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Outing Ray Strauss, the Phony Conservative Running Against Rep. Paul Gosar in AZ-4

It requires a breathtaking level of deceit to attempt to run to the right of limited government constitutional conservative Congressman Paul Gosar and attack him as an “insider.”  

But with the help of a shadowy lobbyist-funded PAC – Right Way PAC – which was founded by K Street insider Daniel Flynn, that is exactly what Gosar’s challenger Ray Strauss is trying to do.  

Rep. Paul GosarFlynn, once Tom Delay's Deputy Chief of Staff, is a Washington establishment insider and a friend of ousted Speaker of the House John Boehner. According to reports in Conservative Review, Flynn has been boasting publicly that he started Right Way Super PAC to take out Gosar and he is going to spend at least a million dollars against Gosar. 

While on the Buckeye, Arizona, city council, Ray Strauss supported open borders and amnesty groups. Strauss was also rated a “champion of big government” on the Americans for Prosperity’s Arizona scorecard during his time on the Buckeye city council where he raised the sales tax and property tax. 

But this hasn’t stopped him – with Flynn’s help – from trying to sell himself as a conservative. 

Rep. Gosar has an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and is the NRA endorsed candidate in the race, yet in one radio ad aired by Right Way PAC Ray Strauss is touted as the candidate “to protect the Second Amendment. 

Likewise, Right Way PAC’s ad hits Gosar for “voting to fund Obamacare” when he supported the effort to defund the hated takeover of the nation’s health care system on numerous occasions. 

But what was even more deceitful and outrageous was the attempt to tie Rep. Gosar to unnamed “special interests” when Ray Strauss is the complete creation of the shadowy special interests behind Right Way PAC. 

In an interview with The Payson Roundup Strauss criticized Rep. Gosar’s slashing style, but he identified few issues on which they would have actually voted differently. 

So if he wouldn’t vote differently from Rep. Gosar, what’s the reason for Ray Strauss’s candidacy? 

It can be found in this neatly coded comment to the Payson Roundup, “He [Strauss] said that Rep. Gosar too often attacks and berates, rather than focusing on solutions and enlisting people with different points of view.” 

Translation: Rather than fight for the conservative agenda Mr. Strauss intends to get along and go along and to compromise with “people with different points of view.” 

Why would the grassroots conservatives of Arizona District 4 want to replace a fighter for conservative principles with a candidate who says upfront he’s going to compromise those principles with “people with different points of view?” 

Rep. Gosar’s reputation as a fighter for the conservative agenda has left him as one of the few reliable full spectrum conservatives in the House. 

As the Payson Roundup noted, Rep. Gosar, is “one of the most conservative members of Congress, has launched many tenacious, outspoken attacks — not only on the administration of President Barack Obama, but also on Republican lawmakers and leaders willing to compromise with the administration.” 

Rep. Gosar is also a member of the “Freedom Caucus,” a group of conservative Republicans who played a key role in the ouster of Mr. Flynn’s friend, then Republican House Speaker John Boehner.  

So the question is "why would conservatives run a primary candidate against a popular and very effective conservative Congressman?" 

The answer is conservatives wouldn’t challenge Rep. Gosar, but the Washington RINO establishment would. 

The Washington establishment is not happy with Rep. Gosar, and the House Freedom Caucus to which he belongs, and they are behind the efforts to defeat Gosar.  They want a stooge to vote the way they demand and they think, with good reason, that Ray Strauss will be that stooge. 

As we see it the battle in the Republican Primary in Arizona Congressional District 4 is shaping up to be a classic battle between an establishment-backed RINO, Ray Strauss, who is willing to compromise at every turn and therefore see government continue to grow and liberty continue to recede, and limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Paul Gosar, who like millions of other Americans has said enough is enough, and is willing to tenaciously fight every battle to preserve our liberty. 

Early voting in Arizona is beginning, we urge our liberty loving friends in Arizona Congressional District 4 to vote early for Rep. Paul Gosar for Congress.

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