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Rice for VP a Slap in the Face to Conservatives

It appears presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it – conservatives, and many independents, are not going to vote for the third term of George W. Bush.

Condi RiceYet that seems to be exactly where Romney is headed by floating the name of former Secretary of State and Bush national security advisor Condoleeza Rice as topping the short list of his choices for Vice President.

Or maybe Condoleeza Rice is just a stalking horse to make some other establishment Republican, like Ohio Senator Rob Portman or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, look better to conservatives.

Floating these names is a wake-up call to conservatives, who should pick-up the phone and call Governor Romney at 857-288-3500 to let him know that we demand he choose a real conservative as his running mate.

We want someone that conservatives recognize as one of their own, not some nominal Republican that the news media thinks of as a conservative because they have an “R” for Republican beside their name.

And that describes the pro-choice Condoleeza Rice all too well.

While there is no doubt Condoleeza Rice is well grounded in the ways of Washington and her intelligence and experience in the Bush foreign policy and national security apparatus make her look qualified to be Vice President to the establishment Republicans who surround Governor Romney.

But that’s exactly the problem.  Surrounded as he is by establishment Republicans from the Bush era, Governor Romney doesn’t seem to grasp that the Republican defeats of 2006 and 2008, and the Tea Party rebellion of 2010, were in some measure caused by the policies Condoleeza Rice advocated and carried out on behalf of George W. Bush.

Condoleeza Rice is no movement conservative.  Given her association with some of the worst neo-con inspired policies of the Bush era, putting Condoleeza Rice at the top of the VP short list is an insult to the conservatives, Tea Partiers and independents that are looking for a break with the old establishment Republican Washington that Rice represents.

The time for conservatives to take a stand is now.  That is why I am taking the unprecedented step of asking you to pass this message along to your friends, your family, the members of your church -- anyone you know to be a committed conservative.

Please forward this message to other committed conservatives and urge them to call Governor Romney’s headquarters at 857-288-3500 and tell him that conservatives demand he choose a real conservative to join him on the ticket.  The only way conservatives are going to break through the scrum of Bush acolytes who surround Governor Romney is for each of us to call to let him know that if he wants our active support he must choose a small government constitutional conservative as his running mate.

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I almost have to laugh....

.... When I read Mr. Viguerie talk about choosing a "true conservative" who doesn't have the baggage of the Bush Administation when he supported Santorum for President.

Stand Athwart the Executive & Elect Original Intent Senators

The time of selecting executives came and went with the social right ooh and aahing on the likes of Perry and Santorum. Their standards? Apparently anti-pro-choice and support Israel's national interest, and neocon wars of choice. Regardless of which Warrior-in-Chief is elected, we must make our stand with a Congress of "original intent" responsibility. That means electing a Senate majority supporting peace and prosperity of the Constitution and a free market economy. Unless taxation without representation inflation of the Fed monopoly is replaced with free market banking the power of the purse is in the hands of the Executive.

Why does anyone think ...

That Mitt Romney, a slightly right of center candidate, will pick a true conservative as his running mate?  It ain't gonna happen.

That conservatives can change the government from liberal/progressive to conservative in one election?  It ain't gonna happen.

That establishment Senators and Representatives will willingly cowtow to a few conservatives after just one or two elections?  It ain't gonna happen.

We got this way, ladies and gentlemen, by creep, not leaps,  The Progressives gradually but persistently pushed and pushed to the left until we are now at the precipice.  Sure, Rice isn't perfect, Christie isn't perfect, Portman isn't perfect, but Romney isn't perfect, either.  We conservatives need to focus on winning the WH, but we MUST win the Senate and retain the House by electing solid Conservative leaders that can gradually lead us back away from the precipice.  Elect a Congress that will repeal 0bamacare and it will make no difference who is in the VP chair, so long as it is not a Progressive.

If we try to bolt too fast and hard, the MSM will crucify us and we will lose.  Small steps will win the day, not giant leaps.


Paul Ryan is my choice. He is a true conservative who had some real answers for the budget. People want answers and a way out of this mess. I have heard him speak and he handles himself very well when confrunted. Even when Obama made fun of him he held his head high. Condaliza Rice and Rob Portman are One Worlders. Portman voted for North Atlantic Treaty which sent businesses over seas. Condaliza Rice is pro choice. I like Marco Rubio,but I don't believe he qualifies as a National Born Citizen. I hope Chris Christy isnt even on the list what a blow horse. Women will not vote for his sweaty big mouth. We want a real conservative I say Paul Ryan.

Romney may throw election -

Romney may throw election - It appears that Gov. Mitt Romney is considering throwing the election to Barack Obama by adding someone disliked by social conservatives and detested by and many others." Condi Rice, the "pro-choice" Secretary of State who destroyed the US relationship with Russia and called for even more dead American servicemen to bring "democracy" to Muslim nations is now one of the top three on the VP list.

VP for Romney

We the people hope and pray for a VP who is a Constitutional small government Conservative. Condi does not fit the bill like Allen West or Rand Paul do. We hope Romney is not swayed by the establishment to choose anyone who is not pro-life, pro-marriage (one man-one woman)and against amnesty in any shape or form. Romney needs the support of the Tea Party and 9/12ers. He wouldn't have that support if he chooses Condi Rice.

Tokens Don't Work

Ferraro, Palin for instance.  Mitt's background wouldn't permit himself to pick Rice, nor harvest rice (sorry, couldn't avoid the pun).  He needs a conservative who does not have a propensity to make news.  Quiet, but being known as a conservative is enough.  Don't believe he needs to go exotic; we've had over 3 years of that.  Just a boring, male WASP, who is known for consistant conservatism.

Interesting you mention

Interesting you mention Palin, a true Conservative, as a token.  I, for one, voted for Palin not McCain.

Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza Rice was a failure as National Security Adviser. She should have submitted her resignation on Sept. 12, 2001. I wouldn't dream of casting a vote for her. And lest this be taken as race-related, I assure you that I would support Allen West for the VP slot.

Condy Rice for VP

Condy Rice is a well respected and well known person. She would make an excellent VP on the ticket. If we push the far right agenda we will risk losing some independent votes. She is a sharp lady and deserves a careful consideration.


vice president

RUBIO or RYAN - go !