North Carolina Senate Race Update from the Grassroots

Conservatives want to know what Thom Tillis's chances of victory are in North Carolina.

Overall results from all Senate races will be used to give conservatives a clearer picture on how each race is going and where to concentrate precious resources in the days before the election. If you have knowledge of this race, please participate!

Is North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis:

  • Current date: Tue, 08/04/2020 - 15:50
  • Opening date: Tue, 11/30/1999 - 01:00
  • No closing date.
28 out of 393118 eligible voters cast their ballot

NC Senate Race

Kay Hagan has a lot more money than Tillis so she is blanketing the airwaves with bald-faced lies. And Tillis is helping her out by not focusing on the issues that are national. I fear that we will see Hagan as our Senator the day after election day.