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Romney's Agents Stage Coup at GOP Convention

Mitt RomneyFresh from the 2010 Tea Party wave that brought millions of new conservative voters into the Republican ranks and restored the GOP to control of the House of Representatives, Washington’s Republican political class is wasting no time in ensuring that the same grassroots conservative voters who have brought them to the threshold of capturing all three branches of government are permanently frozen out of influence in the Republican Party apparatus.

In response, grassroots conservatives have launched an unprecedented Rules fight that threatens to up-end the carefully choreographed coronation of Mitt Romney.

The Rules Committee report, which is set to be adopted Tuesday, includes Rules changes that shift the balance of power away from state and local Republican committees, who elect delegates to the National Convention every four years, in favor of DC’s permanent political class.

The Rules changes would:

  •     allow presidential campaigns to, in essence, “fire” duly elected delegates they don’t like and replace them with individuals of their own choosing;
  •     allow changes to the Republican Party Rules between Conventions, without a vote of delegates elected by the grassroots of the Party; and
  •     undo the rules regarding the primary calendar that were designed to stop the trend toward front-loading the primary season and preserve the opportunity for Republicans across the country to have a say in who their presidential candidate would be.

Principled conservative Republican Party leaders Morton Blackwell of Virginia and Jim Bopp of Indiana are spearheading the drive to gather the votes necessary to adopt a Minority Rules Report and defeat the proposed rules changes on the floor during Tuesday’s procedural sessions.

To read Morton Blackwell’s letter to Republican National Convention delegates go here

To read Jim Bopp’s email to Republican National Convention delegates go here:

Indiana’s National Committeeman, James Bopp, who also serves as Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee, said in an email to delegates, “This is the biggest power grab in the history of the Republican Party because it shifts the power to select delegates from the state party to the candidate. And it would make the Republican Party a top down, not bottom up party.”

Virginia’s Morton Blackwell, a member of the Republican National Committee’s Standing Committee on Rules and on the National Convention's Committee on Rules and Order of Business said these are “rules changes that could fundamentally change our Republican Party -- and not for the better.”

Blackwell noted that DC election lawyer Ben Ginsberg brought these proposals to the Rules Committee where “he represented himself as the leader on the Committee for the Romney Campaign.”

Ginsberg, Blackwell observed, had earlier this year worked for conservative Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign, “is unencumbered by principle.”  “After working for Bachmann’s grassroots campaign he is advocating Rules that would centralize power, restrain and eliminate grassroots influence and create a top-down, rather than bottom-up Party – the very antithesis of what allowed a candidate like Michele Bachmann to run,” said Blackwell.

RNC Vice Chairman Bopp dismissed any notion that the Rules changes had an ideological motivation, noting that they represent “a threat to both moderates and conservatives who could be purged, depending on who is the Republican Presidential nominee” and that to preserve the bottom-up nature of the Party the issues raised should be taken care of by changes to state laws and state GOP rules governing the selection of their state’s delegates to the national convention.

To oppose this power grab by Washington’s permanent political class grassroots GOP activists must shine the light of day on this behind the scenes power grab; call your Republican National Convention delegates, blog about, email it to your friends and contacts, post it on your Facebook page and social media sites and call your local and national conservative talk radio programs.

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The RNC leadership has no more integrity than that of the DNC. This convention is a joke. They haven't followed the rules. From refusing to seat delegates from states that weren't bound to Romney, to modifying the rules of the Party to quash the voice of candidates not annointed by the "powers that be," to refusing to hear proposed amendments to the Rules Committee report, they have done more harm to the GOP moving forward than even the Democrats could hope for.

RNC Chairman Priebus is a corrupt scoundrel. Governor McDonnel sat silent as the platform committee shot down an NDAA resolution, despite the fact that Virginia adopted a similar resolution. Mr. Bopp's faux opposition to the "top-down power grab" pales in comparison to his rising in opposition to the NDAA resolution presented by Nevada Delegate Pat Kerby. That action by Mr. Bopp, co-chairman of the Restore Constitutional Government subcommittee is only surpassed in absurdity by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's rising in support of the opposition to the NDAA resolution.

The election of Speaker Boehner as RNC Convention Permanent Chairman is also an outrage, considering the House Speaker has refused to hold hearings, or a vote on such critical legislation as H.R. 3168, "The Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011." The blood of thousands of Americans is on the hands of the Speaker and the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives. On August 24, 2012, just three days before the RNC convention began, America passed a milestone that should live in infamy: 100,000 killed by illegal aliens on U.S. soil since 9/11/2001.

The GOP has no more concern for the Constitution and our God-given Rights than the Administration they hope to replace. The lesser of two evils is still evil. The GOP should be ashamed AND replaced.


I wholeheartedly agree with this post

we have been

telling EVERYONE on here including all you staff that this was going to happen. That Romney is a fake a liar a thief and tyrant.

We were right all along, time to wake up people. Romney IS OBAMA

Rules Fight at the Convention Floor

Note to the "Old Guard" attempting to shut out the Tea Party Conservatives.  You can embrace us or exclude us.  Do you really want a fight?  One sure way to insure a third party is to exclude the conservative wing of the party.  What will be left will be a socially conservative choice for Democrats - and a disaster for the Country.

Federal Election Law and Voter Rights Violations

From the onset of this presidential preference election, the RNC/GOP, and Rombama Campaign have committed one form of federal election fraud after another to fraud the US Citizens out of a legal, constitutional, and just election process.
I've watched it, talked to people that were recepients of assault, intimidation, and outright threats of retaliation. It's all been documented and across the country plaintiffs have filed lawsuits but you won't hear that from the main stream media. This criminality is rampant in the establishment be it democrat or republicac, they are no different.

The sooner we realize the the GOP/RNC/DEM/DNC are one in the same, the sooner we can stop wasting time with this criminal cabal and move on to the CONSTITUTIONAL Party of We the People and initiate the restoration of the Constitutional Republic. I'm done with the two party system. It was placed to create division and misinformation of what is really behind the Empire of the NWO Cabal. They have decimated the constitution and bill of rights, not to mention our civil liberties. This government no longer represents WE THE PEOPLE. Both parties are criminally envoking illegal and unconstitutional laws that are treasonous. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed by WE THE PEOPLE in that we need to take back our country to Restore the Constitutional Republic that these criminals so carelessly abuse.


I doubt this website would print anything not true.


All of the above and more is true. We have a criminal on our hands.

Totally Untrue!!

Romney is the candidate who has followed the rules--he does not do anything illegally.  Furthermore, he IS the candidate who can restore freedom and Constitutional principles to this nation.  The above is full of generalities, accusations without example, and unfair assaults on a very good and principled man.  Romney is a man who believes and will act to restore our Constitutional Republic.  Stop these unfair and unjust accusations. do a little real research, stop listening and promoting generalized attacks, and get back to reality.

You are dreaming buddy

Yeah right! Broken fingers and fake ballots don't lie.

Rudy Toot

There has been proven vote fraud in all past elections ...,both sides.If you are not a liar,then research it fully before you open your trap.What these new rules do is insure that the bad behavior of the state officials,that is quite embarrassing to the party in general,are legal.Less talky,more readey.Unless you are just an Obama fan,then please,continue to waste our time.We fight for your right to support communism,or fascism.It is in the Constitution.Express yourself.

Cave Dweller?

Dear Rudy: Wake up!

You have obviously have been living in a cave. This corruption has been going on since the first caucus. Perhaps you'd have noticed if it were YOUR fingers that were broken?

The real tea party met on Sunday for 6 hours. 12,000 people showed up! Yes that's 12,000 tea partiers NOT supporting Romney and after all the caucus fraud and corruption and shenanigans going on right now as we speak in the convention, will not EVER.

There was also some rally with Cain and Bachmann, and poorly attended at that (under 1500). It was supposed to be for "Unity" that never happened.

We have our principles and we will NOT support the lying cheating scumbag named Mitt Romney who won't even admit what he has been having his lawyers do to sabotage the grassroots and prevent any challenge to his nomination.

Paul Ryan made no difference either. Tea Party? Not on your life could he qualify.


He is absolutely 100% right!

You are either ignorant of the truth out os some misplaced faith in the man or liar.

The previous post is one 100% right and your is absolutely false, there is video documenting it!! 

Video documentation, hundreds of witnesses all proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Guy A stole something and you are claiming the videos are wrong all the people are wrong. Romney is not pricipled he is a lying tyrant trying to steal ALL choice from the people. Your a liar or a naieve.