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Viguerie: GOP Unity And Victory Depend Entirely Upon Trump

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie

“Donald Trump cannot win unless and until he unites the new conservative – populist Republican Party,” said Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of and author of TAKEOVER: 100-year Fight for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Win It, in comments released to the media on Friday, May 6, 2016.

“Most importantly, choosing a moderate or establishment Republican vice president candidate would be a deal breaker for conservatives,” said Viguerie. “The best way for Donald Trump to seal the deal with conservatives would be to nominate a conservative – populist outsider as his Vice President; someone with a proven record of standing for limited government constitutional conservative principles, like Ted Cruz, Senator Jeff Sessions or Senator Mike Lee all of whom would be on my short list.”

“The Republican Party has not been united since 1988,” noted Viguerie. “And neither Donald Trump, nor any other Republican can win without a fully engaged conservative movement.”

“To achieve that unity, Trump must reach out to conservatives to rebuild the populist – conservative coalition that represents America’s country class citizens and the majority vote in a country weary of Barack Obama and a feckless Republican leadership,” said Viguerie.

“If Mitt Romney, Bush 41 and 43 and Paul Ryan choose not to come on board they are part of the problem,” said Viguerie.

“Personnel is policy,” said Mr. Viguerie. “To achieve that populist – conservative unity Mr. Trump needs to win he must do more than talk a good game; he must demonstrate a real commitment to breaking the Washington Cartel, and the only way to that is to join with conservatives to change the people making the policies in government and at the Republican National Committee.”

“Reappointing retreads from the two Bush administrations and keeping in place the people who have turned the Republican National Committee over to a cabal of K Street lobbyists and the US Chamber of Commerce, who have made it into a corrupt crony government favor machine instead of the political home of limited government constitutional conservatives, will send a message to conservatives that, far from ushering in change, a Trump administration will be business as usual,” observed Viguerie.

“Right now conservatives are mostly on the sidelines waiting to see if Trump will govern as a conservative,” said Mr. Viguerie. “And conservatives will remain Doubting Thomas until they see the hard evidence of Trump’s personnel choices – his VP candidate, Supreme Court nominee, White House team and whether or not he remakes the RNC with conservatives.”

“Only a conservative – populist coalition that unites all three legs of the old Reagan coalition – national security conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives – with the 21st century political movements of the Tea Party and limited government constitutional conservatives can generate enough votes to defeat Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Party now completely taken over by the far-left.”

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Donald Trump's candidacy

I am warming up to the idea that Trump does not, nor should, flood us
with his ideas on how he plans to "Make America Great, again" It only
makes his positions targets for criticism and makes him sound like the politician he is trying to avoid being. Perhaps this is the reason he
speaks like an uneducated man and loses himself in the middle of a thought. If he keeps quiet maybe no one will notice this. When he gets the
opportunity to show his managerial skills as President, there will only
be action and hopefully results that cannot be criticized. I wish him
luck with this and that he can string out Hillary Clinton who endeavors
to be that traditional politician without any of the skills or charms
to bring it off.


The republicans have left the Obama administration get away with murder. Instead of fighting Obama for the last 7 years, they sat on their duffs. Now that we have a candidate that will bring our country back to being great. They are trying very hard not to let him become president. Regardless of the American people's vote. They need to come together and back Mr Trump with what he needs to beat Hillary. If the only thing Mr Trump does while president, is to make a right turn on the road to disaster and put our country on the road to success, he will be a great president.


Uniting the party is the job of all members of the party. Trump has a primary role, for sure, but to assert it's all on him is just wrong. The #NeverTrumpers in the GOP need to lose that selfishly dangerous attitude. They need to lick their wounds, shed their tears and unify the party in support of Donald J. Trump.

New conservative populist Republican Party?

The conservative annotation in the NRC is nothing more than a term being thrown out to gain the support of actual conservatives. The NRC has done virtually nothing to stop Obama and his minion for the past 7+ years. Lots of big talk when before the media, but no actual counter attack aimed at stopping his destructive actions. The man in the street contributed and worked to gain a Republican majority and, then after achieving it, simply sat back and let the Obama machine roll on. You've lost our respect and, furthermore, very few of us believe anything you have to say any more.

What's the NRC?

We'd like to agree with this post but are confused about who/what the NRC is and who the "you" is in the final sentence -- please clarify.

Post Primary GOP Unity ?

I echo Richard's sentiments. What is really needed is probably Cruz on the ticket. Secondly, like in the pre-1970s we need a rigorous platform debate between all the sides. Its up to the Trumpsters and Cruz nation to expose the frauds (as if we don't already suspect or know them) in this process. Crus should trade his support for : 1) Trump commitment to be anchored to the Constitution first and foremost and no nonsense on this pledge---I want him to say the words---"If elected, I will govern the nation as President according to and anchored to the Constitution--a power-limiting document as the best way to return the nation to greatness; 2) A Flat tax incorporated into his wobbling tax proposals; Note he carves out a special class of business like affirmative action for businesses (ala Etch-o-sketch Romney; RINO Progressive traitor McCain before him, and then the Rockafeller wing of the GOP--Dole, Simpson, Frisch/Hastert and then the Bushes and Rove/Card/Christie, McConnell /Boehner RINOS policy types and never centers on the individual citizen (who doesn't own a business) who pays taxes and fees to the unseen leviathan; 3) If no Cruz, allow Cruz , Lee and Sessions to be sole inputs into the next SUP Court Pick; 4) Firm commitment on the wall, on illegal immigration and a new-imigration moratorium for ten years; 5 ) Trump agrees to overturn all Obama extra-consitutional behavior and degree coupled with the investigation and possible criminalization of all Obama Executive activities after the fact--this is like 46 impeachable actions or those by EPA DOJ; 6) Trump commitment to US energy independence in 10 years using all 7 forms of energy resources (Coal and Oil and Nat. Gas and fracked gas as first and foremost because of our vast natural resources in these followed by clean coal, shale oil, coal gasification; Farben-style synthetic fuel, new eco--green fuel and of course and new commitment to safe Nuclear power---in total, if anything a new national security declaration of an energy crisis and then a complete (NASA like MOON mission driven) best and brightest Scientific commitment to a Los ALomos like--"Manhattan Project" for US energy independence and future export in energy 6) A Complete reversal of all Obama and DOJ voting rights issues and claims and a full-throated installation of voter ID as Federal law and DOJ guidelines for all states to adhere; 7) Investigation and impostion of a RICO statue if need-be to declare both Obama DOJ and all political use of illegals (DEM and GOP ) as Voter Fraud and lastly 8) First day agreement to rip up and negate the following international concords: Obama's Iran deal and bail out; UN 2000-2001; All Climate change accords; reimpose the former language of the former "Tom Connoly" Amendment concerning US sovereignty and agreement to make international reservation or exemption for US from various international accords; Begin peace treaty talks with North Korea ending the de-facto armistace existing since 1953; a complete rewriting of the NATO treaty placing the US as the backup defender to actual European self-funded and armed defense; Similarly, a re-creation of former CENTO and SEATO multilateral defense accords; Lastly and critical as policy from day one----a complete denunciation and exposure and reversal of all "rules of Engagement currently at play throughout the US military transforming them into realistic total war "Shoot to Kill" and self-defense authorizations. for all our military personnel to follow and safeguard themselves. Finally A commitment from Trump to challenge and replace Mitch McConnell as Majority leader replacing him with Jeff Sessions or Cruz himself. Then and only then I, much like many many others and the Cruz supporters, would feel much more comfortable and secure in voting for Donald Trump.


The only thing worse than a run on sentence is a run on paragraph.

Supporting the Presidential candidate.

Considering the fact that all candidates get elected based on promises and positions taken during an election cycle but because of circumstances or just plain lies have not lived up to those promises here is the rule of thumb that could be used for this and every election by both parties.
All elected officials from the local to the federal levels should commit to the following two part pledge.
Part 1.
I will support our parties Presidential nominee during the election cycle. This would not convey any totality of support for the candidates positions as stated during the election cycle.
Part 2.
After the new President takes office in January I will support whoever is President on those issues that I believe are in the best interests of the United States of America and the American citizens. I will oppose those issues that I believe are harmful to the United States of America and the American citizens.
What more could be asked or expected?


Saying unity depends on one person is a bit illogical. Unity always depends on more than one person. Any coalition formed by the capitulation of any of the various sides is not unity. At best it is some form of aggregate.

Sometimes a coalition can be formed around opposition to a common enemy. Such a coalition acknowledges an agreement to disagree on certain things and an additional agreement in opposition to that common enemy.

I imagine that Clinton is a common enemy, but I'm no longer certain of that.

No sir, unity/victory most assuredly do NOT rest only with Trump

Mr. Trump did NOT start the #NeverTrump movement. Therefore it is not his responsibility to stop it.

Mr. Trump did sign the loyalty pledge. It is the others who DEMANDED he sign it who are now reneging on their pledges. And who need to UNITE behind our nominee if we want to see VICTORY.

It is up to the Bushes and their ilk, the Ericksons and their ilk, the Humes and their ilk, the Ryans and their ilk, to come down off their high horse (which BTW is not a principled high horse, it is a hypocritical high horse) and to actually do what THEY PREACHED and HAVE PREACHED to us for decades:

"We must unite behind the GOP nominee."




Ad nauseum.

Rinse. Repeat.

Remember the sainted Levin who declared he'd vote for an orange juice can before he voted for Obama? Where is he?

Where are you all now?

No, Mr. Viguerie, it is NOT up to Trump. He ran for the nomination and won. Fair and square. It is now up to the (CURRENTLY VERY POOR) losers to unite behind the nominee.

Unity and Victory Depend on Trump

I case you haven't noticed, the United States is a Constitutional Republic. It is up to Trump, and any candidate for that matter, to make his case to We The People and get our support.

Republican Unity And CHQ

With respect, has an editorial policy of advocating governing America according to conservative principles. As Ronald Reagan concluded when he was approached about forming a conservative third party, most conservatives in America are Republicans, so we operate within the Republican Party, but Mr. Viguerie sees our job as one not of "support," but of holding the Republican Party to the conservative ideas it purports to stand for. We didn't take some sort of Republican Party "support the winner" pledge about the presidential primary; our only pledge is to always stand for conservative ideas - win or lose.

Not ONLY Trump's Job, but mostly

With respect hrh (properly lowercase, as we do not have kings here),

Trump has not yet won the nomination fair and square, but he will do so easily if the remaining primaries go his way, as expected.

What that does NOT mean is that he has the support of party members - to get that, he has to make the sale - we are not talking about the sore losers in "leadership", who have made this monster, and now need to get behind it - we are talking about the base, with whom Trump himself by his words, deeds, and choices between now and November can cement or erode his support - if half the GOP voters and some independents vote Trump, he will lose, but if he makes the sale to the great majority of the party and gets a good turnout, he will crush Hillary, and probably be a good president as well.

McCain lost because he waffled on the bailout, and because his handlers dumbed down the impact of Sarah Palin.

Romney lost partly because of the 47% remark, but far more because the way the party "leaders" twisted the rules on his behalf caused a lot of "conservatarians" to stay home.

Trump can win if he turns out the base - he need the enthusiastic support of the WHOLE base, not just the ones who voted for him in the primaries.

The test for Trump is not over, and Hillary should not be the sole focus of his actions - he has to convince enough voters to come out FOR him.

Unfit for Office

Nothing Trump might say or do tomorrow can undo what he is today. No shift in his ever-shifting policies can change what he is as a human being, and what he has already said and done to disqualify himself from office. Even if past were not prologue, Trump, as Kevin Williamson so thoroughly demonstrates in his fine article, is manifestly unfit for office. Therefore I hope that in the little time that remains to us, true Republican leaders will give us a third party write-in candidate around whom we may conscientiously unite. Yes, we will likely lose the election. But we will save the party; and after four disastrous years of Hillary, a groaning populace might actually awaken to the fact that conservative policies, being rooted and grounded in God-ordained principles, actually work. And that the real conservative Republicans tried to tell them that back in 2016.

Utter nonsense. Quoting the

Utter nonsense. Quoting the rabid Kevin Williamson gives you away. Patriots are focused on saving the country, not the perks, privileges and power of Establishment elites. The failed era of the Bush-Romney-Ryan axis and the donor class they embody is over. Here's the reality. It's either Trump or Clinton. Fantasies are for children. Grown ups deal with reality.


You seem confident, Karen, about your grasp on "reality". I seriously question it. The ultimate reality--and the reality that controls all lesser realities--is God, whose world runs according to immutable and openly declared physical and moral principles. These include the well-established idea that good ends never justify evil means, nor do evil means produce good results. You cannot hope to vote for a wicked, crazy, incompetent, and unprincipled demagogue, and hope to come out in the end with a thriving nation. That's reality.

Speaking of which, here is my best thought on the way forward. Let all Republicans--office-holders, delegates to the convention, and principled party loyalists who adhere to the traditional republican platform--by all means seek unity. But let them seek it, not around Trump, but around the principles that made us great, and that have worked so well in the states where Republican governors have led. Let unified pressure be brought to bear upon the delegates to the convention to save the party, the country, and, in some ways, the world itself, by repudiating, at any cost, a man who is manifestly unfit for office, and by settling upon a truly principled conservative Republican who can and will easily defeat the equally unfit Hillary Clinton.

O that the much reviled Establishment would redeem themselves by promoting THAT strategy!

Here is Ross Douthat, agreeing with me.

Blessings to you and all my compatriots at Conservative HQ