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Cruz Announces For President – Lefty Snark Immediately Erupts

MSNBC whacko liberal Donny Deutsch

Senator Ted Cruz announced for president yesterday and the crowd hadn’t even cleared out of the arena before the leftwing snark started flying.

First out of the box may have been “The View” when host Whoopi Goldberg launched into what our friends at NewsBusters charitably referred to as “an erratic rant” directed at Cruz and then concluded the segment by daring Cruz to release his birth certificate – and this was on top of guest host Michelle Collins starting the discussion remarking “He [Ted Cruz] was not born in America. He was born in Canada. So how can he run -- how can he run for president? I actually don't get it. I know he has to go to court.”

As NewsBusters’ Jeffrey Meyer observed, “Unfortunately, no one on the panel, including conservative co-host Nicolle Wallace, bothered to explain that because Ted Cruz’s mother was born in the United States, he is in fact a natural born citizen and thus eligible to run for president.”

Then again, given the great job Wallace did advising Sarah Palin in 2008 one could expect no more from her.

CNN made its contribution to the snark by highlighting the fact that in the thousands of attendees at the Liberty University speech there were two students in the background of a photo wearing “I Stand With Rand” t-shirts distributed to promote the candidacy of liberty-minded Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

This seemed like a big deal to the shap-eyed producers at CNN and various leftwing internet trolls.

Setting aside the fact that it is pretty much the job of college students to be non-conformists, even at a conservative Christian university like Liberty, our view is that if America’s youthful voters are torn between Senator Cruz and Senator Paul then some hope for the re-establishment of constitutional government remains alive.

And we have written ourselves a reminder to check to see if CNN does a similar check for audience members wearing blue dresses at Hillary Clinton’s announcement.

Predictably, MSNBC was the worst offender as Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski posed the question to perennial guest Donny Deutsch: “Is he the Herman Cain, the 9-9-9 of this election? Is he the, I don’t know, the Rick Perry?”

Deutsch jumped in immediately with “He’s the Sarah Palin.”

“He’s a sideshow. Listen, he’s unelectable, okay?” Deutsch said over Brzezinski’s protests.

Deutsch’s pronouncement that Cruz is unelectable and is this campaign cycle’s “Sarah Palin” liberal elite punching bag is the new made in Hollywood, or made in Jeb Bush campaign HQ, slogan for the establishment media, despite the fact that any number of polls suggest that Americans favor Cruz’s positions over those of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush by significant margins.

However, the leftwing response that we liked the best came from a Republican; liberal Rep. Peter King of New York.

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if he would support Cruz if he were the Republican nominee King said “I hope that day never comes…  I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

The utility of King’s response is that if he jumped off a bridge not only would it deprive Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton of a vote, it would also open up a House seat in a state that has a Conservative Party, thereby providing an opportunity for conservatives to replace the left-leaning establishment Republican King with a real conservative.

As Cruz forges ahead with his campaign the snark and the slings and arrows from the progressive establishment will no doubt increase. But this will only help Cruz, because, as we noted out on the campaign trail in 2008, the more the media attacked Sarah Palin, the bigger and more enthusiastic her crowds got.

Country class voters understand that when the establishment attacked Palin, as they are now attacking Cruz, it is really them and their interests and values that are being attacked and they are in no mood to turn the other cheek this time around.

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