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Establishment Stalling Speaker Election Until They Are Guaranteed To Win

Imagine for a moment that come November of 2016 just as the presidential election was about to take place Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race as the Democratic nominee and President Barack Obama postponed the election indefinitely. 

There’d be insurrection in the streets. 

Daniel WebsterYet that is exactly what Speaker Boehner and the cabal that currently runs the House Republican Conference did when Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker race last week. 

And this effort to fix the election for Speaker is being actively abetted by the establishment media, who act like they don’t care or see what is going on, which is that the Republican establishment that runs Capitol Hill right now is simply stalling around until they can figure out a way to manipulate the process to maintain their power. 

And make no mistake about it, this isn’t about “unifying the Party,” or finding a “consensus candidate.” 

Stalling the vote to elect a new Speaker is all about those that been wrecking the country keeping their power in Congress, and thwarting the will of We the People

And of course the establishment media – including what one might call the “conservative establishment” are right there covering for them. 

Since Congress left on its Columbus Day recess how much media coverage has the election of a new Speaker received? 


And what about the strong rumor that Speaker Boehner is reconsidering his resignation and might stick around to force through Obama’s “clean” debt ceiling increase, an Obama-level two-year spending bill and a tax break bill for his cronies on K Street? 

Also zilch coverage by the establishment media. 

It is as if the election of the Speaker of the House – next in line for the presidency after the Vice President – was akin to some junior high school Student Council election. 

But operating out of the public eye is the only way that the establishment can manipulate the process to maintain their power, hence the cone of silence that has descended over the race. 

And truth be told if there was some kind of open process where half-a-dozen candidates for Speaker came forth and canvassed the House Republican Conference, made speeches to the various formal caucuses, like the Freedom Caucus, the Liberty Caucus and the Republican Study Committee, and to the various informal regional caucuses, like the Southern States, the establishment candidates would all lose. 

The majority of House Republicans are fed-up with being pushed around by a small cabal of insiders. The only Members of the House Republican Conference who like the current system are the ones who maintain (or think they can gain) power through it. 

Which is why it is so important to elect a conservative – like Florida Congressman Daniel Webster – Speaker.  

Rep. Webster is the only one who has put his name forward who has committed to change the current system where a small cabal of insiders – including many unelected and shadowy congressional staff – run the show and shove their lobbyist-driven agenda down the throats of We the People. 

And Webster, as Speaker of the Florida House, made a record proving he can and will create a principles-based system of legislating, as opposed to the current power-based system. 

In advance of the election to replace establishment Republican John Boehner as Speaker of the House, 55 conservative leaders from across America signed an open letter to the House Republican Conference. Entitled “Vision For New Conservative Leadership” the letter sets forth the minimum expectations conservatives have of the new post-Boehner House Republican leadership.  You can add your name to the list by signing the open letter to the House Republican Conference through this link. Or you can call your Representative – the House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 – to tell them you want a conservative Speaker like Daniel Webster, not Boehner-lite, like Rep. Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy. 

PS - If you are active in a conservative organization that has not joined the battle we urge you to get your organization involved in the fight to elect a conservative Speaker of the House TODAY. Talk to your conservative friends, tell them it is time to burn up the phone lines with this message, “Vote for a conservative Speaker, and vote NOW. Don’t let the establishment stall around until they are guaranteed a win.”

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House Speaker

So... there is no higher rated Conservative in the House??

Not understanding the love for Webster

I fully agree with the article's thrust but not the solution. Webster is well known by conservatives as having a terrible voting record. Yes, he is supported by Louis and he has said he will change things procedurally. But Webster gets a "D" rating over at Conservative Review, the current gold standard for legislative ratings.

Mark Levin is not supporting him and many others have stated that putting in another moderate to liberal Speaker will not work.

At this point, the solution is going to be an outsider. Since Webster is not going to get the votes he needs anyway, why not try to convince someone like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, or Allen West to make a run?

The problem with the Speaker selection is that no one on the inside wants to make an actual run for the job (except for the libs). For some reason, the conservatives won't step up. It is more likely that an outsider could be convinced to make his case to the Republican caucus and do so without worrying about diminishing his standing in the House (since he wouldn't have any).

Am I wrong here?

Respectfully - We Think You're Way Off

There is absolutely no chance that Rand Paul, Mike Lee or Allen West is going to run, let alone win. Daniel Webster is the one candidate who has said he will reform the current top-down legislating by a small cabal of insiders process -- and who has a record of doing so as Speaker of the Florida House.

We like the guys at Conservative Review, but they don't look at issues the same way we do. Yes, Webster took some bad votes when he was on the House Rules Committee that lowered his rating with CR, but NumbersUSA, the gold standard on amnesty and immigration has him at an A, so does the NRA, and he's a hero to the pro-life movement.

The problem in the House is that conservatives have been deprived of their voice by the current government by insider cabal system. Webster is the one candidate for Speaker who has said unequivocally he will abolish the top-down system and give conservatives back their voice, that's why of the currently announced candidates we like him best.

Vote on Speaker

Seems to me that the establishment republicans forgot that the American citizens who voted for the Conservatives was the reason that the republicans were able to take over the House and the Senate.
If the republicans believe they can ignore the will of the American citizens and do the bidding of big business and the Chamber of Commerce and continue the charade on the issue of amnesty, pathway to citizenship and increasing the number of legal immigrants under the H1B visa program to replace American workers with low wage foreign workers they may find out there will be a penalty to pay at the voting booth next election.
They are setting themselves up to become the minority party again with their political antics in the House regarding the vote for the Speakership.