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Conservatives Build Case For Closing Corrupt Ex-Im Bank

Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling and Congressman Jim Jordan have been among the driving forces in Congress for ending the cronyism and abuses inherent in the government managed trade model the Ex-Im Bank represents. But they can’t do it alone. We urge you to join CHQ, The Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity and other conservatives opposed to this shameful example of crony government.

Rubio Fails First Post Announcement Test

In his first post announcement test – the vote on the dangerous Iran nuclear weapons treaty bill put forward by Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker – Rubio voted for that dangerous bill and failed to take the bold conservative stands that would have distinguished him from the huge Republican field. What's more, Rubio wilted under pressure and withdrew a strong conservative amendment demanding Obama certify Iran recognized Israel's right to exist.

If You Like Your Tax Day, Republicans Are Letting You Keep Your Tax Day

The cost of government isn't what it taxes, it is what it spends. While tax collections are at record highs, so is spending, the deficit and the national debt. And there's only one branch of government that controls spending -- and that's the United States Congress. While they talk a good game spending has soared under Republican control and shows no signs of abating under the present leadership. We urge you to check to see if your local Tea Party is hosting a Tax Day rally or sign waving and then join them in sending Congress a message: Stop the spending, End the deficit, Pay off the debt.

Republican Senator Bob Corker Is A Traitor

In caving to Obama on the Iran nuclear weapons treaty, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee has betrayed the constitutional principle of Senate advice and consent on treaties. The world will be a much more dangerous place for his inexplicable failure to grasp the existential threat a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran poses. And in that willful blindness he has betrayed the United States and all peoples across the globe who share the values of freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. 

Viguerie Back to the Lion's Den: Appears on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" TONIGHT!

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie will appear TONIGHT on MSNBC staple "The Ed Show" hosted by progressive commentator Ed Schultz. Viguerie is scheduled for the 5:00 p.m. hour along with Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and Professor of Politics at Occidental College Caroline Heldman to discuss the presidential prospects of Marco Rubio versus Hillary Clinton and the impact of Rubio's comment that he is more experienced than President Obama was when he took office. 

Rubio Announces for President: Which Marco Rubio Would Show-Up For Inauguration Day?

Our concern is not with the Marco Rubio who announced on Monday, our concern is with which Marco Rubio is going to show-up on Inauguration Day if he were to win the presidency.  Would it be the “pre-Gang of Eight bill” Marco Rubio we saw yesterday, or would it be the  “after the Gang of Eight” Marco Rubio, who has spent much of the last two years scorching conservatives and advocating a bill intended to destroy the American exceptionalism Rubio claims he has launched his campaign to restore?

Muslim Brotherhood Ally CAIR Attacks America’s Heartland

CAIR has well documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and dedicated to Islamic supremacism, terrorism as a means of achieving political objectives and spreading the misogynistic totalitarian ideology of Sharia. Yet it operates in the open in America and its leaders wage an unrelenting war against liberty under the Constitution.

Lessons from the Civil War 150 Years Later

Lee’s meeting with Union commander Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865 was both the practical end of Confederate resistance and essential beginning of national reconciliation. The conflict killed perhaps 750,000 Americans, ravaged much of the South, malformed the national government, and destroyed America’s political checks and balances. The Civil War offers important lessons for Americans today.

Conservatives: Hillary is the Democrat We Want to Run Against

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Hillary Clinton is the perfect foil for a campaign run on reclaiming limited constitutional government, traditional values and peace through strength. Two-thirds of Americans are already dissatisfied with the direction of the country, what they need, and are looking for, is a candidate who will provide a clear conservative alternative to the third term of Obama that Hillary Clinton offered on Sunday.

In or Out? Harry Reid’s Capitol Police Chief Gets Weirder By The Day

It is time for the cover-up and the weirdness to end; the new Republican led Capitol Police Board, consisting of the Senate Sergeant at Arms, the House Sergeant at Arms, and the Architect of the Capitol, should release the reports and come clean about what really happened at Harry Reid's Henderson, Nevada home on New Year's Eve and day.

We're Going with the Ayatollah on this One

When Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Obama is “lying” about the proposed terms of the nuclear deal, being “deceptive,” and having “devilish” intentions, this is one time we’ve got to go with the Ayatollah. 

Hillary Clinton is About to Shake Up the Republican Primaries

With the official announcement of the Hillary Clinton campaign for President just around the corner we've begun to receive an avalanche of frantic e-mails asking “How are we going to beat Hillary?” CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s answer to that is almost always: Wrong question! The question limited government constitutional conservatives and other liberty loving voters should be asking is “How are we going to nominate a candidate who shares our values to oppose her?”

Why Do We Let These Vipers Into America?

Transferring murder, mayhem and radicalism from dysfunctional Islamic countries to Europe and America, and in so doing voluntarily putting our own citizens at great risk is not a requirement of being a compassionate, open-minded, enlightened and tolerant human being. So why would we bring these vipers to America and PAY THEM to stay here?

Viguerie to Appear on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" TONIGHT!

Viguerie Heads Into The Lion's Den: CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie will appear TONIGHT on MSNBC staple "The Ed Show" hosted by progressive commentator Ed Schultz. Viguerie is scheduled for the 5:00 p.m. hours along with Washington Post reporter Anne Gearan and Clinton confidant Lanny Davis to discuss the presidential prospects of Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton. 

Rand Paul’s New Math: the Antidote for Mitt Romney and GOP’s 47% Mentality

The message that there is a nexus between freedom and opportunity, between breaking the bonds of the welfare state and freedom to choose is a powerful one and an important one if Republicans are to attract the blue collar and ethnic voters that Mitt Romney so cavalierly dismissed. But the math of such a message is untested as a formula for winning GOP primaries and seizing the Republican nomination for President.

Rand Paul’s Toughest Sell Could Be Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses are little more than a huge media event that is subject to manipulation by the GOP establishment and is often inhospitable to the issues and messages the GOP needs to win in November. Invented by Democrats in 1972, the Iowa Caucuses have attained an outsized influence in presidential politics because neither the news media nor most outside observers seem to recognize that they have absolutely no effect on the actual allocation of delegates to the Republican National Convention. 

Rand Paul Announces Presidential Campaign

Senator Paul has been long anticipated to get in the 2016 Republican presidential race and has spent much of the five years of his Senate term defining a new conservative – libertarian coalition that could be a potent force in the upcoming Republican primaries. C-SPAN is expected to carry the Paul announcement live TODAY, April 7, 2015, from the Grand Ball Room of Louisville's Galt House Hotel begining at 11:30 a.m. eastern. Click this link for the latest from C-SPAN.

Who to Believe: Obama or the Ayatollahs?

There is no “agreement” on anything of substance, and what’s more, if one compares the statements of the Iranians with that of the Europeans and Americans there are starkly contradictory narratives being pushed by Obama to sell the treaty. We urge you to use the hashtag #AprilFoolsDeal in social media to tell your friends and contacts to contact their Senators and Representative to demand Congress stop this folly before Iran has a nuclear weapon.