter of their criminal histories. What are we to do with those murderers, pedophiles, robbers, gang members, and other assorted criminals?

Bottom line, we the regular working class and tax paying public have to subsidize this mass of people here without legal immigration status and big business dumps the real cost of this illegal group of aliens on us. Big business gets the cheap labor market they want and we get the shaft. Who does not get that?

Big business and this administration have created a job labor market in their favor. Fewer jobs and many more workers to pick from. As that stands in the supply and demand market, it means lower wages and yet we are still paying for the subsidies. It is a win win for business and misery for those who are still working or trying to work in that new commodity landscape of cheap labor.

Additionally, does anyone really expect the border to be secured? It has not happened in nearly 40 years of politicians promising a closed border since the first amnesty given by Reagan. Granting this amnesty which BO is bent of granting legally or illegally with his infamous pen and phone is just proving to all the masses waiting in South America, that we are really stupid fools and they can just keep coming and we will just take them in and pay for the freebies.

Finally, it there is any doubt about the illegal aliens being here for what they can get, has anyone heard anything about the volunteers that applied for the military for BO recently in exchange for his amnesty? No, well surprise! They don't want to fight for this country. They just want the jobs and free stuff. Also, most will send a large amount of what they earn back to their countries of origin and their family still located in those countries. So, are they really here for the love of this country or for the stuff? And who really pays for that stuff? And how long can this country survive with 50% of the country on welfare? That will drain the coffers so what happens with our military, our public projects that maintain the infrastructure, etc. Money does not grow on trees even though the government prints it with no regard for anything close to a budget in their demented world.


Even if the GOP wins the majority of the races I do not expect to see any change.All politicians are for is themselves. What is in it for me is their attitude!


You are right and it already feels like the BAU is in force with the GOP. None of them listen except a few. Sessions might be a good one to send your thoughts about changing the attitude about amnesty in Washington. We are going to be a socialist country soon if this continues and we are already well along in that process.