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Attention Conservative Activists

Opportunity for someone who would like to volunteer 1 to 2 hours a day to be a website Editor for a leading conservative Political Action Committee.

Ideal for a retired person, stay-at-home mom or someone with time on their hands to be involved in the conservative movement at the national level and daily do battle with the elite socialists/Marxists.


Good writing skills, computer savvy, self-starter involved in the conservative movement are important qualities.


If you have the desire to help build the conservative movement, hold Republican politicians’ feet to the fire, and elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – let us hear from YOU!

  • Write and edit webpage content.

  • Write/post current articles and action e-mail alerts.

  • Create gripping political headlines.

  • Collaborate on Polls and Surveys

  • And much more...

If interested, send your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of why you’re the ideal person for this position to:

E-Mail: Vi Shields at

*This work can be done remotely.

Front Page Headlines

How Left-wing Conspiracies Work
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
We should expect similar hoaxes to arise before the 2024 election. Do not be surprised when told of a “secret” Trump plan uncovered to round up critics in 2025 and send them to “camps,” or lurid revelations about “evidence” that Trump is in worse physical and mental shape than is a debilitated Biden, or some fantastic MAGA plot to implement “voter suppression,” or allegations that the Trump campaign’s “dark money” involves “collusion,” “disinformation,” and “sinister foreign actors.” These mythologies are usually a warning.

Is Biden’s Dementia Just Russian Disinformation?
David Catron, The American Spectator
There must be some dark conspiracy to portray Joe Biden as a man whose limited gifts have been further vitiated by old age and the cognitive decline that often accompanies that condition. In reality, there is no need for some dark plot to undermine Biden’s stature. He has always been a venal mediocrity and time is not his friend. If he and the ghouls who constitute his inner circle continue to insist that he is qualified to serve a second term, he will probably be humiliated if he is capable of comprehending that he lost.

Joe Biden Reminds Us to Buy Guns and Ammunition
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Go get armed and help establish the lead-throwing facts on the ground that make gun banning and confiscation impossible. Becoming adequately armed is not particularly expensive,  ($2500 not including ammunition and training), but it’s an investment in your safety and freedom. And it’s an investment you should make. With a little luck, it never pays off and you’ll never have to use your arsenal. But there will come a moment for some percentage of us when we must, and then the capability to defend yourself and others becomes priceless.

Trump schools Republicans on how to talk about abortion
Alex Miller, The Washington Times
Donald Trump is urging congressional Republicans to talk more about abortion on the campaign trail and deliver a unified message that the states should decide. In a pair of closed-door meetings last week with House and Senate Republicans, Mr. Trump warned that abortion is the party’s biggest weakness in elections and Democrats are whipping up fears about the Republicans plotting a national abortion ban if the GOP wins in November. Voters in each state should decide the rules governing abortion, not lawmakers in Washington.

Election Integrity Advocates Score Wins in Majority of Lawsuits Ahead of November
Just the News (Natalia Mittelstadt), The Star News Network
Several election lawsuits filed recently with significant impact on the 2024 presidential election have been decided in favor of election integrity proponents, ensuring laws remain enforced ahead of the November election. The lawsuits filed focused on candidate eligibility, different changes in law, and alleged violations of election laws. Most of them have resulted in wins for election integrity, while two are ongoing. All of the lawsuits this year greatly impact how the 2024 presidential election will be conducted.

Biden to blast Trump ‘character’ post-conviction in $50 million ad campaign
Naomi Lim, Washington Examiner
President Joe Biden‘s campaign plans to underscore Donald Trump‘s conviction before next week’s debate. The campaign announced its plan to spend $50 million in battleground states emphasizing what it is describing as the “central dynamic of the race,” that Biden fights for the public, “while Trump only cares about himself.” “Trump approaches the first debate as a convicted felon who continues to prove that he will do anything and harm anyone if it means more power and vengeance for Donald Trump,” Communications director Michael Tyler.


Searching for the Truth About the Raid at Mar-a-Lago
Julie Kelly, Real Clear Investigations
It appears the Secret Service point of contact was only informed of the warrant roughly two hours before agents arrived at Mar-a-Lago. Contrary to what the DOJ attempts to portray as a “cooperative” effort between the two law enforcement agencies, FBI agents used a bolt cutter to open the lock of the storage area where boxes were housed rather than wait for a key. Which leads to this question: Was the unprecedented and potentially dangerous raid of the former president’s home only the beginning of what now appears to be a botched case?

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