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Conservative Issues Nationalized the Election

Yesterday, Chairman Richard A. Viguerie hosted a news conference with half-a-dozen conservative leaders to analyze the results of the 2018 midterms and to offer a roadmap for Republicans to return to the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

You can watch the video recap of the press conference here.

Viguerie Press ConferenceHere are some outtakes from Mr. Viguerie’s remarks during the November 7, 2018 news conference:  

"President Trump and conservatives using conservative issues to nationalize the election built a big red wall that stopped a blue wave. Republicans never win elections, unless they are nationalized around conservative issues."

"Democrats have to follow Tip O'Neill's famous adage – all politics are local. Democrats can't run and win on their national issues."

"A few months ago, the Republicans were facing a blue tsunami, because too many Republican candidates and their consultants were running content-free campaigns."

"House Majority Leader Congressman Kevin McCarthy advised Republican House candidates in this election to focus on local issues, not national issues. If all the Republican candidates had followed Majority Leader Congressman McCarthy's advice, it would have been a disaster for the Republican party and the cause of liberty."

"Voters never go to the polls to thank you. Ask Mr. Churchill – he had his party was thrown out of office a few weeks after the end of the war in Europe, and after saving the British people's very lives."

"Every election—no exception—is about the future."

"A couple of months ago under the leadership of President Trump and conservatives, the election began to be nationalized, including explaining what a future under Democrat rule would look like."

"President Trump and conservatives began to brand Democrats as mean-spirited and unfair during the Kavanaugh hearings."

"Also, Democrats were branded as wanting to open borders, give citizenship, voting rights and welfare to tens of millions of illegals."

"Democrats favored repeal of the Trump tax cuts. Then they proposed they would raise taxes and increase regulation of individuals and businesses, which will stop the current economic boom and throw America back into a recession or even a depression."

"Democrats favored abolishing private health insurance and putting all Americans into government controlled and operated Medicare, which will quickly lead to its bankruptcy and rationing especially for seniors."

"Democrats favored abolishing our 2nd Amendment rights."

"Many Democrats have become anti-God, anti-Christian, many want to abolish our 1st Amendment right of religious liberty."

"In a real sense, yesterday Americans, including many former Democrats, cast a culture vote against the far-left social agenda of the new Democrat Party."

"It's clear the Republicans need new leadership in the House of Representatives. The House was lost because of the failure of most Republican leaders. For many years House Republican leaders have been AWOL in the political wars, including the cultural wars. Conservatives are like the Biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until that generation of failed/flawed leaders had passed. Conservatives and Republicans will never get to the political promise land until we get new House of Representative leadership."

These other conservative leaders joined Mr. Viguerie and offered the following statements in response to the 2018 midterm elections:

"House Leadership lost this election for Republicans,” said Noah Wall, VP of Advocacy for FreedomWorks. "When you don’t keep your promises, you lose enthusiasm from the grassroots. House Leadership will be chosen next week. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result, then a vote for Kevin McCarthy is a vote for insanity. This is why we need Rep. Jim Jordan for Minority Leader.”

“It's time for new leadership in the House. We need a leader like Jim Jordan who will fight against Nancy Pelosi and liberal policies. Rep. Kevin McCarthy's failed agenda has not worked.” said Ken Cuccinelli, President of The Senate Conservative Fund.

“Republicans have a serious problem. Their leaders are not committed to the party platform. The [House] leadership didn’t have a message because they don’t believe in the agenda.” said L. Brent Bozell, Founder and President of Media Research Center.

“Republicans lost the House last night for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was a failure of leadership. If Nancy Pelosi is advising Democrat candidates to run hyper-local campaigns, isn’t that a good sign that Republicans should be running a nationalized campaign?” said Jenny Beth Martin, Chairman of Tea Party Patriots and Citizens Fund.

“Republicans shed a lot of dead weight last night. All the money raised and spent, all the staff, all the ads, all the consultant fees could not save this train wreck,” said Dave Bozell, President of For America.

“We’re looking for fighters in leadership, who can advance our priorities through digital media, who can recruit an audience, who can go beyond the base, always selling on emerging social platforms.  Jim Jordan has the most engaged Twitter account of any member of Congress with over 400,000 followers across his platforms…and it grows every day,” said Mr. Bozell. “It’s time the White House and the House come together, get on the same page, with shared objectives, and that starts with electing a new Leader like Jim Jordan.”

“As far as what comes next for Republicans in the House, a new day requires new leadership.  Jim Jordan is running for Minority Leader. Mark Meadows should also be in leadership along with a new freshman who earned the endorsement of Club for Growth PAC and won in spite of the Blue Wave.” said David McIntosh, President of Club For Growth PAC. “By starting a new day with new leadership and fresh conservative ideas, Republicans will be able to recapture the majority in two years.”

“Jim Jordan got it, and he did his best to nationalize the election for House Republicans. The conservative grassroots activists I work with and speak for want a fighter to lead House Republicans. They want someone who knows what the Deep State is up to, and who knows how to defeat their efforts to block the president’s agenda. They want Jim Jordan to lead House Republicans,” concluded Jenny Beth Martin.

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You cannot fault the GOP too much for failing to deliver on all their promises. First, it's only been two years, Rome was not built in a day. Second, with such small majorities to work with and some very recalcitrant Republicans in that majority, it was always going to be very difficult to get controversial legislation through. It was remarkable how close they came to repealing ObamaCare. Financing Trump's wall was always going to be difficult (as it became clear Mexico was not going to pay for it.) But the failure to defund Planned Parenthood in a time where they were looking for things to cut to improve the budget deficit, was unconscionable. But the Tax Reduction on corporate profits and the peeling back of crippling regulations was masterful and the prime reason for the Trump booming economy. We'll get those lost House seats back and Trump's second term will be the introduction to a golden years of American prosperity and influence.