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America Is Already Being Ruled By Sharia Law - #IStandWithPamelaGeller

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In the wake of the Garland, Texas jihadi attack one thing has become perfectly clear – America, and especially its establishment media – is already being ruled by Muslim Sharia law and its prohibition against criticizing Islam and depicting or criticizing its prophet Mohammed.

Consider that in the aftermath of the Garland, Texas attack, and a subsequent “fatwa” or Muslim religious order pronouncing a death sentence against Pamela Geller, an organizer of the Garland event, America’s major media have spent the past week trying to establish moral equivalence between telling the truth about Islam, and its political ideology Islamism, and so-called “hate speech.”

“Hate speech” is an extra-constitutional term that has been invented by the Left to silence anyone who defends Western Judeo-Christian values and culture and it has been used in the past to try to silence supporters of traditional marriage.

One of the chief enforcers of the Left’s “hate speech” system of censorship is the Southern Poverty Law Center or SPLC.  The problem for the Left is, in our view the SPLC is, by its own definition, a “hate group,” and as our friend Rick Manning pointed out in an article for, it has been directly tied by federal authorities to the terrorist act committed by Floyd Lee Corkins, II, who attacked the Family Research Council because the SPLC listed that group as a “hate group” due to their traditional views on marriage and family.

But the SPLC’s terrorist connection did not stop CNN and other networks, and the New York Times, and various other Left-leaning establishment media outlets, such as Salon, from devoting hours of airtime and oceans of ink and pixels to the SPLC’s assessment that Pamela Geller and her organization, American Freedom Defense Initiative, are engaged in “hate speech” that should be prohibited, not in protected political discourse, when they tell the truth about Islamism or publish cartoons critical of Islam and its Sharia law system.

Fortunately, the First Amendment does not give self-appointed censors, such as the SPLC and CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the power to decided such matters.

But to borrow a phrase from our friend Diana West (author of the must read books, American Betrayal and The Death of the Grown-Up) “Now for the reality check.”

“When a group of people peacefully gathering for an afternoon to discuss or protest or otherwise exercise their lawful rights to free speech regarding Islam and its noxious prophet require thousands of dollars worth of security to protect their lives from jihad killers (and thank goodness, otherwise the slaughter would likely have far exceeded the death toll of the Charlie Hebdo/Jewish market attacks), freedom, in the Western sense of the word, no longer exists. The "public square" is a war zone,” says West.

To Diana West and to us, that means that “the liberty that is (was) the foundation of our republic is not "threatened," but rather has already been engulfed by the advance of Islam, its law, its culture, into our society. (Airport security is another tip-off.) Here -- not in the Middle East, not in the Turkish, Pakistani and other Islamic sectors of the EU -- it is now accepted that silence buys safety, that submission to sharia is the norm. By this process, Dar al Harb (House of War) becomes Dar al Islam (House of Islam/Submission), and without a fight.”

The fact that CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, and the New York Times’ editorial board in particular, were quick to find moral equivalence between telling the truth about Islam and Islamism and “hate speech” tells us that Diana West is right and Islamism’s goal of imposing Sharia on America is well on its way to being accomplished.

Diana West calls this “The Islamization of the Mind,” and she’s right; it is here and it is spreading through the self-imposed Sharia compliance of the establishment media. 

West says this is a low-ebb marker reflecting the extent to which their fellow-citizens in media and politics prefer to embrace "dhimmitude" (non-Muslim compliance with Sharia) rather than support the defenders of their own God-given liberties.

As I see it, Islam, and its bizarre medieval Sharia practices, such as sentencing homosexuals to death by slow hanging (Iran) or throwing them from roof tops (the Islamic State) and killing women who “dishonor” their families (the United States and Worldwide) cannot withstand scrutiny according to the western philosophical principles upon which our culture is based and are inimical to liberty under the Constitution of the United States.

To say that expressing that analysis is “hate speech” is likewise inimical to the Constitution and reflective of the weird cultural self-loathing that is the stock and trade of the kind of far-Left “hate America” crowd that just can’t seem to grasp that two of their most sacred secular tenets, feminism and legal protection for homosexuality, are among the most intense conflicts between Islam and their post-modern secularism.

Your God-given rights to freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are under grave threat, not just from Islamists seeking to impose their culture and way of life on you, but from the cowardice of America’s elite. Only the vigilance of America’s country class can prevent the further advance of Sharia compliance in America.

We urge you to join us at CHQ and the small group of artists, such as cartoonist Bosch Fawstin; writers, such as Diana West; activists, such as Pamela Geller; politicians, such as Geert Wilders in Europe and Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal here in America, who stand on the front lines of the very real fight for liberty against followers of Islam's creed of violence, repression, and exploitation of women, children and non-Muslims. You can join the fight simply by using the hashtag #IStandWithPam or #IStandWithPamelaGeller and forwarding or posting to social media Bosch Fawstin’s cartoon (above and attached) and this link to other political cartoons about Islamism.

For more on the elite media attacks against free speech and Pamela Geller in particular please see Ben Shapiro's "MEDIA LOOK TO CRIMINALIZE ‘HATE SPEECH’ AFTER GELLER’S MOHAMMED DRAWING EVENT" and John Nolte's "VICTIM-BLAMING CNN ATTACKS PAM GELLER: THE B*ITCH WAS BEGGING FOR IT" on Breitbart.

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