Should We Remove CHRIS CHRISTIE From The CHQ Presidential Poll?

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Chris Christtie

I wish the choices would have been: YES NO UNDECIDED
I don't appreciate the added comments That put words in my mouth.
I decided to give up on Christie from day one he took Obama's bait that got him in the predicament he's in now. He made Obama look like he's ok and the appearance of his support. That, to me was not wisdom on his part.

Chris Christy for President

Christy is not even close to the top of my list of choices for President, but he certainly shouldn't even be considered to be ruled out of the race at this time. It's a long way to 2016 politically and this bridge incident might not even be on the radar by then.

This incident is only alive now because the DNC extensions in the lame stream media are prepping for a Hillary run now.

but then you already know that.

The Christie question

This is a loaded question that defies an answer. I think Christie should remain in the poll, not because he is the "best shot," but because it is a good way to monitor how low he can go.