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Paul Ryan = John Boehner

The massive 2,000-plus pages of this year’s Continuing Resolution or Omnibus Appropriation were released at 1:20 a.m. on the night of the CNN Republican presidential debate, when all eyes would be focused on Las Vegas, not the smoke-filled rooms of Capitol Hill where this anti-conservative monstrosity was crafted. 

In what has become an annual litany, establishment Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – whose scruffy beard makes him look more like a frat boy after a kegger than the third ranking constitutional Paul Ryan John Boehnerofficer of the United States – claimed this massive betrayal of conservatives was a “compromise” resulting from divided government.  

The alleged conservatives of the Freedom Caucus who abandoned their support for the conservative reforms they called for when John Boehner was Speaker to support Paul Ryan over conservative Daniel Webster have a lot to answer for now that Ryan has shown the conservative grassroots what he’s really made of. 

Because, as is usual in such “compromises,” conservatives got nothing – spending grew, funding for Planned Parenthood is included, funding of the welfare state grew, funding for the regulatory state grew, and funding for immigration, both legal and illegal grew, as did funding for the refugee resettlement programs that are bringing jihad to America. 

In truth the CR is not a compromise, it is establishment Republicans funding the priorities they share with Democrats and President Obama, who gave up nothing of substance to achieve the alleged “compromise.” 

So deep is this betrayal of the conservative principles that Republicans claim to stand for that virtually every conservative organization of any note has come out in opposition to the bill. 

Heritage Action for America is key voting the bill and recommending a “NO” vote. 

Heritage said, while the bill fails to achieve significant conservative policy victories, it appears to deliver substantial liberal priorities, including a two-year delay of Obamacare’s Cadillac tax.  Many of the conservative policy riders touted by the Appropriations Committee are pre-existing riders — the Hyde amendment, a ban on funding Obamacare’s risk corridor bailouts, and the ban on transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to military bases in America, just to name a few — that have endured throughout Republican and Democrat control. Meanwhile, many important conservative riders were left out of the package.  

What’s more, the $1.149 trillion omnibus will spend at least significantly more than last year’s bill and well above the previously established budget caps.  

Finally, conservatives have raised significant concerns about the closed-door, dual-track negotiations that led to both the omnibus and the tax extenders.  The 233-page tax extenders package and 2,009-page omnibus were unveiled late Tuesday evening and earlier Wednesday morning, respectively, giving lawmakers little time to decipher the policy implications of both bills. 

"The good, the bad, and the ugly is the best way to classify this bill," said David Williams, President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance. "Despite recent changes in House leadership, there’s been no change to a process that has continued to let down taxpayers. A massive spending bill filed as deadlines to fund the government are running out has become an all too familiar way to pass major legislation. Congress is throwing a bunch of presents under the tree for taxpayers the night before Christmas and there’s more than a few lumps of coal in taxpayers’ stockings." You may see the Taxpayers Protection Alliance report on the CR by clicking here. 

NumbersUSA and the American Energy Alliance are also key voting against Speaker Ryan’s betrayal of the conservatives who were hornswoggled into supporting him. 

Perhaps the most concise and devastating indictment of the Ryan – McConnell – Obama CR came from the First Lady of the conservative movement Phyllis Schlafly and her Eagle Forum, who issued an action alert in opposition to the bill, saying “After weeks of negotiations behind closed doors, the results are in, and once again, the American people lose while special interests and the president win.” 

Here are five of the biggest problems Eagle Forum identified with the omnibus:

  1. Spending. When Republicans controlled only the House, they got the White House and Harry Reid to impose budget caps in 2011, one of the few accomplishments of John Boehner's speakership. In October, although having control of both chambers, John Boehner surrendered this one accomplishment. The omnibus spends at these much higher levels set in the final Obama-Boehner budget deal, which was rejected by two-thirds of House Republicans.

  2. Life. Planned Parenthood will continue to receive funding. In fact, no pro-life victories can be found in the bill. Republican negotiators are left bragging about their ability to keep pro-life provisions that have been attached to funding bills for years.

  3. Immigration. No new restrictions are placed on refugee resettlement programs, sanctuary cities, or President Obama's lawless amnesties. On the contrary, a provision was slipped in quadrupling H-2B visas in fiscal year 2016, bringing in tens of thousands more low-skilled workers.

  4. Environment. In exchange for lifting the crude oil ban, environmentalists are given free rein to advance their destructive agenda. Nothing in this omnibus will stop President Obama from implementing the climate change agreement reached in Paris last week. Furthermore, the EPA can continue imposing new regulations in areas such as water and carbon emissions that will affect our daily lives in many ways.

  5. National Security. Our national security will be diminished. President Obama can continue to implement his dangerous deal with Iran. Women will be allowed into combat units, lowering their overall effectiveness and increasing risks to men and women in the front lines. 

Please sign our open letter to Congress demanding Republicans Defund Obama’s Disastrous Policies or be Complicit in the Destruction of Our Country and then call your  Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to vote NO on the omnibus spending bill.

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Another Michigan RINO, Sen. Gary Peters

MI Sen. Gary Peters voted FOR the Omnibus Spending Bill. Vote him out of office.

Peters is a Democrat

but all the more reason to vote him out!


Won't someone having more power than I have start a movement to RECALL Paul Ryan?

An excellent idea but...

Unfortunately, in their otherwise great wisdom and foresight the Framers of the Constitution were not able foresee that Congress would become as corrupt as it now is, so there is no citizen recall procedure for recalling members of Congress, they can only be impeached and expelled by their fellow members (fat chance of that short of a felony conviction) or in the case of the Speaker unseated through a motion to vacate the Chair...

US Rep. Tim Walberg of MI is a RINO

Tim Walberg voted FOR Paul Ryan to be Speaker.

Let's flush Walbrg in the next election, or better still, Recall him now!