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Viguerie: Movement Conservatives Now Leading Trump Campaign

In the wake of the announcement that Donald Trump has appointed conservative pollster Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager and Stephen Bannon, the co-founder of Breitbart News, as his campaign chief executive, longtime conservative author, strategist and Chairman of Richard A. Viguerie issued the following statement: 

Richard Viguerie“Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon are movement conservatives,” said Richard Viguerie. “With Kellyanne and Steve at the top of the campaign, Mike Pence as Vice President and Senator Jeff Sessions at Donald Trump’s side the Trump campaign is shaping up to be the most ideological campaign since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign against Jimmy Carter.” 

“Trump’s recent speeches on jobs and the economy and on winning the war against radical Islam, and last night’s law and order speech in Milwaukee were full of solidly conservative policy and ideas that have been music to the ears of movement conservatives,” noted Viguerie. 

“Unlike the failed campaigns of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who took the advice of the GOP establishment consultants and the media and ‘moved to the center,’ Donald Trump has moved right to bring movement conservatives into partnership with the conservative populists who won him the Republican primaries. This is a winning coalition,” observed Viguerie. 

“If the reports that Roger Ailes is advising Donald Trump on debate prep are true, and with Pence, Sessions, Conway and Bannon leading the campaign team, I expect the closing months of the Trump campaign to be based on the winning conservative issues of law and order, winning the war with radical Islam and rebuilding our economy by removing the $2 trillion regulatory drag of the Obama years.” 

“Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon are two of the conservative movement’s most talented and trusted strategists,” said Viguerie. “Trump’s decision to promote them to top leadership positions in his campaign will do much to close the deal with movement conservatives to actively support and vote for Donald Trump.”

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Bulls Eye

Trump and the Trump Campaign for the first time in this fight for our country have hit the Bullseye of the Liberal's Holy Grail!!

This Holy Grail of theirs has been their banner of Freedom and Protection for Blacks, Hispanics, Women and Minorities. The weak under belly of this banner is all lies, deceit, fraud, corruption and death, death misery and poverty for the innocent!! Riches and power for the corrupt!

The speech that Trump gave Tuesday night was a bullseye to the heart of this soft under belly. Keep it up Trump and all of you others who are privelleded to speak out and have a voice to the people. This "Holy Grail" must be and can be revealed for what it is! Keep hitting this soft under belly, keep giving these forgotten people the hope and love through unbridled truth and compassion. Keep revealing these facts and truths with passion and all American loving men and women will come to their senses throwing off their misinformed perspectives and embracing Trump in his fight to make her Great Again!!

Amnesty in any flavor

i have not seen the border issue in this article and that is still one of the top problems and complaints of the legal working citizens of this country. We do not want this NWO open borders agenda to continue. No more amnesties in any variety. No more HB imported workers with fuzzy visas. And no more unvetted muslims.

Enforce E-verify across every state, plug up the welfare and entitlement spigot to anyone who is not a legal citizen. Punish employers who do not follow the e-verify rules and make it increasingly not a good idea to hire illegal aliens as in make them pay for infractions that violate the rule. Get a true count in the country of the unemployed and get them back to work before any of the HB visa want to be workers in the US. And help the muslims in place in their own countries of origin, not here in the US.

Put Americans first for a change and make the others wait in line for legal admittance into this country! And do whatever it takes to secure our borders. A wall, electronics, the army, whatever!

Speech on foreign policy

I was at the speech on Monday when Mr. Trump outlined his foreign policy and found it to be very energizing and quite articulate. He named our enemy (Radical Islam) and detailed its history; then he told us some of the ways he would be undermining them. The most important I felt was that he acknowledged that we have to cut out their financial means(oil revenue from Iraq) and their ability to communicate through the Internet. I don't advocate wholesale censorship of the Internet; but, just as we did during WWI, WWII and the cold war, when we see subversive messages utilizing communication methods within the US it needs to be taken down.
I was one of those who thought we should;at least for a definitive period, have use of the oil revenue from Iraq to help pay down the cost of that war, getting much needed funds to the soldiers who were maimed and to the families of those who were killed. We must take care of them as we promised when they volunteered to help defend us.

Yes, Trump Needs Those 20% Conservatives to Win Big!

Thank you Richard for posting this about the change in the Trump Campaign to the more Conservative Spectrum by appointing the best conservatives for top positions. There's already a move by some who were bashing Trump to Congratulations on his last speech on Terrorism and keeping us safe. He's prepared now and is carefully selecting his words, so as to prevent a media firestorm. Pray for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the whole campaign that they'll move the majority of Americans to overwhelming victory in this 2016 Campaign. We cannot afford to lose this time, as there won't be a next time if we do. God Bless and Save America!