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Senator Jeff Sessions Undeterred In Fight Against Obama -- Rubio Immigration Bill

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been doing everything he can to show the folly of the Obama – Rubio “Gang of Eight” Senate immigration bill.

Sen. Jeff SessionsIn the bill’s initial hearings and mark-up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, he offered 17 amendments and has been the leading voice rallying conservatives to oppose the bill.

Now that the Gang of Eight bill (S. 744) has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in a lopsided 13 to 5 vote, Sessions remains undeterred.

Of course the 13 to 5 vote in Committee is not necessarily indicative of the general Senate support for or opposition to the Obama – Rubio bill.

The Gang of Eight is over-represented on the Judiciary Committee, and as Senator Sessions observed to The Washington Post, “They announced flat out at the beginning of the process that they would rally around and defeat any amendment that would alter their agreement… The core has held, and the bill is coming forward to the floor of the Senate with not a lot of changes.”

In practical terms, this meant Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona conspired with the Democrats to defeat sensible amendments, such as the tough border-control amendments offered by constitutional conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

This behind-the-scenes coordination – conspiracy would not be too strong a word – describes the cooperation between liberal Democrats and the Republican members of the Gang of Eight to advance the agreed upon bill.

The cooperation between these two groups of insiders has been so deep and detailed that it has defeated every attempt to beat – or improve – the Gang of Eight bill.

And the notion that there is a “conspiracy” is not some rightwing fantasy.

As The Washington Post reported, "The carefully plotted orchestration was highlighted when the committee debated a Sessions amendment to bar unauthorized immigrants from receiving public benefits until they earned green cards, which would take a decade.”

As the voting began, New York liberal Democratic Senator Charles Schumer leaned over to an aide and whispered, “Do our Republicans have a pass on this one?”

Apparently Republicans like Graham and Flake needed a “pass” on that one.

As the WaPo further reported, “Senate aides confirmed that Republicans feared they could not withstand the backlash from voting against the measure, so they agreed privately with the Democrats that the Gang of Eight members would split their votes.”

Voting down a sensible amendment to prevent over 11 million illegal aliens from joining the welfare rolls isn’t some mild disagreement on public policy – it is a direct assault on the American taxpayer and American exceptionalism.

As the Rubio – Obama immigration bill moves to the floor debate stage in the Senate, Senator Jeff Sessions, with allies such as our friend Senator Ted Cruz, will continue the fight to preserve American exceptionalism. Conservatives must weigh-in early and often to let their Senators know that they oppose the Gang of Eight bill, and that they won’t forget or forgive a vote in favor of it.

Time is of the essence – this bill is moving in stealth mode and only a strong grassroots uprising will defeat it. Please call your Senators (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and ask them to vote against “cloture” for S. 744 and against the bill when it comes to the floor of the Senate for a vote next month.

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