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O’Keefe Fights Liberal Establishment, Gets Shout-out from Bill O’Reilly

Yes, we know O’Reilly sort of fumbled James O’Keefe’s name, but any time you get a shout-out from cable’s top guy you should take it and run.

O’Reilly was talking about vote fraud and James’ latest expose, through Project Veritas, of how easy it is to fraudulently obtain a ballot in states without a photo ID law – in this instance in the liberal bastion of Vermont.

James O’Keefe and the citizen journalists of Project Veritas, once again used their hidden cameras to document poll workers giving out ballots in the name of dead voters. Naturally, they drew howls of protest from the insiders in Vermont who benefit from the potential corruption of the present system.

But O’Reilly was giving James a shout-out for something bigger than showing the failure of a few poll workers in Vermont; undermining the liberal establishment’s entire case for opposing ID laws.

As O’Reilly pointed-out, Obama’s legal hitman, Attorney General Eric Holder, has gone after the State of Texas for implementing a new voter ID law. The basis of Holder’s decision was that there is no evidence the present system allows voter fraud and ID laws disproportionately burden minorities, the elderly, Hispanic surnamed voters, etc. James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas have once again proved Holder and those of his ilk wrong.

The Republican Party used to have strong ballot security programs in voter fraud-prone areas around the country, but they’ve become so politically correct those programs have largely disappeared for fear of offending some liberal activist group or another. Like establishment politicians everywhere, Republican Party officials have all too often tossed aside the principle that the ballot is a sacred right of citizenship, content to take the share of the vote and the spoils the present system provides.

When James O’Keefe and the citizen journalists of Project Veritas show how easy it is to corrupt the present no-ID voting system, they not only give heart to those gutsy Republicans in Texas and New Hampshire who are fighting for change, but they undermine the entire case Eric Holder was making for the corrupt status quo. No wonder they got a shout-out from Bill O’Reilly.

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and it is Election fraud like this and much more so in the electronic voting machines that is being used against Ron Paul in the primaries.

Ask you yourself

Why they are willing to break the law and count votes in secret at a hidden location?

Why they insist on using machines which take a few min to hack and switch the vote on all of them from one location?

Why they break their own rules, lie, and steal to defraud Paul. 

Alternative ID

Why not buy some of that magic purple ink the Iraqis use in their elections? Of course the vote frauder could always cut off the purple finger and vote again but he would be limited to only 9 fraudulent votes assuming one was legit.


we used paper ballots that would be great and a HUGE improvement over what we have now.

The idividual is not the problem now, the problem is the people counting the votes not the ones placing them. They can take a 60% vs 40% win and turn it into a 40% vs 60% loss with the push of a button. It has been on the new it has been proven in court, in 2004-2005 one of the Programmers for the electronic voting machines came forward and testified. But they still have the machines, the companies that make them just changed their name and the names of their vote stealing machines and the media did not do thier job because they are all in cahoots together. So we still have them, because as long as we do have them it does not matter how many of us vote against them they still win.

Prisoners of "political correctness."

When Americans decide to not be fearful of some organization or individual yelling about "political correctness," we'll have redisdovered our national courage." That time is NOW!

This "PC" issue has been used as a bludgeon against freedom of speech. It isn't like "yelling fire in a crowded theatre" as has has been the common accusation by leftists. They couldn't care less for the sensitivities of individuals or ethnic groups, "PC" is the phenomenom of intimidation to gain political results. The Leftists calculated long ago that decent folks don't want to be associated with bigotry. They have capitalized on this until it has grown into a monstrous tool used to achieve their ends. They've had things their way because most people try to "do the right thing" to the point of going silent in the face of bullying.

Bigots are a minority in the USA, there is no reason for good people not to speak out when our system of freedom and private enterprise is being dragged down. Most of the time, the bigots/racists who do the accusing are the ones whose practices incite social problems in the first place.

Truth supercedes the nightmare of "political correctness." Practice truth and let the cards fall where they may.