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The Super Committee’s Super Problem

By Richard A. Viguerie -- 9/1/11

Republicans reveal super committee’s super problem

The Republican members of the “super committee,” established by this summer’s deal to raise the debt ceiling, met behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss strategy. That Republicans might be organized enough to actually have a strategy sounds like a good thing, until you hear what they are strategizing about.

The all-day Tuesday meeting — the first formal one among GOP supercommittee members — revolved around past deficit-reduction and ways to collaborate with the Democrats on the panel, according to a statement released by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), cochairman of the committee.

And right there is the crux of the super committee’s problem.

The super committee was designed to make another Capitol Hill deal, not find and impose upon Congress a solution to the federal government’s spending, deficit and debt problem.

Capital Hill Republican establishment leaders are making a major blunder if they think Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists don’t understand the difference between a deal and a solution to the spending crisis.

Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists understand that solution won’t be achieved overnight – they will accept a necessary tactical delay on the road to cut, cap and balance – but they won’t accept another deal made in the smoke filled rooms of Capital Hill that is only intended to get politicians past the next election.

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Finger in the Dike

Jeb Hensarling has been a major disappointment.  I do not know what part of Texas he represents, but he could very well be primaried next year.  The only one I can think of who might have the backbone to stand against the establishment political class in this group is Sen. Toomey.  We shall see.

It is beyond time for term limits.  It will never happen if we wait for 2/3 of each house of congress to propose an amendment, so it will have to be 2/3 of the states.  The scary thing is that it will have to entail a Constitutional Convention that could get out-of-hand, unless the states "call" is an ironclad  limit to consider term limits only.

Pray that God helps us to pull back from the brink.  This is the only means to insure that we do not go over the edge since there are so many people with vested interests in government handouts, and then couple that with massive ignorance among the electorate, RE:  the true economic situation that we are in.


That was the name of Hitler's super congress.  This super congress is ILLEGAL, immoral, and Unconstitutional! Any sitting on it at the VERY least should loose their congressional possitions as well as any who voted for it. It needs to be abolished immediatly or removed by force one or the other.

Mr. Viguerie,

I can't believe you are falling for the media's tactic of trying to promote Rick Perry by their feigned criticism.  It should be obvious that they are trying to advance Perry's chances of winning the Republican nomination.  Don't you understand that when the liberal media attacks a "Republican" that it makes that person look legitamate in the eyes of the primary voters?  This is exactly what has been going on.  FoxNews runs mostly postitive stories on him.  And the liberal outlets run neutral or negative stories on him.  This is how they plan on helping him win.  They are trying once again to pick the winners.  If its Obama vs. Perry then they win no matter what happens.  The two may sound different, but in reality, the results will be the same:  more big government, of, by, and for the big multi-national corporations.  Those would be the same corporations that own the vast majority of the mainstream media (including Fox.)  Don't you realize, in your wisdom, that Perry is only saying and doing things necessary to get votes?  How can you believe him?  Remember, he was Gore's former campaign manager in Texas.  He supported TARP, before he was against it.  He wanted the Trans-Texas Corridor.  He used an executive order to try to mandate vaccinations of all 6th grade girls, and was overridden by the legislature.  Please think this through and don't be tricked by the media again.

Super Committee

The Super Committee is a total waste of time and taxpayer money!!!  If they really cared on where to cut taxes and spending, all that they would have to do is contact the "Citizenz Against Government Waste"!!  They have some GREAT areas!!!  I could also add some more, like doing away with congresses health care and put them in with the Veterns, or doing away with their untenured pensions.  They should be paying into SS just like the rest of us!!   How about doing away with ALL pork projects, unless they can prove that it is approved in the constitution??  I could go on and on, but I think that others have ideas too.  It would also be nice if our congressmen would reply to out thoughts,feelings, and opinions personally, or call us.  It is time for them to remember that THEY work for US!!!  If they work for us, they should have to live and abide by the same rules as us.