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Conservatives Should Embrace the Creative Disruption in Today's Politics - Part 2 of 2

As I observed in the first part of this article, we are all familiar with the stories of kids in their parents’ basement or garage disrupting Fortune 500 Companies. Why should we expect or think that the technology, innovation, desire for change that has descended and enveloped America’s businesses would bypass politics? 

Well it won’t—and it hasn’t. 

Richard ViguerieIn The New Right and Reagan’s 1980 Victory, which is Chapter 3 of my book TAKEOVER, I recounted how in the summer of 1975 I received a visit from a friend—a conservative stalwart who shall remain unnamed—coming as the spokesman for a group of Old Right leaders who suggested that there were only 100,000 to 125,000 conservative donors in America. My friend suggested that all I was doing by helping to start all the new conservative organizations and publications of the New Right was to slice the pie thinner and thinner, and that I should cease and desist because I was hurting the established conservative organizations with my efforts.  

Some of this angst was simply misguided, and some came from individuals who had grown comfortable with the way things were and didn’t really want to put in the hard work to focus on making their organizations more appealing and effective than the new, upstart conservative organizations.  

I listened politely, but thought to myself that if there were only 125,000 people in America that would contribute to conservative causes, then the cause of liberty didn’t have long to survive, and maybe I should take what time was left to spend more time with my family and play more golf. What’s more, I knew it wasn’t true, and far from ceasing and desisting, I redoubled my efforts

Today, the Republican Party and many conservative organizations find themselves in the same position. 

Donald Trump has left the establishment GOP a bombed-out wreck, and many longtime conservative leaders and organizations are so tied to the old and discredited Republican establishment that they appear to have lost a great deal of their credibility with the grassroots.

While predicting the political future is fraught with danger and usually a failure, I’ll give you my list of some possibilities. 

  1. An Article V Constitutional Convention (heavily promoted by popular radio and television talk show host Mark Levin) 

  2. 2-4 new political parties will attempt to organize. 

  3. New & alternative media will cause a balkanization of American politics—as it already has in many parts of American life. 

  4. People will begin to look to non-political institutions for political leadership, such as the military and business, especially Silicon Valley. 

  5. The Democratic Party will continue moving left and the Republican Party will become more conservative and populist. 

  6. There will be many more ideological movements such as LGBT, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter on the left, the Campaign for Liberty and The Tea Party on the right. These movements will define, brand, and direct the Democratic and Republican Parties. 

  7. Because of the unpopularity of most senior Republican leaders, they will be replaced by new (mostly young) principled conservative leaders. 

  8. The left’s Third Force Organizations guide, direct, and control the Democratic Party (Unions, race-based and sex-based groups, and environmental organizations, etc.) Expect to see the same soon in the Republican Party. 

  9. The size of the new and alternative media parallels the decline of the power of the Democratic and Republican Parties. As Americans become more empowered by increased use of the new and alternative media, we’ll see the two major parties reduced to just a shell of their present selves. 

For more on these topics, check out my columns at  

Today’s political and communications environment is a once-in-a-century moment of creative disruption in American politics.  

Conservative principles—our products, if you will—are timeless, but some of our brands and marketing have gotten stale.  

Conservatives can look back, like typewriter-makers or the dying print media dinosaurs, and lament about where all of our customers went or we can become more customer-focused, and grow, evolve, and adapt to this new environment of instant communication to lead America out of the smoking ruins of the old political and communications order. I’m excited about the challenge and the opportunity—but to learn where we go next you’re going to have to check my Twitter feed.

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New Political Parties

If the Libertarians have any sense they would take this opportunity to adjust their platform to a more moderate conservative one. There is no way we'll get rid of the income tax because were that to happen the government would collapse. National security costs too much but even the Libertarians agree this is necessary. Their goal of removing the federal government from social issues is wonderful and should stay even though it offends both the right and the left. Trying to reverse the government by unelected federal bureaucrats is one of the best things they have going. Most of those regulations should be left to the states.

If they would become more moderate the country would support them and they would find themselves a majority party. The fact they have the skeleton of an organization in all the states would make it easy for them to expand.