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A Congress of Lies

The Tea Party rebellion came into being in large measure due to the perception among middle class taxpayers that America’s major establishment institutions were corrupt -- and there is no more compelling evidence of just how far the American political system has been corrupted by Washington’s insider culture, than how common and accepted lying has become among the political elite of Capitol Hill.

And this is particularly true when Congress deals with the budget.

Take for example, the lie last April when Republicans (who had promised $100 billion in real cuts) compromised with the Democrats for $38.5 billion in future savings and claimed the deal would result in "the biggest annual spending cut in history," as President Obama termed it.

Yet, as Senator Jim DeMint recently noted, there was no actual reduction in spending. Here’s what really happened when the fiscal year ended on September 30, 2011: the Congressional Budget Office found that the April deal to avoid a government shutdown resulted in an increase of more than $170 billion in federal spending from 2010 to 2011.

Hailed by leaders of both political parties (and the establishment media) as an historic compromise that produced the “largest spending cut in history,” the deal ended up being a spending increase. The federal government wrapped up its biggest spending year and its second biggest annual budget deficit ever -- but, as The Wall Street Journal put it, almost nobody noticed.

Perhaps The Journal should have said no one noticed the lie upon which the spending deal was founded, because everyone on the inside knew there would be no decrease in spending. And the historic (or as liberal Democrats falsely termed them) “draconian budget cuts” would actually result in the federal government spending $3.6 trillion -- a 4.2 percent increase in outlays that also balooned the annual deficit to $1.298 trillion.

This same culture of lies is now poisoning the Super Committee, which is itself a product of the lies surrounding the August deal to raise the debt ceiling.

In August, the leadership of both parties made a deal to increase our national debt to nearly $17 trillion and sold it to a skeptical public with the idea that the creation of a Super Committee would produce spending cuts by the end of the year.

The facts of the Super Committee's deliberations appear otherwise. Witness the latest Republican “plan,” which, by adopting the Obamanomics world view that the rich should pay more taxes, would merely slow the growth of the national of debt to $21.3 trillion over the next ten years. That's about 9 percent less than the $23.4 trillion currently projected.

Rather than make real cuts in spending, what has actually happened is the Republicans on the Super Committee have spent all of their time figuring out ways to raise revenue. And the claim that Republicans plan “draconian” cuts to the budget is a lie.

The Tea Party rebellion is many things. True, it's a fight for a return to a limited constitutional government and a middle class outcry against the crony capitalism of the Washington/Wall Street Axis -- but as much as anything, it is a demand for a government, and leaders, who tell the truth. Finding and electing those leaders to Congress in 2012 is the most important step we can take towards ending Washington’s culture of lies and saving this great country.

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Let's Be Honest Here: GOP is NOT a Conservative Party

When 218 out of 240 GOP Congressmen voted to do absolutely nothing about the national debt, the GOP outlived its usefulness to the American People.   Only 22 out of 240 GOP Congressmen voted for the American People and common sense; the rest committed financial Treason!    That translates to approximately 1 out of 11 GOP Congressmen chose to represent US or a mere 9%.   Just as these guys are kicking the can down the road, the American People who think they can change the GOP to a "Conservative" Party are also kicking the can down the road by refusing to start a Third party or get behind the Constitution Party.    We are wasting valuable time with the GOP RINO reindeer games that are designed to eliminate the Rudolphs out there that are capable of guiding us through the fog and storms ahead.    You have to ask yourselves this: Why does the GOP Establishmjent allow its Presidential candidates to participate in "debates" moderated by Liberals???   It simply gives their game away that they have no intention of allowing another Reagan to represent the American People ever again.    Ron Paul will continue to be ostracized by the Socialist Neocons who own the GOP Establishment.    I can only hope that the American People wake up, but I fear that Neoconservatism has brainwashed so many in the GOP.   I hope Ron Paul goes Third Party if the Neocons are successful in destroying his GOP bid just as they were in 2008.   I hope that if he does go Third Party that he unleashes a tirade on the GOP about how they haven't been a Conservative party in years.   There are many Independents that are completely repulsed by the tainted GOP "brand".   Far too many in the GOP are still drinking the Neocon Socialist Kool-Aid.   He's not going to win these Hannities and Limbaughs and Coulters over ever.   They still believe the lies of 911 just as many in the GOP.   There is a gold mine of Independents waiting to be mined who embrace the truth and are repulsed by Establishment politicians.   If Ron goes Third Party, I would expect a huge wave of Independents to embrace his candidacy.   Ron really needs to leave these silly, utterly useless debates and start making 30-minute infomercials to explain himself to the American People a la Ross Perot in 1992 because the American People will never learn a damn thing otherwise about what's really going on with the GOP, the Dems, the Constitution, the economy, and how we got in this mess in the first place by watching the blithering idiots on the Mind Control Media.



an example

i once asked  our congressman if other congressmen lied - he said yes - i asked what he wsa doing about it - in the end i had to tell him he was complicit and no different than the rest - his silence made him culpable - read more on this at,  a truly conservative newspaper