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BEAT LAMAR Launches Door to Door Campaign to Defeat Alexander with ‘A Ted Cruz from Tennessee’

June 10, 2013

Spring Hill, Tennessee – Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of the BEAT LAMAR project, announced on Monday that the door to door campaign to canvas Republican primary voters to defeat Senator Lamar Alexander will begin this Saturday, June 15, more than one year before the August 2014 primary election.
Sen. Lamar Alexander
“This will be the first opportunity for Tennessee grassroots activists to try out our new mobile application. This proven innovative technology allows volunteers to use their smart phones to enter responses voters give them on their front doorsteps directly into our state-of-the-art data base,” said Leahy. “Volunteers who don’t have smart phones or tablets will be able to use the reliable but slower paper, pen, and clipboard method of tracking voter opinions,” he added.

“We intend to contact 750,000 Tennessee Republican primary voters in person by knocking on their doors long before election day,” Leahy said. “Voters in Tennessee are conservative. Lamar Alexander’s voting record is moderate to liberal, at best. He does not represent the values of Tennessee voters in numerous issues—from his support for crony capitalist green energy projects, to his failure to stand up to repeal Obamacare, to his unwillingness to come out and aggressively oppose the dreadful Gang of Eight bill that will grant amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens.  We’ve also seen recently that he has failed to withdraw his own praise for US Attorney from the East Tennessee District William Killian, the man who wants to stifle freedom of speech and promote Muslim culture over every other aspect of American culture.”

On Saturday, the BEAT LAMAR project will welcome grassroots volunteers to two locations in the state at 9 amfor brief training and some door to door canvassing. Project co-founder Leahy will meet volunteers at the O’Charley’s parking lot in Spring Hill, which will be the base of operations for canvassing in Maury County. BEAT LAMAR co-founder Lorie Medina, and Memphis Tea Party activist Lynn Moss will meet volunteers at 10am in Collierville, which will be the base of operations for canvassing in Shelby County.

Volunteers from around the state will gather at these two locations. “Every volunteer will receive a BEAT LAMAR t-shirt as a thank you until we run out of them,” said co-founder Medina.

“Our purpose,” said Leahy, “is to build a conservative ground game capability that will be ready to spring into action when we find that Ted Cruz style candidate who we know will support constitutional conservative values in the Senate, unlike Lamar Alexander.”

Leahy addressed the process by which Tea Party activists, liberty movement supporters, and the BEAT LAMAR project will select the one candidate their powerful grassroots ‘Army of Davids’ will endorse. “In October, we’ll hold candidate forums in five areas of the state—Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Tri-Cities. We’ll invite any candidate who wants our endorsement to make their case in these forums. Based on the candidate’s track record, personal character, and adherence to constitutional conservative principles, we’ll pick the one candidate who emerges as Tennessee’s version of Ted Cruz, someone who will stand with Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah in the Senate.”

Leahy said the BEAT LAMAR project will have a straw poll at each of the 5 candidate forums.  We will use a “weighted voting model” in the candidate endorsement process. “We want to provide an incentive for volunteers to start knocking on doors right away,” he said. “So we’ll use a weighted voting model in our endorsement process. We don’t have all the mechanics confirmed yet, but it will look something like this. Anyone who attends a forum will get one vote. Anyone who’s knocked on 100 doors will get a second vote. Thereafter, volunteers will get one more vote for every 500 doors they knock on.  We want the volunteers who are doing the hard work and are closer to Tennessee’s Republican primary voters by talking to them on their doorsteps to be the people that have more influence in selecting a viable conservative Senate challenger.”

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