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Ted Cruz First Signer of Phyllis Schlafly’s STOP Common Core Pledge

 Ted Cruz Proven Conservative

Limited government constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the first signer of the new Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge announced Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly.

The pledge will be available for candidates at every level to sign and show their opposition to Common Core in all forms and under all names.  Senator Ted Cruz is the first candidate or office holder to sign this pledge.

“I am thrilled to introduce our new STOP Common Core Pledge,” said Schlafly.  “As 2016 elections heat up, voters deserve to know every candidate’s position on this vital issue.  Common Core has quickly become one of the hottest grassroots issues as people have seen the program for what it truly is.  Common Core offers nationalized control, special-interest strings attached, and a whole new method of learning that has accomplished nothing but mass confusion among our kids.  Candidates and incumbents now have the opportunity to make clear to voters, by signing our pledge that they will work to STOP Common Core.”

Senator Cruz’s clear opposition to Common Core, as evidenced by signing the Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge, is in stark contrast to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, who both support Common Core.

Speaking of her opposition to Common Core, former Hewlett-Packard CEO and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina pretty well summed-up the problem Florida Gov. Jeb Bush  has a “big government Republican” who is “dead wrong” on issues like immigration reform and Common Core.

“Jeb Bush is dead wrong on a couple issues,” Ms. Fiorina said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, The Daily Caller reported. “He’s dead wrong on comprehensive immigration reform. He’s dead wrong on Common Core. He’s dead wrong about government being too powerful. I think government is too powerful. I’m not sure he believes that.”

“There’s no question that there are big government Republicans and there are big government Democrats,” she continued. “Jeb Bush’s record suggests that he is a big government Republican. I don’t tend to agree with Common Core — you and I have had this discussion before — his answer on Common Core is that, ‘Well it’s not intended to be a heavy-handed bureaucratic program. It’s intended to be a set of nationwide standards.’ Bureaucracies only know one way: It’s called heavy-handed. So if you get a federal bureaucracy, or in some cases even a state bureaucracy, involved in anything, it will become heavy-handed. That’s how we’ve gotten bigger and bigger government under both Republicans and Democrats.”

Ms. Fiorina is right, and Jeb Bush is starting to realize it.

Although at a recent speech to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Bush reiterated his support for the unpopular program that many see as an Obamacare-style takeover of local schools, he has subsequently tried to give himself some wiggle room – most notably in a recent appearance in New Hampshire.

As Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times Washington Bureau Chief noted in a Tuesday afternoon post to, “For months now Bush has maintained support for Common Core but added language to the effect that he is simply for higher standards, no matter what they are called. Bush has also stepped up talk that the federal government should not be involved, a line he used in New Hampshire last weekend.”

Jeb’s wiggling and trying to put some air between his position and Hillary Clinton’s, when there really isn’t any, is why the Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge is so important.

There’s no wiggling – you either sign and promise to oppose Common Core, no matter what proponents call it, or you don’t. 

Here’s the Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge:

Phyllis Schlafly’s Stop Common Core Pledge
[click here to go to the pledge page on the Eagle Forum website]

I, (name of candidate), will:

1) oppose Common Core in all its forms and no matter what name it is given;

2) limit or eliminate the various aspects of Common Core that are currently being implemented including but not limited to data collection, directed vocational education, and nationalized assessments/standards (e.g. PARCC and Smarter Balanced); and

3) make public my opposition to Common Core.


As you approach prospects for their signatures sooner rather than later you will hear from a candidate or elected public official who says “I don’t do pledges.”

Don’t take that for an answer.

We urge CHQ readers to go to the Eagle Forum website and review the pledge, print the pledge and present it to any candidate for public office they encounter, especially school board, state legislature, Governor, Congress, United States Senate and President.

It is also possible to send a link to the STOP Common Core Pledge through the Eagle Forum website to a candidate if you have their email, or send a link to this article and the pledge through CHQ.

Opposition to Common Core and the hijacking of local control of our schools will be, for many conservatives, a touchstone issue in the 2016 campaign. In the same vein that Matthew 25: 31-33 tells us there will one day be a sorting of the sheep from the goats, it is time to separate those candidates who are with limited government constitutional conservatives in opposition to Common Core from those who oppose us.

One clear way conservatives will know who their friends are on Common Core is who, like Ted Cruz, has signed the Eagle Forum Pledge To STOP Common Core, and who hasn’t and won’t.  We urge you to join us in presenting the Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge to your local, state and national candidates and elected officials.

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