Queue 'Headlines'

  • Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

    Though the CDC claims that all U.S. bound refugees are screened for active tuberculosis, those medical screenings failed to prevent four refugees with active TB from arriving in Indiana in 2015.

  • Bill Kauffman, The American Conservative

    Petulant Romneyites unfurling the banner of War & Wall Street as they break from a Trump-led party would be in neither the romantic Old Right Buchanan nor the principled ideologue La Follette-Andrews-Hospers tradition.

  • Patrick J. Buchanan, WND.com

    White males, now down to 31 percent of the population, have become the only Americans against whom it is not only permissible, but commendable, to discriminate. When our cultural and political elites celebrate “diversity” and clamor for more, what are they demanding, if not fewer white males in the workforce and in the freshman classes at Annapolis and Harvard?

  • Editors, Washington Examiner

    If Trump wins the general election in November, he should send fruit baskets to the organizers of the latest unrest. They are generating sympathy for him by ensuring that a noisy proportion of his supporters are identified as asses who need to be defeated.

  • Scott Greer, Daily Caller

    With all the progress in our country in favor of the Left, you’d think there would be a lot of happiness within the SJW crowd. But it appears that left-wing extremists have only gotten angrier with every advancing step.

  • Jonathan Swan, The Hill

    Americans for Prosperity has dozens of field workers descending on the lawmaker’s district in the Raleigh suburbs, all of whom are working to brand the three-time incumbent as a fake conservative who has too often voted for legislation reaffirming Washington’s crony capitalism. This is the first time the Koch network has ever opposed a sitting Republican lawmaker facing a primary fight.

  • Leon H. Wolf, RedState

    I get that Rubio doesn’t want to spend the last few months of his public life involved in a jihad against Trump, but the things Rubio said – repeatedly – were totally incompatible with the idea of actively supporting Trump in the general.

  • Steve Berman, The Resurgent

    The Clintons sold us out–sold America out–to enrich themselves. There’s no doubt of that.

  • Heather MacDonald, National Review

    A pipeline now channels left-wing academic theorizing into the highest reaches of government and the media. The products of the narcissistic academy graduate and bring their High Theory indoctrination with them into the federal and state bureaucracies and into newsrooms. Even the judiciary is affected. The opinion of the federal district court striking down California’s Proposition 8 (declaring that marriage was an institution uniting men and women), for example, was steeped in the women’s-studies notion that marriage originated as a way to impose a subordinate “gender” role on females.

  • Stella Morabito, Public Discourse

    As usual, tyranny comes disguised as “civil rights.” The latest exhibit of this general rule is President Obama’s directive that seeks to force a transgender bathroom, locker room and dorm policy on the entire nation, starting with schoolchildren. Many of us are taken aback by this news, but we really shouldn’t be. The order is merely the latest incarnation of a long line of social engineering. The goal, as is always the case with such movements, is to remake humanity. 

  • Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

    The Left, instead of doing the good it ought to accomplish by critiquing the baser aspects of corporate greed (the original purpose of the OWS movement) has been neutered and transformed into a frenzied mob arguing over semiotic power and tribal purity. And all these new administrative positions required to monitor the fulfillment of student demands provide the university with one more excuse to fleece students (and their parents, and their future spouses/children) by hiring utterly superfluous staff members into lifelong sinecures.

  • David A. Patten, Newsmax

    As if the IRS isn’t facing enough scrutiny, a dream team of conservative leaders is calling for congressional hearings into whether the IRS and the Obama administration allowed two state attorneys general to target non-profit organizations by requiring disclosure of their donor lists in return for permission to solicit donations in their respective states.

  • Steve Berman, The Resurgent

    President Obama’s transgender bathroom access isn’t about transgenders, and it isn’t about bathrooms. It’s about Federal power over every aspect of our lives, by decree and by use of force to compel us to live as one man in Washington pleases. Obama is about to segregate schools, separating the well-funded, transgender-friendly ones from the funding-starved ones that refuse to comply with his bathroom grab.

  • Rich Lowry, Politico Magazine

    Hillary’s defenders say this is tantamount to blaming her for Bill’s infidelities. Of course, she’s not responsible for his wanderings. But as a fully vested member of Bill’s political operation, Hillary had as much interest in forcefully rebutting all allegations of sexual misconduct as he did.

  • Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

    Unlike immigration, free trade or national security, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has said little during interviews and campaign rallies about the energy and environmental policies a Trump administration would uphold or oppose.