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Conservatives, I Urge You to Join Me: Unite Behind Trump and Pence

Last week conservatives, me included, collectively released what I hope will be one last primal howl of frustration with the Republican Party’s 2016 ticket when Donald Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. 

The establishment media naturally saw in this the opening of some big fissure in the Republican coalition Trump and Pence 60 Minutesbecause they didn’t understand that our frustration with the choice of Mike Pence was not that Governor Pence isn’t a conservative, he is. 

In fact, Mike Pence is the most conservative candidate for Vice President since Sarah Palin in 2008, and then you’d have to go back three more cycles to find another with the kind of conservative credentials Mike Pence has; my old friend the late Jack Kemp who graced the 1996 ticket. 

But just as the conservative movement isn’t a lapdog for the Republican establishment, neither can it or will it be an uncritical cheerleader for any candidate, including our friend and fellow conservative Mike Pence. 
The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 4:2:

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction

So it was, and is, in the spirit of correcting and encouraging Governor Pence that we reminded him that his decisions on Common Core and amendments to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) let down major constituencies in the conservative movement. 

We’re not opposed to Mike Pence; we want him to recover the fighting spirit he had as a member of the House of Representatives and to be the clear advocate of conservative principles that he was when he was the lone, and prophetic voice fighting the Wall Street bailout. 

And Mike Pence’s speech after Donald Trump announced him as his choice for vice president gives us hope our encouragement is having some effect. 

We knew Mike Pence walks with us, and when he described himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” he described himself as one of us. 

And his remark that his first thought when Trump offered him the vice presidential nomination was, “Who am I, oh Lord?” showed that he not only speaks the language of the Bible, he thinks it’s teachings as well. 

Friends, we’ve had our howl of frustration – and after over 50+ years of involvement in the conservative movement at the national level I can say with certainty there will be more times between now and Election Day when we are frustrated with our candidates. 

But it is time for conservatives to start spending our energy fighting and winning the election we have, rather than wasting our time and energy wishing for one that is not to be. 

And Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the conservative – populist coalition they are assembling have all the tools necessary to win this election:

First, and perhaps most importantly, we have a candidate – Donald Trump – who is a fighter and who will take the fight to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in a way John McCain and Mitt Romney never would or could. 

Second, we have the makings of a new and energetic conservative – populist coalition that clearly represents majority opinion on major issues that move voters; securing our borders, winning the war Islam has declared on the West, rebuilding our economy and creating jobs, and standing for law and order, to name but a few. 

Third, in Hillary Clinton we have an opponent who has just been labeled by the Director of the FBI a liar who was extraordinarily careless with classified national security information, and who remains under multiple investigations for that and the corruption of her eponymous Clinton Foundation. 

Fourth, Republican political alignment is stronger than it has been in generations: Republicans hold 31 governorships, and 54 Senators and 247 Members of the House of Representatives are Republicans, this is the strongest the Republican national party has been since the 1929-1931 election cycle. 

Fifth, the Democratic Party has moved far to the Left under Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It is now the party of same-sex bathrooms, same-sex marriage, government paid abortions, gun confiscation, open borders, job killing trade deals and the endless importation of welfare-dependent aliens. These policies are deeply offensive to a majority of Americans who can be motivated to vote for change if they are presented with a change agenda – which Donald Trump is doing, despite the criticism and opposition of the Republican establishment. 

Sixth, and perhaps second only in importance to Trump’s willingness to take the fight straight at Hillary Clinton, is his commitment to confront the elitism that is poisoning our society and to fight for America’s forgotten working families.  

And finally, we have a candidate for vice president, who walks with us – a committed cultural conservative who thinks and speaks our language and has been a fighter for our issues. 

Friends, this is now a binary choice: Trump and Pence vs. Hillary Clinton.  

In this battle there is only the victory or defeat of constitutional liberty and the rule of law. In this battle there is no third option, there is no compromise, there is no sitting out the election. I’m all in for Trump and Pence and I urge you to join me and them in making America great again.

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Donald Trump

I will Vote for Donald Trump ! WE NEED HIM and I WISH HE WAS ALL REAdy president


Trump is the only choice for America and preventing WWW III. A good relationship with Russia and China is crucial. The #NeverTrumps need to stop and think about it. WWW III will be the end of our world. Do they not understand this? Kasich and Cruz are NWO and are for Hilliary and all she stands for.

People need to realize that the globalists have spent billions of dollars trying to take Donald Trump out of the race. Ask yourselves why. It is clear that The Donald knows what he doing. He has beat 17 candidates thus far. All of them had money from the globalists. The have told lies about Trump with the help of the dishonest media. They have taken his words out of context. The protray him as a racist, a bully, and homophobic and against women. All of these are lies. The Donald had a disagreement with Rosie O'Donnell on The View based on his support of a beauty pagent contestant who did some drugs. The Donald chose to give her another chance. This is a big thing for The Donald since he is totally against drugs. However, he ia a kind and caring person and decided to give her another chance. When The Donald stood up for her against Rosie, she proceeded to badmouth his wife and daughter. Thus, he had a legitimate beef against O'Donnell who he had even invited to his wedding. Based on this, Megyn Kelly chose to bad mouth him on Fox News about this and how he had referred to women in a bad way on his TV Show, The Apprentice. The comments were taken out of context and protrayed Trump to be awful. The reason Megyn Kelly did this was that her orders from her boss were "take Trump out." Why would a news station give such an order. Fox News is owned by the King of Saudi Arabia's son. Enough said.

Hilliary and her group have sent black lives matter folks and mexican illegals to Trump rallies dressed as Bernie supporters. Then, the media protrays Trump as promoting violence at his rallies. I have been to Trump rallies and first of all, why he enters the platform, he says, "I love you." to his fans. Everything in his rallies are so upbeat and you get a connection with The Donald. He makes you feel loved and cared for and safe. He doesn't talk down to people. When he completes speaking, he says, "I love you and God bless America." I have never heard another candidate speak this way. Is this the way of bullies?

Perhaps Trump could not have beat the 17 candidates had he not resorted to name calling and snoping out opponents weaknesses. However, the opponents did name calling and snoping out themselves. However, when they couldn't find anything, they resorted to making it up. Ted Cruz and Marko Rubio are not even eligible to run for President. Cruz, who porports to know the Constitution and be the only candidate that would uphold the Constitution, already has broken it. Cruz may have memorized the Constitution, but he does not go by it. He and George Bush told Tea Party people in Texas that they had no constitutional rights. Texas for Cruz? Give me a break. He is under investigation for voter fraud in Texas already. Jeb Bush and John Kasich, along with Forina were very weak candidates. They each had plenty of skeletons in their closets. Trump revealed them all, along with Cruz's and Rubio's. People bitching about Trump's name calling. Hasn't their been name calling on their parts. Trump has been criticized for his hair, his hands, his body parts, his skin color, and just about everything you can say about him. So, it is the media's view that Trump good sport for name calling, but if he does it, he is a bully. People should measure a man by the way he handles himself after he loses. Look at Huckabee, Santorium, Carson, and Christie. They acted like gentlemen. Look at crybabies Kasich, Cruz, and Bush. Rubio is a different matter. Rubio lived up to his pledge to endorse Trump. The crybabies can't. Makes wonder how they would handle a crisis in the WH. Cry?

I only have one thing to say to them. LOSERS, both in the primaries and in life.

Thanks to Rubio for being a man along with all the other upright men of conviction who endorsed Trump.

Jeb Bush and Cruz and crooks. I am not sure about the others.

As to the #NeverTrump people, quit listening to the biased media and the owned media. Quit listening to the liberals. I don't want WWW III, and you are going to see that we get it by not voting Trump.

I LOVE YOU DONALD J TRUMP. All the way to the Whitehouse!

stop with the shilling for Trump

First, stop with the stupid "make America great again" garbage. I am getting disgusted by the phrase.

Second, Donald Trump needs to be the one to unify the party. He needs to apologize for calling Ted Cruz's wife ugly. He needs to apologize for linking Rafael Cruz with the Kennedy assassination. He needs to apologize for calling Ted Cruz the worst liar he has ever known. I am not a Jeb supporter, but the list of things he called Jeb are disgusting too.

Last, Donald Trump said he doesn't want to unify the party. He said he doesn't need a Republican Senate. He said that he doesn't want my vote. If he doesn't want conservatives to vote for him, seriously, why should I?

Try Another Tactic

For your information Donald Trump never said Ted Cruz's wife was ugly. He retweeted a photo from a supporter showing a great shot of Melania and a unfavorable shot of Heidi. It was an immature tactic, and he did admit, on the air, that his wife chastised him for it, and if he had it to do over again, he wouldn't have done it. Heidi bears a similarity in looks to Carrie Underwood, without the glitter.
Donald Trump did apologize in his own imperfect way by saying Ted was a helluva opponent and that great things were in store for him. The accusation about his Father was entirely laughable, and really was not the reason Cruz lost to Trump.
When did he say he didn't need a Republican Senate. One of his last speeches was that he was raising money for the Republican Party to keep a Republican majority. I heard it from his own mouth and not from some media pundit.

Unite behind Trump

We definitely need to for republicans to unite behind our Presidential candidate team. It will take an army of voters to win over the voter fraud we know happened during the 2012 election and will happen again in the democrat push to get Hillary in office. We've watched the current administration pull strings to keep her from being indicted and they will do the same to commit fraud as blatantly as they did last time.

We NEED someone who doesn't fear political correctness, who stands firm on shoring up our national security. Despite what different polls report, they are made up of only small numbers of voters, we know Trump has been endorsed by the border patrol, by much of the police, by the coal miners, by many more women, latinos, blacks and other groups than the polls lead us to believe. We know there are millions of bikers/veterans who are behind Trump as they have shown at his rallies since the left started rioting at them and who have arrived in Cleveland to help keep the peace for the police, RNC attendees and all those involved in the RNC conference. We know he has brought out around 6 million voters who had given up on voting in elections. I have read and watched videos of former democrats who have changed parties to support Trump. A HUGE number of Bernie supporters are not voting, going Independent or are voting Trump because even THEY know Hillary will be the downfall of this country. Many gays already supported Trump and many more switched to Trump after the Orlando shooting. Trump has gained the support of the evangelicals and cemented that support with his VP choice. We HAVE the numbers we need to win if the "never Trump" crowd gets off their high horse and votes party.

Let's go, let's vote and let's WIN!!!!

Yes, conservatives now must unite with vigor

You have been wrong throughout the campaign, but now you're right. If Hillary wins the country will be flushed down her version of a toilet. It's incredible that the left is now openly traitorous, and the right is not an order of magnitude better! Which it isn't! But we must go right, that is the point. It is an existential matter. I like Trump because we cannot survive with our present immigration policies (sic). I like Trump because he can show patriotism. I like Trump because he sees the dangers of being stupid about Islam (re: Sharia Law). This is a hyper-critical time. We cannot allow Hillary to continue the perverted anti-Americanism of Obama. No more traitors must stroll through White House portals. 8 years is all we can bear. Hopefully it has not been too much? We have hit a wall. We have to change direction and now.

I Agree

I agree with your assessment. We need to rally around the nominee and his running mate, because the stakes couldn't be higher. Hillary will be one of the most Pro Abortion President's this nation has ever known. She takes Abortion on demand to quite another level, as she is the epitome of a woman who has had numerous abortions herself (from those who knew her). She's the embodiment of a socialist communist with the idea, like the Chinese Government, that births should be limited to two children per family, which is an egregious act against religious Liberty, and against True Christian values. This isn't about apples to oranges, this is about Communism/Socialism vs. Liberty/Capitalism/Religious Liberty. Justice Scalia needs to be replaced with a man of similar values. The only way this will happen is by electing Trump/Pence in 2016. The NeverTrump are actually cutting off their noses to spite their faces. St. Thomas Aquinas said that one is permitted to support the lesser of two evils should that be your only choice, and I know Trump is not a Communist, nor was he part of the 60's Hippie Woodstock style movement, whereas Hillary was very much apart of that mantra, and reverberates it to this day, as though an unborn baby is chattal to be disposed of at whim, because, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta pointed out so eloquently, "it is a poverty to decide a child must die, so you can live as you wish." For the sake of the unborn, religious liberty, reversal of ACA, and 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, and National Security with sensible immigration policies, we must work feverishly to ensure that Hillary Clinton is defeated in 2016, by a huge margin. As I said, this is a battle between Good and the forces of Evil. Pray for America and for Trump/Pence 2016.