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Are You Listening Now? Conservatives Send Demands To Congress

An Open Letter to Capitol Hill Republicans and Their House and Senate Leadership

Recently, a group of forty-four conservative leaders issued a letter to Congress demanding that Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican majority make good on their campaign promises to cut wasteful spending, rebuild our national defense, stop amnesty and finally repeal Obamacare.

The letter was a powerful statement of conservative demands of a seemingly directionless and principle-free Capitol Hill Republican leadership; but these demands are only as good as the numbers behind them.

For the Capitol Hill Republican leadership to get the message in the only language it understands – the language of votes on Election Day – you must step up and lead too.

That is why we urge you to add your signature to those of the 44 original signers – you can do so by filling out the information below  – and will deliver your letter to Congress.

Dear Senator/Member of Congress,

Virginia is in ruins. Your House majority trembles with fear of what 2018 holds for them. Your chances of picking up Senate seats are fading as fast as a lobbyist’s handshake. Your consultants and managers are out of excuses – and your conservative grassroots are running out of both patience and time. So, stop panicking and start legislating: Make America Great Again by supporting Trump’s Budget, opposing reckless spending, and killing any amnesty deal.

Earlier this year, President Trump proposed a responsible budget that balances within 10 years, restores critical funding to our national defense priorities and border wall, and cuts wasteful domestic spending. Republican leaders in Congress appear ready to discard that 2016 election mandate. Indeed, despite their majorities in both houses of Congress, they are poised to make yet another bad deal with the Democrats.

The stage is set for enacting the Schumer-Pelosi agenda under Republican auspices – and you all know it. Unless the rank and file of the Republican membership takes a stand now, you will be presented with this Christmas departure package:

Lifting the domestic spending caps set in 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) debt deal, allowing ballooning trillion-dollar deficits in future years

DACA amnesty that could give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants

Billions of dollars in bailouts (known as CSRs) for insurance companies, many of which are experiencing record profits

Token funding for a border wall, a mockery of the $4.1 billion the President requested.


That year-end deal would squander President Trump’s hard fought electoral victory. It would so alienate your conservative base that the Old Dominion’s electoral disaster could be replicated from coast to coast.

I agree with the Conservative Freedom agenda; from tax cuts to social issues, from regulatory reform to national security. We unite on three priorities that must be achieved by the end of the year: tax reform to spur economic growth, restoring defense funding after years of neglect, and putting our country back on a sustainable fiscal path. In control of Congress and the Presidency for the first time in a decade, Republicans must reverse the leftist policies that threaten our economy, our military, and the hopes of the American people.

I respectfully offer this warning. Voters around the nation still feel ignored by the leadership on Capitol Hill. After almost a year in power, it seems you no longer intend to restore constitutional government, Well, do you? If so, please consider this message a check-list toward that goal. The American people took seriously your campaign promises. You should too. You should cut wasteful spending, rebuild our national defense, and stop amnesty. And I expect you to follow President Trump’s call to finally repeal Obamacare in 2018, which is hurting millions of Americans with sky-high premiums and loss of quality health care.

One year ago, the election of Donald Trump hit official Washington like an earthquake. What happened in Virginia on November 7th was only an aftershock, one of many that surely lie ahead. Ignore their message at your peril. The opportunity, if you act with daring and integrity, is unlimited both for our majority and for our mandate to bring Conservative Freedom to America.

Campaign has expired

We are sorry the time for action on this petition has expired. Please visit for the latest conservative calls to action.

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