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2015: The Year The American Establishment Committed Suicide

A major part of our mission here at CHQ is to hold the feet of the Republican Party to the fire by encouraging conservatives to demand that the GOP actually produce on their campaign promises. 

That’s why we run polls and petitions and post the Capitol Switchboard’s toll-free number (1-866-220-0044) on our website, so conservatives will be empowered to contact Congress and demand action on the conservative agenda Republicans say they support, but have regularly failed to deliver. 

Grim ReaperBut who do you call when virtually every established institution in America is failing to deliver? 

Who do you call when one of America’s iconic corporations (Disney) announces that it is firing its American workers and replacing them with foreigners who will work for half their wages? 

And then demands that the fired workers train their replacements? 

And who do you call when the Senator who represents those workers – Marco Rubio of Florida – not only criticizes the workers for complaining, he introduces a bill to make it easier to do the same thing to more American workers in the future? 

And who do you call when, after the plight of those workers hits the establishment media, from Fox News to The New York Times, Congress passes an Omnibus spending bill that will allow even more foreign workers in to the country? 

What do you do if you are a customer of a big establishment business, like Anthem or CVS, and that business is hacked and your identity is stolen or your credit card information is compromised? 

Do you call law enforcement or the government? 

Why bother. Government cyber security is a joke. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was allowed to use an unsecure home-brewed server to transmit top-secret government data, she and her top staff live on unsecure Blackberries, the government knows the systems have been compromised and operated outside the law, and all the parties involved lie or stonewall. 

And the President says “national security was not endangered.” 

But what would Obama know about cyber security? 

The Office of Personnel Management, the CIA, the IRS and CIA Director John Brennen have all been hacked on his watch – as was the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS), a federal arrest booking system used by the local and federal law enforcement across the US. 

So if you’ve been hacked or had your identity compromised you don’t call the government, you call your attorney, sign-up for a credit monitoring service, handle it yourself. 

And speaking of national security, who do you call if your president draws a “red line” in Syria and spends a half-billion dollars to train insurgents to overthrow the Russian-backed dictator, and that half-billion dollars buys a force of half-a-dozen guys whose boot camp classmates either gave up their weapons and went over to the enemy or didn’t survive first contact? 

And what do you do if there is an existential threat to your country and constitutional government posed by an alien totalitarian political movement masquerading as a religion? 

Do you prohibit further immigration of adherents to that political movement from immigrating to America, or do you say, as President Obama and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did that such aliens have a right to come here to overthrow our government through terrorism and subversion? 

No, at this point, if you are a normal country class American, you conclude that the established institutions of your country are dead or dying – and they are dying not because some outside competitor killed them – they are dead because they killed themselves through their own greed, incompetence and corruption. 

That’s where we are at the end of 2015; the American establishment is dead – or dying – of its own greed, incompetence and corruption, so who decides what happens next?  

From our perspective here at CHQ that’s the real question to be decided in the 2016 election. It isn’t just who will occupy what office; it is,"Who will decide what replaces the dead husks of the American political, business and cultural establishment?"

We know electing Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and their like means the elite political class will be further empowered, country class citizens and taxpayers will be further marginalized and the 21st century will see the death of constitutional liberty. 

So it is up to you. Will it be We the People, who seize power in 2016 to decide what happens next, or will it be the urban elite political class?

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The four horsemen of the GOPe-ocalypse

Hubris, Arrogance, Greed, and Corruption - these are the steeds which our "leaders" have ridden across the darkening skies over our Republic.

Cultural, fiscal, military and constitutional crises loom and the people are awakening.

No longer will they listen to the emperors and their press handmaidens telling them to pay no attention to the thundering hooves and to trust them with our cradle to grave welfare.
No longer will they accept the same old hacks and the same old promises - even the misguided socialists amongst the citizenry are demanding something different (IE Bernie) - the the majority of citizens are demanding someone who doesn't care if the truth offends the precious little snowflakes inside the pretty little bubble which is DC.

The energy which operates Trump's anti-gravity device, and powers those impregnable shields, is the anger of the people, which is boosted to a higher pitch every time the usual suspects, who are wrecking our country, try to destroy Trump!

Let us not forget, too, that the Establishment designed the primary rules explicitly to shut out Ted Cruz, the truth-teller, the constitutionalist, the sworn enemy of our current feckless leadership. They thought they could defeat Cruz, and instead they got Trumped! Meanwhile, Cruz, always a much better strategist than the Establishment, is beating them at their own game, building support and lining up delegates, likely to become the winner or the power broker at the convention.

Fiorina should also not be ignored - notwithstanding her prior support for the GENERAL election campaigns of McCain and Romney, she, too is a crusader against DC corruption, and would be better than any of the real Establishment stooges.

But I think the combination most likely to kill the old party is Trump-Cruz - they would not be beholden to anyone, and could not be silenced by the usual suspects. THAT is the sum of all fears for the DC Cartel, as Cruz calls it!


The GOP house and senate leadership has again sold out the American citizens with a give-away that made the Deemers dance with joy and has now burdened the this nation with more debt, regs, decisions and taxes that will hinder growth and impede production, industrially and energy wise, the cost increases and lack of jobs will be indicative of this unbelievably bad legislation and allowance of piss poor policy...again....

This upcoming election is going to have to show a willingness to overhaul the election system to put a stop to the rape of Americans by a mindless, greed drive bunch of legislators who do not deserve to serve......term limits no retirement, a ballot driven consumption tax and banning of all gov unions.....It's the right direction to re-secure your representation.....

The Real State of the Union

Ha! Why wait for the POTUS to deliver a "State of the Union" speech when just got the real scoop.

So true

Sad but excellent

This Is What I Would Do

Yes, yes, to all that George said.

My answer to his last question is to trust Phyllis Schlafly’s belief that Donald Trump is the only one who will fight to make this country great again.

I consider Margaret Thatcher to be the Phyllis Schlafly of the UK.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor

Why not Fiorina?

A lot of people count Fiorina out, or class her as an establishment stooge, because she backed McCain and Romney in their General Election campaigns, and because she advised our security agencies on technology.

Watching closely on the campaign trail, as only New Hampshire citizens can do, we find a woman of faith, strength, and purpose. She could easily have retired quietly, but chose to go into battle, first against Barbara Boxer, even while also battling cancer, and now against the DC establishment.

Ask any question, and you won't disturb her poise, but you will get a direct and well thought out answer.

A huge fan of the Iron Lady, Fiorina likens the current state of the USA to the declining fortunes of the UK before Thatcher was elected, and frequently proclaims "I will not manage the decline of a great nation!"

Cruz, Trump, Fiorina, not Carson, and definitely none of the others, if we want to restore the country.

And then she pandered...

I wrote the above before the awful Hawkeye pandering tweet.
Cruz is leading in Iowa, even though he refuses to pander on corn ethanol.
What better indication do you need that voters prefer honesty over pandering.
Carly, if you meant it in jest, you should have used the appropriate emoticons - otherwise, as this site points out, pandering never pays off.