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10 Reasons Why Romney Lost And Obama Won -- A Two Part Series

 In the aftermath of establishment Republican Mitt Romney’s defeat in the 2012 presidential election, Governor Romney said he lost because he couldn’t overcome the effect of Obama’s “gifts” to key demographics; student loan modifications for young voters and amnesty for young and predominantly Hispanic illegal aliens.

We think Romney missed the mark with that analysis because conservative ideas have successfully countered the Democrats’ attempts to bribe voters in the past.  However, the comment is a good place for conservatives to start analyzing the failures of the Romney campaign – and learning from the successes of the Obama campaign.

Here are our top 10 reasons Romney lost and Obama won – starting with five top reasons Romney lost.

Mitt Romney LostRomney lost because he failed to nationalize the election and present a starkly contrasting conservative world view to Obama’s radical liberalism.  During the campaign we criticized Governor Romney for playing “small ball” and not nationalizing the election. By nationalizing the election we mean presenting a stark contrast between conservative and liberal world views – the freedom, personal responsibility and traditional values of conservatives versus the state control, government dependency and radical secular humanism of liberals.

We can’t repeat this point often enough; Republicans never, ever win national elections unless they nationalize the election and include the conservative agenda – especially the conservative social agenda – in their campaign.  Doing so isn’t a guarantee of success, but failing to do so is a guarantee of defeat.

Unfortunately, that advice fell on deaf ears and you couldn’t find conservative ideology anywhere in the Romney campaign, the establishment GOP’s national advertising or even from Karl Rove’s much vaunted Super PACs.  Romney managed to eventually say all the right things to conservatives during the primaries, but he didn’t “run” or “campaign” on them in the general election.

Romney lost because he ran as a technocrat, not as a conservative.  Making the welfare state more efficient is not exactly a compelling conservative vision of the future, or even a credible one given the recent Washington Republican record on spending, earmarks and pork.  When Tea Party candidates stood for a constitutionally limited government in opposition to liberal candidates whose policies led to economic stagnation and suffocating government regulation being imposed upon this country by President Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress – overwhelmingly the voters chose the Tea Party candidates.

The Romney campaign and their allies in the establishment Republican Party rejected that proven model for political success, and instead ran a content-free campaign selling Mitt Romney the technocrat.

Romney lost because he and his establishment Republican allies distanced themselves from and alienated the Tea Party.  In 2010, a fourth leg was added to the three legs of the Reagan coalition – the small government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party Movement. As a result of adding this fourth leg to their existing coalition of economic, national defense and social conservatives, the GOP was swept back into control of the House of Representatives, brought within striking distance of a Senate majority, and a re-energized Republican Party elected thousands of down-ballot candidates.

Unfortunately, unlike the wise Party leaders who built the Reagan coalition -- men such as Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, Lyn Nofziger, Dick Allen, Ed Meese, Marty Anderson, and Judge William Clark -- instead of solidifying the four legs of the new coalition, in 2012 Mitt Romney distanced himself from the Tea Party and did his best to alienate and marginalize the adherents of the new conservative voting bloc of the Tea Party Movement.

Romney lost because he wasn’t in the fight on many issues and failed to establish his own narrative on Obama’s radical secular liberal agenda.  You are always going to lose a fight you’re not in.  Obama and the Democrats threw down the gauntlet on the social issues -- such as same-sex marriage and abortion – and created a phony "war on women" revolving around rape, contraceptives and abortion.  Romney never established his own narrative on these issues, or even fought back, and consequently an attack unanswered is an attack believed.

Romney and his establishment Republican allies ran away from such issues as same-sex marriage, religious freedom and Obama’s war on the Catholic Church. You couldn’t find any mention of the Constitution or the conservative social agenda in a Romney ad or in a Rove-run Super PAC ad or an ad run by the national GOP.

The “stand for nothing” strategy didn’t work for President Ford’s 1976 campaign, it didn’t work for President George H.W. Bush’s re-election and it certainly didn’t work for Bob Dole and John McCain.  Governor Romney won the nomination by spending tens of millions of dollars knee-capping his conservative opponents in the primaries and then handed the election to Obama because he and his campaign team spent most of the campaign mired in the establishment Republican folly of trying to win by standing for nothing.

Romney lost because he failed to understand and effectively use the new and alternative media to get-out-the-vote and deliver a conservative message to voters who only get their information through online media.  Romney’s ORCA get-out-the-vote technology was spectacularly bad and may have cost him the election in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, but that wasn’t Romney’s only online failure.

Romney’s team was stuck in the 20th century TV “air war” campaign mindset. They failed to grasp that the most dramatic change in the media environment, ever, has been the rise of digital media and social networking sites.  The Romney team failed to craft conservative messages that would appeal to voters who use these sites – especially young voters.

This failure by itself may account for much of Romney’s deficit with young voters; among adults younger than age 30, according to a Pew study, as many saw news on a social networking site (33%) as saw any television news (34%), and just 13% read a newspaper in print or digital form.

Conservatives long ago recognized the power of the new and alternative media.  Ron Paul and the various elements of the Tea Party Movement have built vast networks of voters connected by online communications and social media.  However, at every phase of the campaign, Mitt Romney's digital operation was behind the tech savvy Obama team. By alienating Paul supporters and the Tea Party Movement, Romney missed the opportunity to tap into their established networks and connect digitally with those millions of conservative voters.

Tomorrow we will explore the reasons why Obama won and what conservatives can learn from the success of the Obama campaign.

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Where Baby Boomers & Romney Lost

1) Romney stole the primary and the youth vote watched it happen while the baby boomers swallowed all the bs feed to them through the indoctrination station in their living room. (aka TV) It is the age spoke of in "Fahrenheit 451" where people get all their information from a screen on the wall.
2) The push of Religious and Cultural hate by the so called Christian Vote. Obviously these groups need to Read the words of Jesus again! Not the words of the author or of Jesus's followers, but what the son of god said. Now Reflect! Is that anything near the Muslim hating, gay bashing, race baiting crap spewed by some of the people calling themselves Christian. Jesus spoke of peace, not judging one another by their short comings, bring all the children of god together with his love and understanding. Not the teachings of the Pharisees who resided in the temples in his day and are still there. For those who will respond to this with Old Testament quotes, "are you Jewish or Christian", if Christian you are to fallow the new covenant and if you are Jewish so be it. Just don't lie and say you fallow the teachings of Jesus while having no clue what the man said.
3) Cheaters never prosper


"Follow" not "Fallow".

As a Christian, I found your argument specious at best.

As a Christian, let's consider the commandment, "Thou Shalt Kill" and apply BHO's extreme, to say the least, stand on abortion not excluding the particularly heinous practice of Born Alive Abortion and Partial Birth Abortion.

"Thou Shalt Kill" ..what book are you reading?

"Thou Shalt Kill" ...need I say more ... Read then comment ...haha

Rick Rock

I agree with many of the views here.  Romney could not deliver the conservative story because he isn't one. The Democrats had years to set this up as a class warfare election, so the establishment GOP gives us the richest, whitest guy they can find.  I'm sorry, he's a good man, he did not deserve any of the smears and lies thrown at him, but the GOP walked right into it.   Face the facts. This election was about race.  Everybody else vs. the white guy.   If you think Mexicans are ever going to vote GOP just because they are social conservatives, I have news for you.  I lived among Mexicans for many years.  There is an undercurrent of racism there that never goes away, no matter if you are practically a member of their family.   They were my friends,  we barbecued every weekend, my wife and their wives were in the kitchen, our kids played together.  It was still there.  So forget about the Mexicans.  The blacks, don't even get me started.  Obama has pumped black hatred to the max.  I accept these things as a given.  What makes me sick is the white women who stabbed their brothers, fathers, and sons in the back.  If you voted against Romney, you were voting against the evil racist rich white male, pure and simple.  That was the winning  message.  Debbie Wassername Schlutz just confirmed it with her comment about the House becoming "more white and more male". Believe it.  It's all about race. 

Romney lost...

While the points made are good, the result was Mitt Romney was the Republican Party's next in line guy and after having so much junk in the next in line crowd (i.e. Dole, Bush, McCain), I finally got fed up with the next in line Romney and couldn't pull the lever for him.  I voted for Gary Johnson out of protest for the garbage the Republican Party threw at us.  The party left me, so now I have no conservative party to join, except the TEA Party, and it isn't even a party, just a movement.


For throwing your vote away.  No! Wait! Thanks for giving your vote, by default, to Obama.

Several OTHER important reasons Romney Lost

It's been correctly stated that whereas Reagan BELIEVED in something, Romney was more like a Ford Republican, so just as Reagan won and Ford lost, Romney also lost. But that's not the only reason. 1. Romney won one election in his life, actually lost a Senate election before that by running to the LEFT of Kennedy when everyone else in the GOP that year WON by doing the OPPOSITE. Compare that to a PROFESSIONAL politico like Obama who became a State Rep, then a State Senator, then lost in the Dem Primary to Bobby Rush, but then won for Senate and then won for President. 2. Connected to Romney NOT being a Pro Politician is the idiotic notion in the GOP that we should run a businessman because he's too rich to be bribed, will "fix" things, etc. Well, Perot was into "fixing" things. How did that work for him? And Clete Williams was too rich to be bribed, but he was also too rich to take running for Governor seriously (his remarks about being "it's just like rape, sometimes it's better to lie back and enjoy it" lost him the female vote, and his remarks about being serviced by putas lost him the female AND Hispanic vote, truly sad since he was fluent in Border Spanish). How did running Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina work for us two years ago? STOP RUNNING RICHIE RICH! For THAT matter, how has running mean old war vets who dump their wives for richer younger women worked for EITHER party? I'm not only thinking of Bob Dull and McCain but John Kerry. Even Perot came out of retirement to dump on McCain since he'd helped McCain's wife when he was in the Hanoi Hilton when she had a car accident - then McCain dumps her for an Irish mobster's daughter and the Budweiser fortune he left her that he was awarded for not squealing and doing a dime for his boss in an agreement negotiated by then-young top-of-his-class-at-Stanford lawyer William Rehnquist. The GOP not only has to purge the neocons, theocons, and anti-immigrant racists (we got FEWER Cuban-American votes THIS time than in 2008!!! and we wonder why we lost FloriDUHHHH, not to mention NM and CO), it needs to rethink its entire set of attitudes. Like old Generals fighting old wars, we keep going after the black and Jewish vote, and dissing Hispanics and Muslims despite the fact that there are now more Hispanics than blacks and more Muslims than Jewish voters. How did Colin "My Lai" Powell and Conartista Rice work for us? How did hyping Israel work for getting FloriDUHHH? The Jewish vote will only be relevant if we thoroughly dump the neocon/theocon mess so we can give back WV for CA and NJ, and even then my "go hunting where the ducks are" advice would be well-taken.

Why Romney Loss

 ROmney never embraced Consitutional Conservatism as a core value system; further he never could articulate it.  Constitutional conservatism (CC) means you speark not to classes or sub-divided groups of people nor do you play identity politics.  CC-ism means you address all citizens of the nation as independent and sovereign--for example your economic plan should not just be addressed to "Job Creators" or "Small Businessmen" or the "Middle class" or those making 250,000 or more in assets or gross income. A true CC holds that no one person or any group is indispensible in the nation; second all citizens deserve equal treatment under your proposed plans (hence the government is merely a vehicle to insure everyone's rights) .  Too much was done to attract groups. In this the President as incumbent held the advantage of identity politics. Much like Romney selling himself as "a better technocrat" over the Welfare state, He couldnt offer much of the same gifts to the nation.  COnstitutional Conservatism is not "Hip" its rooted intradition and the rule of law and civil society.  Further he had to distance himself from the former Bush regime and team... Instead by working with and co-opting the establishment as his organization, he bought the same loser advisors who have been losing campaigns since 1976 and before; he accepted the same GOP which for years was content as a minority party and message.. Further depite all his money--he lost the communications war---indeed its true in propaganda, a challenge or charge unansered is a challenge or charge which is considered true regardless of facts-----especially in this day and age of Democratically controlled and bankrolled main stream media and social media outlets. ROmney never countered the Bush legacyu allegations; his "corruption" or "wealth" issues and then Obama claim that "they had no message and could not be trusted" and the "GOP was a do nothing party;"  Further he never challenged the tyranical and politically corrupt aspects of the Obama Regime--whether its any number of reall scandalous developments.  By alienating the Tea Party and their group of Conserative and different minded candidates with real ideas that could have helped --including Gingrich; Santorum, Bachmann, Paul and or Sarah Palin, cutting them out of the process for a "content" free message, no wonder 3 million people stayed home.  Understand something a constitutional conservative has backbone...and when they vowed not to cast a vote for Romney since the days of the early primaries (pre-Florida), they should have been heeded and then courted by both the losing Romney campaign (they of the Etch-o-sketch) and moreover the Republican in name only establishment and the ever-losing and true minority (in numbers and policy) the so-called "Rockefeller Wing" of the GOP. As long as the latter two forces run the GOP (albeith they have money but no numbers of supporters) the GOP will lose.  

Romney & new media messaging

To paraphrase, "If only Romney had been as tech-savvy as Obama or Ron Paul, then he'd have done better..." is a dubious argument.

Let's say Romney's team had been as tech savvy. That means more young people - who tend to be more tolerant - would have heard his mix of weathervane &  retrograde positions. The result would have been that they would have been even further alienated. To argue otherwise is to advertize a clear lack of understanding of the libertarian nature of younger people.

"He shouldn't have alienated Ron Paul supporters"

Romney's alienation of Ron Paul supporters - such as myself - went a lot deeper than style. It went to basic philosphy. The antidote for Obama's left wing collectivism is not the right wing collectivism Romney espoused. The antidote to America's ills is the individualism Ron Paul championed and if you ever were truly for what he stood for, then compromise with Romney was never in the cards.

Romney complained that Obama won by promising gifts - but Romney's campaign centerpiece was also the promise of gifts - just to a different group - tax breaks for the top 1%, on the theory they are 'job creators' - something the empirical evidence of the last 30 years does not support. I will finish by noting that on net, Romney's career has achieved job destruction. That is the track record of a collectivist regardless of the so-called left-right spectrum.

Well Stated

No disagreement


Romney may have also lost due to voter fraud.  Eric Holder fought against voter ID laws.

Romney Lose Because Of you

Mitt Romney ran a Great Campaign he would have won if Conservatives like Viguerie would have supported him

instead of critizing him day in and day out during and after the primaries.Miitt was the right REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for the present time.I wish a True Conservative could win unfortunately this Nation has

changed for the worse he was our best shot at winning.If Mitt had won I'm he would have toed the Conservative

line.But Viguerie and his followers destroyed what ever chance he had  of winning.You have to be Realistic

Viguerie there are now states that only a Moderate can win the sooner you wise up and stop Destroying good men Like Romney maybe a Republican will once again win the Presidency.

It was bad enough that Romney was being attacked by the Lame Brain Media Union Thugs and Hussein Nobma but along came Viguerie to help the DESTRUCTION OF MITT ROMNEY!

Congratulations Viguerie for helping to Re Elect Hussein Nobama!!!!!!!!!


are you brain dead?

Viguerie did support Romney you ignorant dunce.

I know because I have be calling him out FOR supporting him, I knew Romney was garbage LONG before he won a single primary and have been telling everyone for nearly a year now. You have to be gulible blind sheep to have supported Romney.

That goes for ALL OF YOU reading this including Viguerie! 

ALL OF YOU who supported him should be ashamed of yourselves as YOU are responsible for having 4 more years of Obama and you have no one to blame but yourself. You were all warned and ALL the signs were there that he was a fake a fraud a liar and a thief! The truth about Romney was as obvious as a neon sign over his head labeling him THIEF, LIAR, FRAUD, CON ARTIST.

ALL OF YOU who supported him chose! to be willfully ignorant, chose to be lazy and not vet the villian so you were all easily duped.

YOU sad exscues for republicans who booed the only honest man running, who actually booed the golden rule! You discusting retches should look in a mirror and ask that person why they supported evil "lesser evil" why they threw away their childrens future, why they elected Obama.

If we are lucky the Ron Paul movement will have a chance in the next election to choose and support another, and if ANY of you hope to redemn your selves you had better get behind these patriots or you can rot like you deserve otherwise.

why romneyt lost because of voter fraud/

Romney lost because of voter fraud by the democrats.  Something they do well.


This race was destined to be hard fought and we all knew voter fraud was coming down on us like a freight train.

Obama won by fewer percentage points than the Left would have us think----Given Obama's dismal record for the past four years, Romney should have won and won well.

In the end, I think it came down to the Hispanic vote and as much as I admire and respect Paul Ryan, he was a poor choice for Veep.  I do think that if Romney had chosen Rubio and let Rubio "be Rubio", they would have carried the Hispanic vote and won the election.

Ryan was too intelligent for this dumbed down electorate.  He addressed real, hard core issues that people either didn't want to think about or didn't understand.

Paul Ryan should have been the secret weapon that Romney brought on board after he had won.

Romney needed Rubio but instead over estimated the intelligence of a seriously stupid electorate.

Why Romney lost

New Gingrich defeated Romney with the truth of how he had become wealthy. He had loaded fine companies with debt, bankrupted them misusing the bankruptcy laws, and left cities without a tax base, and workers without jobs and pensions. Obama used the same line and succeeded. A deeply flawed candidate. Obama himself is really what used to be called "a moderate Republican" 

Bush-Obama, a.k.a "promise breaker", promised: "Yes, we can" ..." stay the same" pretty much is what it turned out to be. The "HOPE DOPE" was not much of a high! 

1) Obama kept Bush's national security and economic adviser teams. He did add the Stiglitz wing of economists, but failed to heed its advice, sided instead with Geithner wing of banksters. With Stiglitz he had the opportunity to nationalize the bankrupt banks and other financial entities, and for us, the people, for the country to take control of its finances - finances are not like the weather - and not have those fates left in the hands of Vegas gamblers,  every year or two a calamity - finances need not be an unending series of tormento tropicals!

To this Romney offered little choice. Obama once again ran to the left of where he really is. Romney failed to discociate himself from the rightwing nuts of the Republican party, the Taliban wing one might call it, the "know nothings". Nothing against limited government here as long as it also means not to spend half your funds for an imperial military.  I have ample respect for right to lifers as long as they leave women choice and dont' want to bomb Iran.

A Stolen Election

It is an act of dishonesty to suggest that Obama "won" the election in any credible way when there was so much blatant FRAUD found to be happening at polling places all over America on election day, even in my own city of Woodbridge where a poll watcher put out a video declaring that she SAW busloads of voters being brought in and when being asked their name to compare to the list registrants were found at times to have already voted for the day, yet they were allowed to vote again.  ACORN was famous for such illegal tactics back in 2008 and it appears the same thing happened this year as well.  It has been proven that in every precinct where voter ID was required, Romney why not investigate fully the multiple allegations of wrongdoing BEFORE declaring a winner in this race?  It seems to me about as shady and erroneous as Obama et. al. having declared to the country that the treasonous murdering of four of our citizens at Benghazi was due to a you tube video that had not even been significantly watched until the White House manufactured that highly irresponsible story!  How totally clueless dos the administration think the electorate really IS?  If there are any real patriots left in our House of Representatives, it should be investigated immediately if not sooner and hopefully the bottom line will see our electoral results reversed.  They must stop the disenfranchising of our military as well.

Why Ignore Voter Fraud?

  Why ignore voter fraud, as another reason why Mitt Romney, the GOP, and many conservatives lost the 2012 U.S. general election?

You mean

The same voter fraud Romney was guilty of throughout the primaries?

Romney is just as guilty as Obama.

Payola the old fashioned way....

Romeny held out for the 1% that didn't need the tax break.  Cutting off funding for Social Security Cost of Living Increases.  Raising the retirement age......and doing the same for the military......was neither fare or smart.

Completely Out of Touch

Romney should know now that money can’t buy everything.  The racism of yesteryear has come full circle in our county.  The entire world embraced our choice of a black President four years ago and most nations of the world still support him.  The fringe elements of Republican sect have crept through into the mainstream once again with conservative mouthpieces planting the seeds of hate.  The only doubt lies here at home rooting from bigotry.  Watch the white hands paint Obama in Blackface at

Your Insane

Your a joke, do you realize that? You are just another brainwashed Obama Zombies.

That you even suggest Obama is not just as responsible for our debt is a glaringly obvious sign of your hypocrisy. The GOP is ran by liberal fakes so yes the fringe has taken over and news flash hypocrit they liberals in control have been in control of the GOP for decades, but you are obviously not coherant enough to grasp that fact as evidenced by your blog.