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Boehner appointees to “super committee” bear watching

By Richard A. Viguerie - 8/11/11

Republican House Speaker John Boehner has made his three appointments to the “super committee” created by the recent debt ceiling deal. Tea Party and conservative activists can take some comfort that the appointees could have been worse, but we still must give the committee's deliberations our unrelenting attention.

House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas, and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan both served on the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission and voted against the Commission’s final tax-laden report and recommendations.

More on them later.

The appointment of House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan is less encouraging. Conservatives opposed the appointment of Upton to the important Energy and Commerce Chairmanship for a number of reasons, not the least of which was his sponsorship of the much-hated incandescent light bulb ban.

The fact that Upton made it through the tangled GOP Steering Committee process to gain the powerful Energy and Commerce Chairmanship was the first inkling Tea Party activists had that the establishment’s grip on the House GOP was as strong as ever.

Hensarling and Camp have generally been regarded as strong fiscal conservatives, however the compromises they have made to gain leadership positions have caused many activists outside the Beltway to question their willingness to buck the business-as-usual elite and make the hard choices necessary to stop the spending crisis.

Both Upton and Camp voted for the TARP Wall Street bailout and the Boehner debt ceiling deal. Hensarling, who led the opposition to TARP, and because of that was in the doghouse with Boehner for several years, apparently checked those qualms at the door when he became House Republican Conference Chairman – he has been nearly invisible on spending issues this Congress, except when he comes forth to rally support for Boehner’s instinct to make a deal, as he did on the debt ceiling vote.

House Republicans made a major blunder when they did not commit to cut, cap and balance as their ultimate legislative goal in the debt ceiling fight. Tea Party and conservative movement activists outside the Beltway don’t plan on retreating from their goal of ending the spending crisis by cutting, capping and balancing the federal budget. Conservatives will be watching every move made by the Republicans on the debt deal committee.

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That "super committee" is nothing more then a joke,is just kicking the deficit problem down the road,not a damn thing will get accomplished and it shows that our Politican's are not serious about lowering our debt and getting America back on the road to recovery and so it's no wonder we as member's in the Tea Party are planning our hardest to kick most of you out of office so you can come back into the "REAL WORLD" and see the damage you have done to America!

Hogwash...all of it!

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats have anything in mind except to continue to do business as usual...with all those lobbyists lining their pockets....there isn't any genuine interest in restoring adherence to the Constitution.  This last round on the debt ceiling made it perfectly clear.

Also, note that during the debt ceiling circus though earth shattering news hit, it was all but overlooked by the MSM and Congress, thanks to the BIG act in Congress.  The GAO reported from the first-ever audit of the Federal Reserve  (just a little one...and the first and only one since their inception in 1913!) that between 2008-2010, the Fed had given away $16TR to foreign and domestic banks....that's right at 0% interest!  That's OUR from the Ponzi scheme they constructed 100 years ago, but this time they didn't loan any of it back to us at interest, but GAVE it to their cohort banks everywhere....nothing even trickling down to the people who move the economy.  We know what the banks did with all that cash; they made more of it with each other, while they proceeded to turn your fellow Americans out of their homes.  Except for Ron Paul (and a handfull of others who were ignored), no one raised theFed's spending issue in Congress, did they?  Doesn't that just say it all?!  Don't look to the Republican party to work for you; that's become very clear, unfortunately. They won't even talk about the elephant in the room.

When during the debt ceiling discussions Ron Paul suggested that the Fed forgive $1.6T of the debt which is based on the QE1 and 2 printings, did anyone else in Congress jump on this as a solution? ..any leading Republicans? ...any discussion at all of this great solution? Why not???  Doesn't this completely reveal their intentions to you?   Nothing good for the People in them!...expect nothing from either party, and beware of any candidate supported by the DNC or RNC;  you can be sure they have agreed to take a stand that works against you and me.

Congress agreed to a bill and a committee that egregiously violates the Constitution and every American should be protesting and screaming in the streets for indictments....but I don't see the masses out there with me! Instead, we get Republican House speaker Boehner recommending TARP voters to the committe....94.3% of ALL Americans didn't want TARP....but he talked the stalwart Republicans in the House out of supporting US, didn't he?!!...and now we have more violations of our concerted will served up to us by the political class....NO THANKS!

Disappointed with appointees.

Speaker Boehner,  I am very upset with you for the ppeople you have appointted to this super committee.  Why did you not appoint more conservative representatives for exammple Jim Demint or Rubio of Florida .  Don't you remember what we did in 2010, the American people spoke loud and clear, now you and the remainder of the House need to stand up to the Democrats and speak out loud and clear.  You have not answered any of my letters and this tells me you don't give a hog's tail about us.  Hazel Marshall, 311 Plover Dr. , Portsmouth, Va.  23704


Look it up, it is the name that Hitlers super congress went by.

Everyone should be up in arms irate and wanting blood at even the mention of making such a group.

This is most unconstitutional illegal and immoral thing they have done to date. These men should all be in jail for the rest of their lives!!!!

Super Committee:

It appears the Political Fox's are inside the Peoples Hen House surpassing congress conjuring up hidden back room deals to serve politicians agendas.

Enabling Act

I see another writer used the term "Politbureau". That was actually a Soviet term for their massive central management system that finally collapsed in 1991.

This is scarier. The Super Committee is compared to the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure commission) but it also contains elements of the Enabling Acts that allowed Hitler to replace the Reichstag with his hand picked appointees and turn the nation into a one-man show. This Super Committee will hand the Congress  "Take it or Leave it" bills that contain an extra kicker. If they aren't enacted, the alternative auto-pilot rearrangement takes over to manage appropriations by some formula. This thing also kicks some Senate traditions in the teeth, such as no filibusters allowed. This whole thing could end up in front of the Supremes.