Queue 'Headlines'

  • Eliza Collins, USA TODAY

    "What does she do when she can’t defend her record?" Trump asked the crowd during a rally in Manchester, N.H. on Thursday afternoon. "She lies, and she smears, and she paints decent Americans — you — as racists.""It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook," he added.

  • D.C. McAllister, the Federalist

    Some leaders of the conservative movement say conservatives must abandon the Republican Party to “cranky old white people” and create a “new conservatism—a political vision that adheres to limited government principles but genuinely appeals to a more diverse America.” This argument is wrong on two points. 

  • Kimberly A. Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

    This is the week that we finally learned why Mrs. Clinton used a private communications setup, and what it hid. This is the week, in short, that we found out that the infamous server was designed to hide that Mrs. Clinton for three years served as the U.S. Secretary of the Clinton Foundation.

  • Patrick J. Buchanan, Townhall

    All that is needed now, to bring us to an independent counsel, is calls for the FBI to reopen and broaden its investigation in light of all that has been revealed since Director Comey said there was not evidence enough to recommend an indictment. Hillary Clinton says there is no fire. But something is causing all that smoke.

  • Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

    For a little over a week now, Trump has kept his focus on his Democratic opponent by capitalizing on the numerous developments related to her private email practices and the questionable dealings between Clinton Foundation donors and the State Department.

  • Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

    Among the 14,900 federal documents Hillary Clinton is said to have failed to turn over to the State Department in 2014 are some related to the Benghazi attacks, according to Judicial Watch. That suggests that Clinton withheld or deleted records which referred to the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks which left four Americans dead.

  • Rachael Bade, Politico

    Critics say the Club's endorsements appear to go beyond the typical support of outside groups for like-minded candidates that one would expect, to something approaching an unholy coordination between a group of lawmakers and a big-spending conservative organization. There's no daylight between the candidates the groups have gotten behind: All Club-backed House contenders this year are members of, or endorsed by, the Freedom Caucus.

  • Editors, Washington Examiner

    Now it appears Trump has done some negotiating with himself. If he is changing his mind, he needs to be crystal clear, with great detail, about the what he would do as president on the issue that turned him into a contender in the first place.

  • Patrick J. Walsh, Daily Caller

    Trump, who called himself in his nomination speech a “Redneck from Fifth Ave,” understands the silent majority’s concerns. He is pushing back against an elite media who want a world of no borders, no allegiance and no identity.

  • Charles Hurt, Washington Times

    Corporations need cheap illegal labor, importers need cheap goods from China and the military industrial complex needs to keep America’s wars rolling. Every one of these entities has armies of high-paid lobbyists to make sure that the establishment stays put no matter what the voters want. Hillary Clinton? Her entire campaign is built on celebrity, pay-for-play wealth and establishment politics against a backdrop of gender wars.

  • Niall Stanage, The Hill

    Many of Clinton’s ads have been attacks against Trump for being rash, lacking in basic decency, or for engaging in outsourcing as a businessman only to oppose it as a candidate. When advertising from outside groups backing Clinton’s candidacy is factored in, the disparity in the TV “air war” is even more startling.

  • Louis Nelson, Politico

    Donald Trump holds a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton among likely voters in Arizona, according to a CNN/ORC poll released on Wednesday.Trump leads Clinton 49 percent to 44 percent as of now, CNN/ORC found.

  • streiff, RedState

    What is striking about this is that no Democrat will ever say squat to Harry Reid about this vile slander of a woman who lost her son to monumental incompetence. There will be no talk of giving a grieving parent room to express their grief. This is for the simple reason that with the Democrats human decency extends only to the extent that they can club their opponents with it.

  • Michael Ledeen, PJ Media

    The enemy knows that Obama’s leaving in 5 months, so it’s best to grab while the grabbing’s easy.   Bad times indeed.