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Sarah Palin Gets It Right: We ARE So Screwed

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a way with words that drives urban elite liberals crazy, but folks out in real America seem to understand perfectly.

That’s one reason why Palin is leading in our Republican presidential straw poll.
Gov. Sarah Palin
Americans of a Tea Party bent are tired of the “my distinguished colleague” baloney they hear when Capitol Hill Republicans talk about the liberal Democrats (and Republicans) who are wrecking this great country.

They want to hear plain talk about what is going on in Washington and they admire and are ready to vote for candidates who tell it like it is.

In this case, Governor Palin was speaking of President Obama’s picks for National Security Advisor and U.N. Ambassador, and she’s definitely right on target.

Promoting U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who is at the epicenter of the Benghazi terrorist attack cover-up, is an astonishing act of arrogance on Obama’s part.

But it is also an inspired legal and political move.

As Obama’s National Security Advisor, Rice is insulated from being brought before Congress to testify on the “whos and hows” of the infamous Benghazi talking points that the Obama White House put out to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public about who murdered our Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in the attack on our Consulate.

That Rice was a willing accomplice in this campaign of lies is at this point beyond dispute, but so far, she has managed to evade testifying before Congress. And now, she likely won’t ever give-up who told her to go on five of America’s most prestigious public forums and blatantly lie about how the attack and the murders came to pass.

Nominating Samantha Power to be our Ambassador to the U.N. is a different case altogether.

One would think that part of the job of the American Ambassador to the U.N. would be to stand up for American exceptionalism and to be America’s advocate on the world stage.

Power, an Irish immigrant, has a long history of not just criticizing American policy, but criticizing America itself.

As Governor Palin noted in a Facebook post, Power "once compared U.S. actions abroad to those of Nazi Germany.”

Power is also on record as suggesting American Jews were a great obstacle towards peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

As Governor Palin observed in her Facebook post, "Isn't that lovely. Not only is she condescending toward American Jews, but her analysis also happens to be utterly wrong.”

"The failure to achieve peace in the Middle East is not because wealthy American Jews have somehow manipulated America's leaders into thwarting peace, but rather because Palestinian leaders have consistently rejected generous Israeli peace offers for a state of their own.

"In fact, the wealthy American Jews that Power haughtily dismisses in the interview as obstacles to peace are very often staunch advocates of a two-state solution."

Wow, guess we know whose side Obama and Power are on in the Middle East -- and it isn’t the side of the sole Western Democracy and America’s only reliable ally in the region.

Governor Palin went on to encourage her fellow Americans to "pay attention to who they [Power and Rice] are; what they stand for; and what their records, associations, and statements reveal about them and their intentions."

We are stuck with Susan Rice as National Security Advisor – that job does not require Senate confirmation -- so on that one, we are indeed screwed.

However, Sarah Palin’s commentary on Samantha Power is a good heads-up for Tea Party and limited-government constitutional conservatives to pay attention to Power’s Senate confirmation hearings, and – unless we want to be screwed on that one too –  let their Senators know they oppose a person with her views and record representing America before the United Nations.

CHQ editor George Rasley served as lead advance representative for Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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Sarah Palin

I told you and everyone I know years ago that Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for president, but neither you nor anyone else listened. Well, you seem to be listening now. We don't need a Rhodes Scholar for our president. We need someone honest and with integrity. That's Sarah Palin.