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Democrat Governor Cancels GOP Rallies Trump Heading To Nevada Anyway

Adam Laxalt Tweet
Nevada’s Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak has hit a new Stalinist low by using COVID-19 regulations to prohibit President Trump from holding rallies in Nevada.

According to reporting by Megan Messerly of the Nevada Independent, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority has advised the company that leases the hangar where President Donald Trump had planned to hold a campaign rally on Saturday that the event is in violation of a state directive limiting gatherings to 50 people and that it cannot proceed.

Ms. Messerly reports Tina Iftiger, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for the airport authority, in a letter to Hangar 9, LLC on Tuesday said that the company’s decision to enter into a contract to use the hangar for a 5,000 person rally violates Gov. Steve Sisolak’s emergency directive on public gatherings. The company’s lease of the hangar requires the company to “comply with all applicable state laws and directives,” Iftiger wrote.

“Such a rally is a violation of this directive,” she said.

Iftiger added that the airport authority will be “unable to ensure the safety and security of its operations with a rally of such scope” and that Hangar 9 in its lease “agreed not to interfere with or impede the operations of the” airport authority. Any protests and counterprotests associated with the rally would further strain the airport authority’s operations, she said.

“Given the above, you are hereby advised that you may not proceed with the proposed gathering,” Iftiger said.

According to Ms. Messerly’s reporting, Claude Cognian, one of the managers of Hangar 9, in an email to Iftiger Wednesday morning, confirmed that the company had offered the hangar to Trump and his campaign for a rally and in return that the campaign had offered to pay to move aircrafts and prepare the space. However, Cognian said the company was withdrawing its offer for the campaign to use the hangar in response to the airport authority's letter.

Trump had planned to hold two rallies in Nevada this weekend, one at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Saturday afternoon and another at Cirrus Aviation at McCarran International Airport on Sunday evening. The Trump campaign has been holding large rallies at airports amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, however it looks like similar threats may be directed toward the hosts of those rallies as well.

Ms. Messerly reports Adam Laxalt, the former Republican attorney general and one of President Trump's campaign co-chairs in Nevada, tweeted earlier Wednesday morning that Trump's "rally venues" in Nevada had been "canceled.”

Laxalt tweeted:

Outrageous! @realDonaldTrump rally venues in NV canceled. Welcome to Sisolak’s Nevada – home of partisan political retribution. This is unprecedented – to cancel an incumbent President’s campaign stop inside 60 days of a major contested election in a swing state. This isn’t over!

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said in a statement that the president still plans to travel to Nevada on Saturday and Sunday as planned, “Democrats are trying to keep President Trump from speaking to voters because they know the enthusiasm behind his re-election campaign cannot be matched by Joe Biden – a historically weak candidate controlled by the radical left who could hold a campaign event in a broom closet. The President’s uplifting message of American greatness resonates with people, while everyone knows that Biden is a tool of the radical left who would raise taxes and tank the incredible comeback that is already underway. President Trump will be traveling to Nevada on the dates planned. Additional details will be announced soon.”

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