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General David Petraeus for VP -- Patriot Yes, Conservative?

Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign made a clever move by floating the name of General David Petraeus as a possible Republican vice presidential nominee. Team Romney even managed to pull Obama into the act, and if nothing else, there’s a certain comic value in getting your opponent to help spread your campaign’s media teases.

David PetraeusThe much-admired Petraeus would indeed add national security and foreign policy heft to Romney’s economic bona fides – a vast experience in the troubled Middle East where many, but not all, of our most pressing national security issues lie.

But the choice of a former military figure so closely associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might not be so appealing to those of a more libertarian bent, such as Congressman Ron Paul’s many supporters.

General Petraeus is undoubtedly a patriot and deeply experienced in his craft – but is he a small government constitutional conservative?

Based on the public record, no one really knows.

As a flag officer, Petraeus has been confirmed by the Senate numerous times. We know he commented favorably on doing away with the Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuals serving in the military, but beyond that, his views on the conservative social agenda are obscure.

Most of the assumptions about Petraeus’ alleged "conservatism" derive from his many friends and associations in the neo-con foreign policy and defense establishment. In 2010, he received one of the neo-cons' top prizes, the Irving Kristol Award from the American Enterprise Institute of Public Policy, for his "notable intellectual or practical contributions to improved public policy and social welfare."

In Washington, you are likely to be known by the friends you keep, so Petraeus’ associations with neo-cons automatically makes him a “conservative” in the eyes of an establishment media all too often ill-informed and dense about conservative politics.

Is he the kind of “boat rocking” conservative we are looking for to change Washington? Where does he stand on the right-to-life, same sex marriage, policies to support the family, education and welfare, cutting spending and the size and growth of government?

We just don’t know.

For his part, whenever the idea of running for President has come up – and it has come up more than once in the past – General Petraeus has firmly stated that he has no interest in running for elective office.

We doubt that floating General David Petraeus’ name for Vice President is anything more than a clever ploy by Mitt Romney’s campaign staff. General Petraeus is a much-admired man who has, ably and sometimes brilliantly, served our country in the best tradition of the American armed forces. 

However, if Governor Romney is seriously considering David Petraeus for Vice President, he cannot and must not be given a pass on a thorough examination of Petraeus' commitment to the small government constitutional conservative agenda.

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Gen. Petraeus


Gen. David Petraeus would be a perfect VP for Romney. The problem is, there is no actual record of when his father, Sixtus Petraeus, a sea captain from Franeker, Netherlands, was actually naturalized a US citizen. When these types of obvious gaps in the record occur with public figures, it raises the suspicion level that it was after November 7, 1952, the date of Gen. David Petraeus' birth.  I'm just saying.

Does anybody know when Sixtus Petraeus was naturalized a US citizen? If it was after 1952, then we may have found the inside joke Obama was playing on us all when he suggested the good general.

ex animo


neocon republican?

The neo-con(servative)s of the last decades have put the Constitution in great jeopardy.  They are big government, big spending, interventionist (overthrowing supposed despostic governments to create democracy), republicans (small "r") who have abdicated the constraints of the Constitution followed by Republicans.  Hardly better than the socialist/democrats in leading the country toward a global government  (the New World Order).  It remains to be seen if General Petraeus is a Constitutional Conservative Republican or  neocon republican.

Petraeus v Bob Gates

Far better than Petraeus would be Bob Gates. Far wider experience than simply the military thos he served in the Air Force and certainly wider than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and less of a neocon. President of one university, chancellor of another. Understand govt beyond the military. Able to fire ineffective generals. Seems able to cut unnecessary military spending. Eagle Scout. Scholarship student at Wm and Mary. PhD under Joe Schiebel at Georgetown.
Projects a rock solid Midwesterner. Obama, who will viciously attack anyone, would have the least trouble with Gates, to whom he awarded the Medal of Freedom. And he s been vetted most of his adult life, for clearances. Hard to figure what he thinks on social issues, but Romney is worse and will set the tone. Gates likely to moderate.
Should a foreign crisis, genuine or concocted arise before election, Gates on ticket would help far more than Petraeus, since Gates has demonstrated more prudence. Bob Schadler


Petraeus is a pleasant surprise after all the other surprise names.  I have great respect for the man and his mission even though I didn't think a lot of one of his Afghanistan tactics, which was probably brought about by B.O.


The General was taken out of the eye of the public for the benefit of this bumbling administration and the Fraud in the WH, his competence made them stand out as the inept, dispicable group they are. As for the ideology of the General that is yet to be publicly voiced and he is still a very efficient bureaucratic tool safely stashed in the back of the room. he has stated openly he has no interest in seeking office and whether or not he can be swayed is another matter. I will await his comments on the matter and wish him the best whatever his decision.