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Richard Viguerie Calls on Newt Gingrich to Consider Dropping Out and Backing Rick Santorum

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, has called on Newt Gingrich to consider dropping out of the presidential race and backing Rick Santorum. In response to the results of yesterday’s Super Tuesday Republican primaries, Viguerie issued the following statement:

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday two things are clear: ‘not Mitt Romney’ is still getting the most votes in Republican nominating contests and Newt Gingrich holds the key to nominating a conservative Republican candidate for President.

Looking at last night’s numbers, it has become increasingly clear that the former Speaker can either be a kingmaker or a spoiler, because, to unite conservatives, Gingrich would have to suspend his campaign and endorse Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination for President.

Speaker Gingrich’s ‘campaign of ideas’ has kept him in the race and contributed mightily to the debate, but the results of Super Tuesday show that, going forward, ideas without the campaign infrastructure to sell them are not enough to compete with Romney’s money and establishment backing.

Rick Santorum’s wins in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota, his overwhelming support from conservative movement leaders at the national, state, and local level, his huge base of small donors, and the grassroots enthusiasm Santorum has been generating among conservatives, have given him the infrastructure and tools to go mano y mano against Romney.

As Ohio proved, all that is lacking is a united conservative movement to put Santorum over the top.

Such a decision would not be easy for Newt and the loyal band of supporters and staff that have kept his campaign alive through its many ups and downs. However, a united conservative movement is perhaps the only thing that can prevent a Romney nomination and the debacle of four more years of an Obama presidency.

Were Newt Gingrich to suspend his campaign now, and endorse Rick Santorum, he could provide that unity and, through such a great act of statesmanship, open a new chapter in his storied political career.

As the astute student of history that he is, Speaker Gingrich is unique among the candidates in his ability to appreciate that the greatest acts of patriotism always involve a measure of self-sacrifice, such as setting aside one’s personal ambitions in favor of what is best for your country.

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Santorum must go.Newt is a

Santorum must go.Newt is a crook,but he has his honest moments,like when he is telling America that they are going into war even though Congress has not formed a commitee to explore the idea .Support neither if you are conservative.I am not saying that Newt is dumb,on the contrary,he is an evil genius,but he let his little parts get in the way of the big picture.

Need Change

It's obvous that things aren't working so, we need change. Newt, Santorum, and Romney are going to give you more of the same. How much more do you want to suffer.


There needs to be an online petition to NEWT to DROP OUT. There is no other chance of getting a conservative who can clearly make a principled contrast with Obama. Romney supported the individual mandate and the leftist agenda on so many occasions that he is just Obama light. If true conservatives unite, Santorum will be the candidate. With his appeal to blue colllar workers, he can attract independents. I loved Newt until I saw the momentum changing. At this point he really should "take one for the team"!

Time for Newt to show some leadership

The most effective way for Newt Gingrich to show his leadership abilities is for him to lead his supporters to Rick Santorum. There is just no win at the end of his southern strategy and unlike Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich doesn't appear to be able to win outside his own back yard.

If it's not about ego, Newt must go

The only way to get a conservative to go up against Obama - and one who can contrast himself clearly from him - is for Newt to go. I wish there were an online petition to Newt. I used to love him, but he must go!

Take One for the Team, Newt.

There is no path to victory for Newt right now. Santorum has a chance but only if Newt drops out and gets behind him. Rick can offer Newt a position in his cabinet or an ambassador-ship.


Time for Newt to take one for the team.



It is not

possible for Rick to get the necessary delegates to get the nomination now.

Simple fact, it is just impossible for him to get the necessary 1150 at this point.

Romney and Paul who both have the most amount of delegates are the only ones that can get the nom at this point.

No Newt.Do not do that.Back

No Newt.Do not do that.Back Ron Paul.You will kind of redeem yourself for the things that were mistakes,but I am human,and have made many mistakes myself.Ron has the Indies and the blue Demo's.You would be handing the election to Obama.Do not wallow,rise up and use your influence for the good of mankind in a turbulent time.It could make it safer to walk down the street too,if you need more convincing.The truth will set you free.

Who Is This?

Who is this guy again? There is only one conservartive in this group of candidates and Santorum dropping out isn't going to unite any conservatives. It might give a RINO the nomination.

Rude Gingrinch backing Frothy?

Even if Rude Gingrch were to drop out and throw his support behind Mr. Frothy, Santorum would still lose in the general election.  Santorum doesn't have the support of independents, youth, moderate democrats or libertarians. Without that kind of support - Frothy, I mean Santorum doesn't stand a chance against Obummer. McMittens Flopney has a better chance. 

The best candidate to defeat Obummer is Ron Paul.  IF the GOP establishment media wasn't so afraid of Ron Paul then we'd have a solid GOP candidate that would carry the Republican vote and get all the support of independents, youth, moderate/disenfranchised democrats and libertarians.

I'm just telling you that if Mr Frothtorum is the GOP candidate you will see the independent, the youth and moderate voters flock to Obummer.  

As for me it's Ron Paul or nobody. I will write him in. 

youth vote

The problem with the Ron Paul supporters is that they are disconnected from reality. The exit poll data actually shows that for whatever reason in Ohio Santorum won the youth vote. Romney did best with those over 65. In fact that was the only age group won by Romney, at least based on the Fox data. There is also little data to suggest Independents will not vote for Santorum. Right now the data is ambiguous, but Santorum wins among blue collar voters, those with lower incomes, etc. Some of these people are "Independents" That is they are culturally conservative Reagan Democrats, who are not attracted as much to the tradtional Republican economic message of "lower taxes, pro- growth" Not so much because this message is not accurate, indeed it is shared by all the Republicans, but it is not typically delivered in a way that resonates. Those individuals who talk about "Independents" often merely parrot the talking points of the pundit class without any real thought of their own. When they say "independents" they mean wealthier suburban donors who do not like Santorum because their friends at the Planned Parenthood Fundraiser are appalled by his opposition to abortion on demand. They can tolerate Romney's because they think his similar stated position is insincere. They are probably correct. This is one reason I prefer Santorum! True these people will likely not vote for Santorum, they will flock to Obama. The real question is what group makes up a more important voting block. The fact is we can not be sure, as I know of little evidence either way. My gut instinct Is I prefer to try to win the blue collar workers, than to get the pro-abortion Republicans/Independents, If I had to choose, probably because I agree with Santorum and am pro-life as well. As it happens few people vote on the abortion issue, it usually is 5-10%, but it alway breaks pro-life among those who do. So the loss of the "independent vote" is not really the issue that people make it out to be. It might be more of a Romney problem.

As for Ron Paul, he obviously will not be the nominee. He has yet to win a single contest. In fact he does not even win in the caucus states. A vote for Paul is pretty much worthless. I am not sure what its designed to achieve. But I suppose its a good thing he is running. If you are a Santorum supporter its likely most of these votes would go to Romney since it seems like some of the Paul followers ( not all) behave like zombies and simply mindlessly follow the lead of Mr. Paul and focus their invective on Santorum. This is peculiar since Santorum is obviously to the right of Romney. Rep Paul does this as well, and makes me think he is not thinking very carefully about what he wants to achieve.

Talking about

a complete disconnect with reality.

You speak as if what you claim coicides with the evidence when it is in fact completey contrary to what the actual facts show. Romney and Paul have the most delegates by a large margin. At this point only they even have the ability to get the necessary 1150 delegates to win the nomination. For Rick and Newt it is simply a mathimatical impossibility at this point.

As for Paul not winning any states yet that is entirely due to him not only being blacked out entirely but also election manipulation that has happened in most states up to this point. 

Here is the reality in a nutshell.

Only Paul or Romney has a chance to get the nomination at this point unless at the convention Romney drops and backs newt or Rick which is unlikely.


Not Rick, Newt, or Even Romney can beat Obama without Pauls supporters that is the stark reality. 

and finally, we Paul supporters will not support any of them period, Obama would be better because at least he would be forced to tread lightly because of his past transgressions where the others would be seen as false saviors and be allowed to run rampant for years before everyone figured out hey this guy is doing the same thing that Bush and Obama did! 

Makes me question if only Paul supporters have a grasp on reality, because none of you seem to.

Not so fast

In 2008 Mitt Romney was called the conservation alternative to Anybody but McCain (ABM) how soon you all forget, its all in the old news clips. Look it up. What has happened this time, when did Mitt Romney become less consevative than he was 4 years ago? When Mitt suspended his campaign in 2008, for the good of the party you imply he became the less consevative, because why? I dont understand your opinion that all Newts votes would go to Rick? If anything i would wager if Newt drops out most those people on newts side will run to Romney just look at those who follow Newt, do you say they are more socially consevative and more likely to run to Rick, I respectfully disagree with you. If Newt drops out those people will go to Romney just like all the voters who went to McCain in 2008 dont you remember Huckbee barely got a bump from Mitt leaving in 2008. If Newt drops, I would bet Mitts lead increases more than Ricks does. We will probably see, I still dont understand how Mitt was consevative enough in 2008, but now the media and others!!!!  can't admit the truth. If we give Rick 50% of all the contests left, which we all know is impossible, he can never reach 1144, why not do the math Rick can not win enough deligates by the end to win, without something crazy going on. Its time to do the MATH MY FRIENDS

reclaim the constitution

Why would Newt want to back a person that will not and is not supporting or abiding by the Constitution?  Rick wants to execute undeclared wars and he is proud of it!  Perhaps Mr. Viguerie should email the "Reclaim the Constitution" link to mr. santorum for a bit of a refresher or in that case a first time study

Newt Gingtrich

I am a proud supporter of NEWT; however, I, too, believe we should get behind Santorum in this race.  By staying in the race this long, Newt has made a positive impact on the conservative agenda and at least, his ideas must now be given consideration and application.  I would be happy to have Santorum as President and Newt as VP or a Cabinet member with the authority to enact his ideas that are backed by evidence of success. 




Santorum as President and Newt as VP or a Cabinet

AND Paul in finances! He's brilliant when it comes to money.

Santorum Pres. & Newt for VP

Carol you hit the nail right on. I am so excited about Santorum.  I don't like Romeny's idea's at all. He has been running for eight years, flip-flopping on his positions. He is not going to be much better than Obama. I have always voted Republican.  I pray for our country every day.  I am not afraid to speak out for what is right. We must all pull together as conservities.

Apples and oranges-

The LMSM picks Mitt and you pick the supposed conservative Rick (boo to you)- Newt is covered in "warts" and could tear Obama apart in ANY debate. I like Paul- have contributed to his campaign (the only contribution I made), he loves America but, honestly I have a problem wrapping my head around a battle with Obama. The leftist media and so-called pundits would put him thru h*** and I don't think he would hold up well. This whole election is re: getting rid of the usurper in the WH and making a baby-step to renewing out Consitituional Republic. My vote is ANYBODY BUT OBAMA - OMG= obammi must GO along with his slithery minions.

Exit Gingrich and Enter Santorum?

 I would think an equally compelling case could be made for Santorum to drop out and support Gingrich.  Frankly, I wish we could start the process again because I am not happy with any of the remaining candidates and that includes Ron Paul.  I have been a life long Conservative Republican since I voted for Barry Goldwater in 1964. As far as I am concerned neither Gingrich or Santorum can measure up to Goldwater or Reagan. (as for the Bush family, they were moderates at best and that includes ole Jeb down there in Florida or wherever he is nowadays) I personally believe Gingrich can do better against Obama in a debate than Santorum. As for Romney, I wish he would drop out.  In fact, I wish all of them would drop out and let's start with a new slate!  I know this sounds unrealistic, but what concerns me more than anything is the possible re-election of that so-called democrat parasite and his fellow drones that constitute a marxist infestation of the White House. 


Richard, as much as it pains me, I think you are right! This is hardball politics and we have to focus on the endgame, now! Beat BHO in Nov.! Romney is already smoking a peace pipe with BHO...not going to say outrageous things and today saying the President can't set gas prices. While true,why give BHO any cover at all? Romney will lose the right and the election!

Newt should drop out

Richard Viguerie, you are wrong. The race can change at any time. It has changed back and forth already. Santorum should drop out and back Newt. Look at the facts. Newt has done more for America than Santorum. I use to think you knew what you were talking about, RV. Now I don't believe you do.

Wrong-Headed Idea

Santorum, as well as Gingrich should be dropping out of this race.  Romney won 6 states last night--twice as many as Santorum and has far and away more delegates.  Santorum is totally unelectable in the general election and would be slaughtered by Obama. He is laughed at by most independents who would never vote for him.  On the other hand, Romney, a conservative, would be able to attract enough voters to win this election.  

In addition to being a good conservative, he is a moral man of integrity.  He has the experience and intelligence and vision to bring this country back.  Conservatives need to wake up to the realization that if either Gingrich or Santorum were to secure the nomination (which would be pretty hard at this point), Obama would win the election.  We can't have 4 more years of Obama if we want to have our country and want to be free.  At the present time, Gingrich and Santorum are simply spoilers and are destroying the Republican party.

Not a chance

Romney could never attract enought votes to beat Obama, for one the Christian right will not vote for him. Loosing just the majority of that voter block is certain defeat alone, that does not even include Paul's block who wont just not vote for him but will not vote for anyone but Paul, and possibly as much as half will vote Obama just to spite the GOP for their blatant coruption. 

The lack of support from Paul's voting block alone will doom any other canidate that gets the nomination and even the GOP elite, pundits and talking heads are admitting that lately. That is why they are somewhat trying to play nice and kiss up to Paul. But they know if they do not keep blacking him out and lend him to much credit he will run away with the nom. The establishment is inbetween a rock and a hard place.

But believe this like it is the gospal the GOP is rotten to the core and would rather have Obama than Paul because Paul would take away the gravy train.


Since "conservatives" have been duped into believing that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich represent "conservatism" then of course, Newt endorsing Rick would be a good idea to unite "conservatives."

Meanwhile, we 'Paulbots' will continue plodding along, spreading the outdated, antiquated and radical ideas that the government and our leaders and representatives should obey the Constitution, and will vote for those who would demonstrate true conservatism by actually cutting spending and taxes and the size and intrusiveness of government.


Gag me.......I will write in Paul's name before I hand that religious nut case my vote.....Ron Paul 2012.

Conservatives behind... Santorum?!?

Why in the world would we want Newt supporters to back Santorum of all people?  Despite the media's best attempts at pushing him as a conservative, he hardly qualifies.  Heck, in Iowa Ron Paul *crushed* Santorum with Evangelicals.  If we could just get the media and the establishment to *talk* about Ron Paul and his conservative platform he would be a MUCH better person to rally the Republican vote.  Even with the total media blackout of Ron Paul he still polls the best against Obama in head-to-head comparisons - imagine how well he'd do if the media actually talked about him - Obama wouldn't stand a chance!

Newt dropping out and endorse Rick... yukker

43% of Repbulicans polled by Rasmussen say they would welcome a last mintue candidate in teh race.

This whole process has been interesting and upsetting.

Maybe the conservatives are right. Our only focus should be to win control of the HOuse and Senate.

Man that troubles me to even think like that.

Romeny, Paul and Santorum... what a waste. The only viable candidate is Newt, but damn!