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Attention Conservative Activists

Opportunity for someone who would like to volunteer 1 to 2 hours a day to be a website Editor for a leading conservative Political Action Committee.

Ideal for a retired person, stay-at-home mom or someone with time on their hands to be involved in the conservative movement at the national level and daily do battle with the elite socialists/Marxists.


Good writing skills, computer savvy, self-starter involved in the conservative movement are important qualities.


If you have the desire to help build the conservative movement, hold Republican politicians’ feet to the fire, and elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – let us hear from YOU!

  • Write and edit webpage content.

  • Write/post current articles and action e-mail alerts.

  • Create gripping political headlines.

  • Collaborate on Polls and Surveys

  • And much more...

If interested, send your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of why you’re the ideal person for this position to:

E-Mail: Vi Shields at

*This work can be done remotely.

Front Page Headlines

Trump Should Announce His 2.0 Dream Team Right Now
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Here’s my dream team, a list of brutal pipehitters that Trump can announce right now and demonstrate his seriousness about keeping those promises he’s making about draining the Swamp. These guys are all based because they understand that this is a death struggle with the Marxists. All of them are – in their own way – utterly ruthless. There’s no time to be nice. There’s no time to take guff. There’s no time to accept excuses from time-serving bureaucrats. It’s time for the bureaucrats to fear their bosses rather than vice versa.

Hollywood Joe Biden’s Celebrity Party
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
On the day Mr. Biden tapped the Hollywood ATM, Mr. Trump campaigned at a black church in Detroit. It is becoming hard to suppress the reality reported in polls that Mr. Trump is peeling off layers of the traditional Democratic coalition—blacks, Hispanics, younger Americans and possibly even Jewish voters. The Democratic base once had something resembling a common identity, but not so much anymore. And it’s getting late to fix that. Joe Biden’s candidacy needs a positive jolt. Where he gets it has become difficult to see.

Bad Father Biden and His Kids’ Cries for Help
Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator
Joe Biden has used the Feds to go after and prosecute those who found and then sold Ashley's diary. The FBI and intelligence community covered for the Hunter laptop to help Joe Biden’s election chances. Nancy Pelosi had been briefed about the laptop a year before the last election. But the mainstream media and Democrats refuse to examine the contents of these revelations. They refuse to acknowledge the pain of these adult children. To look and really see is to find a bad father. Bad fathers cause intergenerational pain.

How California’s Paradise Become our Purgatory
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
What happened to the once-beautiful California paradise? California became a medieval society of plutocratic barons, subsidized peasants, and a shrinking and fleeing middle class. It is now home to a few rich estates, subsidized apartments, and unaffordable middle-class houses. The fantasies of a protected enclave of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and the masters of the Silicon Valley universe have become the abject nightmares of everyone else. In sum, a privileged Bay Area elite inherited a California paradise and turned it into purgatory.

Emboldened by Shoplifting Success, Today's Thieves Are Even Robbing Police and Secret Service Agents
Craig Bannister,
Thieves have been free to loot retail stores in the U.S. without resistance, as numerous viral videos and news reports have documented. Now, apparently emboldened by that success and soft-on-crime policies in liberal-run cities, they’re not even afraid to rob armed law enforcement officers and secret service agents. Samuel Lee Bucey of Washington, D.C., recently broke into two police cruisers and stole equipment, according to the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department (FCPD), which arrested Bucey last week.

DNC’s Zoom nomination plans forge ahead amid talk of ditching Biden
Susan Ferrechio, Washington Times
The DNC is planning a nominating process that will ensure that any chance of a Biden or Harris switcheroo will be all but impossible by the time delegates arrive in Chicago. Early this month, the DNC advanced a plan to approve the nomination of the Biden-Harris ticket virtually ahead of the convention. Party leaders initiated the move when it appeared that Ohio wouldn’t change its Aug. 7 filing deadline for presidential candidates to appear on the ballot, which would have made the nomination at the Chicago convention too late for Mr. Biden.


Is Jack Smith's Appointment Illegal?
Julie Kelly, Substack
The DOJ has no authority, either under the Constitution or federal law, to commission a new “officer of the United States” in the form of a Special Counsel with powers equivalent to a U.S. Attorney. To do so would be akin to the federal judiciary (all federal judges are “officers of the United States”) creating “special judges” with equivalent powers to decide legal matters, preside over jury trials, oversee grand juries, etc. Judge Cannon is seriously considering sending Smith and his political indictment to the garbage can.

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