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Media Bias Against Ken Cuccinelli Rampant At POLITICO

POLITICO, the online news site catering to Washington’s progressive establishment of both political parties, has regularly attacked constitutional conservatives.

POLITICO’s writers have been particularly vicious in their attacks against Virginia’s constitutional conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. However, their bias against Cuccinelli may have reached a new low earlier this week.

The premise of the article that concerns us, “Virginia governor poll: Hopefuls’ approval down” is that, based on unreliable automated telephone polling by Democratic polling firm PPP, their preferred candidate, Clinton Democrat Terry McAuliffe, is winning the Virginia Governor’s race -- and even though McAuliffe’s approval is dropping, Cucinelli’s is dropping more.

The article cites a number of polls purporting to show that McAuliffe has a substantial lead in the closely watched race.

Of course the article studiously ignores a recent Washington Post poll that showed Ken Cuccinelli to be leading McAuliffe by 10 points among likely voters, and five points among registered voters.

However, this bias by omission is not the worst part of the article in our opinion.
Cuccinelli and McCauliffe
Take a look at the two photos POLITICO used and ask yourself which candidate looks like someone you would want for your Governor?

Would you tend to vote for the affable looking fellow on the right or the angry looking fellow on the left?

Photo selection has long been a not-so-subtle tool for the establishment media to impose their biases upon an unsuspecting public, and there is no better example available than how journalists portray Tea Party members and conservatives in general as “angry white males.”

Naturally, in the hundreds, if not thousands, of images of Ken Cuccinelli available from his many years of public service, POLITICO chose one that made him appear angry -- thus feeding the liberal media trope about “angry white male” conservatives.

For the record we know Ken Cuccinelli... Ken Cuccinelli is a friend of ours.. and he’s not angry. At all.

Is Ken Cuccinelli committed to conservative principles? Absolutely. Is Ken Cuccinelli relentless in his pursuit of justice? Yes. Is he fully invested in preserving American exceptionalism and the values that made this country exceptional ? You bet. But angry? No – even though he should be about the bias he is being subjected to at the hands of POLITICO and other establishment media outlets.

To read the POLITICO article “Virginia governor poll: Hopefuls’ approval down” and see the image referenced above in situ go to

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The liberal news media will always show their babies in the best light possible and allow them to hide behind their

lies, fraud and coverups in order to get their people elected before people wakeup to the deceit that the liberals/

progressives/socialists/communists are trying to heap onto the American public.