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Obama Creates The Civil Right To Be Mentally Ill

Obama Restroom Sign

Two years ago The Wall Street Journal published “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution” by Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh. In one of the most widely read pieces the WSJ ever published, Dr. McHugh pointed out that the idea of gender as subjective “personal truth” has no basis in science. What studies have been done on gender preference also suggest that the belief that these choices result in positive psychological outcomes isn’t proven—especially for students in grade school.

But science be damned, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has suddenly solved the mysteries of gender confusion—for the whole country.

Students must be allowed to use the facilities of their choice – at any given moment – and if you don’t like her decision it’s going to cost you – and your local school district.

What it will cost is first, billions of dollars in annual federal funding for your schools, and then likely your job if you object.

As the Editors of The Wall Street Journal noted in a recent editorial, this directive on bathroom facilities for transgender students, sent last Friday by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education to every public school district in the country, means that the Obama Administration intends to obliterate what is left of federalism, the principle that states retain powers not delegated to the national government.

How else can one interpret Friday’s “guidance” on bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams to public grade schools and high schools, long considered a symbol of local control?

Courts and society have determined that people have the civil right to control their own bodies and appearance, thus changing one’s sexual appearance is allowed, if not universally embraced or recognized as a choice a mentally healthy person would make.

Now, according to the Obama Department of Justice, and its concept of “gender fluidity,” the only thing that matters is what one thinks about one’s sexual identity at any given moment.

Cogito ergo sum, said René Descartes – I think, therefore I am. 

But one of the fundamental tests of mental health and rationality is self-awareness: If I think I am a monkey, or a breadfruit, when I am a human being – or if I think I am a woman, when I am genetically a man – I am denying reality and am in an abnormal state of mind.

In a more rational time this would be recognized as the federal government institutionalizing a civil right to be mentally ill and to act out that illness without regard to the rights of others. But with Obama in charge of the federal government, rationality long ago left federal policy-making to be replaced by the drive to fundamentally change American society, regardless of how irrational and deviant the outcome.

The good news is that Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has raised the possibility that his state may forfeit its $10 billion of annual federal funding for its schools and other state elected officials have voiced similar thoughts. We hope Texas follows through and is joined by other states. As the Editors of The Wall Street Journal observed, there is more at stake here than sexual identity, not least the self-identity of the United States.

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Obama's Gender Confusion Mandate

In order to make the .04% of Gender Confused Americans happy, we are now being mandated, to the discomfort of the 99.96%, that we allow them to invade bathrooms, showers and locker rooms of the opposite sex. This mandate, which stems from hyper narcissistic gender confused confidants, should be ignored and repealed, and considered a war on civilians, and never permitted to see the light of day in our life times. Gender Confusion is a mental disorder and damnable at best, from those attempting to paint it as normal. The first reaction of normal people is Shock, when they hear a male voice coming out of what appears to be a female and vice versa. We don't need anymore laws which are destroying our youth and further adding fuel to the fire of repression of religious liberty. We will not serve that kind of a mandate, nor the fuhrer who demands we comply.

O'Bamas nightmare

O'Bamas daughter issoon going to college by herself. With the new Federal restroom rules in effect, is his daughter going to be sharing restroom facilities with the boys? After all, If she doesn't, her college could lose its Federal funding,too.

Toilet spies

I must say: That cartoon is very much "politically correct" - i.e. untrue.
Climbing up a separation of cubicles is a risky business, and that only heterosexuals do it, as insinuated here, is an utter lie.
Frankly, I have much more often than such a ridiculous prank reason to feel sexually assaulted when the person next to me shows too much obvious interest in my anatomy as visible when peeing. And that happens often.
Which is why I would support separate male - female - and gender toilets, not as choice but clear obligation.

Obama/mentally ill

I'm wondering how many people have seen that article that has been out there for the past week or so about this bathroom issue. The article is about "transgendered" people suffering from a mental issue, similar to what anorexics suffer from:

This is an open door policy

This is an open door policy for sexual assault! Who do you go after when you or your child is assaulted in a restroom. The federal government, the president for trying to enforce stupidity, the schools or businesses for being forced to adhere to a policy? Single stall unisex bathrooms which most businesses have is the answer not this crap!