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Donald Trump's Best Debate of the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Last night Trump was the winner on points, but not close to a knockout of Clinton. 

And despite the debate professors’ and insider pundits’ protestations to the contrary, the polls seem to back Donald Trump Chris Wallaceme up.  

A CNN focus group of undecided voters picked Donald Trump as the winner of the third debate, by a margin of 10-5. Six remained undecided. Flash polls from Drudge and even liberal AOL had Trump the winner by margins of 3 to 1. 

However, Trump failed to lay out a clear understanding of the two world views that are on the ballot this election. Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies’ radical agenda for America mostly went undiscussed.  

In the remaining days of the campaign Trump needs to bypass the biased national media and buy large blocks of time and have a conversation with the American people about his and Clinton's world views. If he doesn't the national media will crush him and many other Republican candidates for federal and state offices. 

Chris Wallace was a role model for how all debate moderators should conduct themselves and was clearly the best, most professional debate moderator of the 2016 season.

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